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About me

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Olga Rozzell, Ph.D. (Cell Biology), Dipl. IAA, CAP-ISAR


Astrology teaches us to understand and forgive, ourselves and others. It has changed my life, and I will be happy to share my knowledge and experience to help you change yours: to understand yourself better, to discover your hidden abilities, to prepare for events and changes.


I work and live in Cleveland, Ohio. I have been working at the Cleveland Clinic as a biomedical researcher for 28 years and am currently a Full Professor, run a research laboratory, and teach medical students and Ph.D. candidates.

Astrology became my passion and my second profession. I graduated from the International Academy of Astrology (IAA), taught at the IAA, and worked as the IAA Education Director. I am certified by the International Society for Astrological Researcch (CAP-ISAR).

I am a member of the board of the Lake County Astrological Association (LCAA, a local astrology association, one of the oldest in the country, operating since 1973 and maintaining over 100 members), manage Facebook page and Meetup for LCAA, consult, and write an astrology blog.

Recent lectures and public appearances

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Lake County Astrological Association, January 28, 2019

International Academy of Astrology, March 31, 2019

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Lake County Astrological Association

December 6, 2020

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Northern Stars Astrological Conference
March 2023

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Lake County Astrological Association

Discussion Group

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Monthly Meeting, June 26, 2023

Lake County Astrological Association Discussion Group

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