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Week of April 11th – 17th


The energy of the week is Martian. With Mars and Pluto slowing down during the week and starting their retrograde motion by the end of the week, each of us will feel that one or more of the areas of our lives (the ones that is ruled by Mars and Pluto) are slowing down and become a subject of analysis, reconsideration, and rebuilding. Of course they are not actually slowing down on their orbits, but this is how we experience their motion from the Earth, relative to our path in the Solar system. Mars will stop and turn back right at the moment when it conjoins Antares, a star in the constellation of Scorpio (in the Scorpion’s heart). The star is believed to have Martian energy by itself, and this is one of the most difficult stars, signifying destruction, danger, fatality, and malevolence. It shines brightly in the sky and is reddish just like Mars. Mars stopping on this star to go backwards points to out need to re-examine that area of life where aggression or destruction affect our lives, to become strategic, alert, and courageous about restructuring some parts of our existence.

In addition to these Martian events, the New Moon this month happened in Aries, the sign ruled by Mars, and the Full Moon will be occurring in Scorpio, the sign ruled by Mars and Pluto and the sign where Mars will be moving backwards. Thus, the whole month is all about Mars, and the upcoming week is one of culmination points, when we will feel a big change in the areas of life controlled by Mars.


Moon in Gemini: Monday April 11th


The Gemini Moon is always fun and social. In opposition to serious responsible Saturn, it is even more chatty and fun. We may be spontaneous, unpredictable, and childish on Monday. We also may see the options in our life direction, and that may cheer us up even more. Rather than focusing on past wounds and illusions, we may feel that we can move on to a brighter and better future.

Start important week projects in the morning, because the second half of the day will be unproductive, and any effort to do anything important or new will only lead to a frustration.


Moon in Cancer: Tuesday April 12th – Thursday April 14th early morning


The Cancer Moon may be somewhat emotional, and today these emotions may affect our relationships in a negative way. The bonds are not very strong on this day, and it would be better to avoid any emotional outbursts or discussions. WE may feel that an adjustment is needed in our lives, but may be unable to gather the energy and resolve to act on this feeling. For the married couples or those who are in the process to transition to a committed relationship, things may be easier. However, watch out and don’t fall for illusions or deceptions: it may be impossible to be practical and rational about your marriage on this day.

On Wednesday, the heightened emotions of the Cancer Moon will combine with a power struggle or a loss of power. Our emotional reactions will be central and will determine our response to an abusive situation or a power display. Very practical, down-to-earth thinking, communication and optimism are the tools we need to employ to get out of the situation without being hurt.

On Thursday morning, the later we start our day, the more productive and successful it will be.


Moon in Leo: Thursday April 14th late morning – Saturday April 16th early evening


The Moon in Leo will make us playful, childish, and spontaneous. Our moods and our responsibilities will clash, and all we will want to do will be pursuing a romance or having a party. If you want to try to combine the responsibilities and fun, try to spend more time with little children in your life, probably doing something very physical and fun. These will be a couple of very creative, active, and passionate days, with the influence of several planets in the Fire signs. We may not be doing what we think is the best for our future and our life plans, but we will do it with passion and will fully enjoy it!

On Friday, there may be passionate and heated discussion with a spouse or the ones concerning our marriage. We may feel very stubborn and try to hold on to our unmoving ways with a lot of dedication. Lighten up if you want to move forward and ease your relationship, step back and use your sense of humor to see the situation in a playful and easy way.

Leo Moon on Saturday is a perfect time to spend time with the little children or pets: this is the time for games, fun, and creative entertaining. As the day continues, retreat to some routine activities or to finishing something that has ben started earlier, and don’t plan anything new or big for the afternoon: it may not happen or may not bring as much fun as you expect.


Moon in Virgo: Saturday April 16th late evening  – Sunday April 17th


Workoholics and perfectionists, rejoice! Virgo Moon on Saturday night and the whole Sunday means more chores and more work for all of you. The spring cleaning or the unfinished work of any kind could be done productively and perfectly. However, as Mars and Pluto slow down to start their retrograde motion in the skies, we all will feel that at least one area of our life is slowing down and needs some reconsideration and repair. Nothing important and mew may be happening in this area of life for months to come. Depending on your birth horoscope, this could be your career, your relationship, your home, or any other area of life, but everyone will feel this powerful energy of stagnation and reconsideration.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of April 11th – 17th):


Monday April 11th 2:56 PM – Tuesday April 12th 4:06 AM;

Wednesday April 13th 11:59 PM – Thursday April 14th 9:52 AM;

Saturday April 16th 1:48 PM – 7:22 PM.


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