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Week of April 18th – 24th


We are entering an intense week of very difficult celestial arrangements. Both Mars and Pluto, so-rulers of Scorpio, just started their retrograde motion, sending at least one part of our life (the one that is described by the part of our birth horoscope falling into the Scorpio sign) into stagnation, delays, and extreme internal intensity. We may feel that, in this area of life (different for each of us), nothing is going right, everything is set back, and we have to collect all our resolve and patience in order to endure through this very challenging period of time that will last until the end of June with the impact that will last until the beginning of the fall. This is a time of trials and setbacks, frustration and anger inside of us. However, this is also the time to re-analyze, re-examine, and fix everything that has been unfinished or went wrong in the near past in this particular area of life. The process may feel incredibly personal and hidden from the others, but it will be intense and deeply transformative. It will cut off everything that does not serve us anymore and will give a new strength to everything that may have gone wrong lately but still has value and place in our future life.

In addition to this already difficult celestial situation, this week will host a Full Moon on Friday April 22nd early in the morning, and the Full Moon will also occur in the sign of Scorpio that is ruled by the two retrograde planets Mars and Pluto! The silent intensity of this Full Moon will remind us about the deep transformative and rebuilding quality of this period.

The Sun will enter the sign of Taurus on April 19th signifying the time of nature’s fertility and bloom and the arrival of the planting and gardening season.


Moon in Virgo: Monday April 18th


The Virgo Moon may make us eager to work hard in the beginning of the new week, but Monday is not the day to start anything important or new. If we have any unfinished business from the last workweek, this is a perfect day to finalize and finish anything unfinished. However, beginning anything new, even if it is a routine chore or task, will not give us a satisfaction of productivity that we crave so much under the Virgo Moon, but will only waste our energy and resources. The day could be good for thinking about the plans for the future but not finalizing then, just developing in our minds. Too bad if you have not submitted your tax return documents in advance: the papers may get messed up, or the submission may not go through, or you may be waiting for your money forever!

The relationships will feel explosive for a couple of days, so stay away from any decisions, and don’t make any long-term plans, because the situation may change in a split second!


Moon in Libra: Tuesday April 19th – Friday April 22nd early evening


We seek balance and peace under the Libra Moon, but on Tuesday it may be difficult to find it and to reconcile our feelings with the choices we have to make. This situation may call for a quiet time of reflection, adjustment, and time alone with our choices. Don’t say it if you are not sure that you know how to say it in a nice way! We may be compelled to discuss a situation and express our opinion only because we are unable to change it otherwise, but our words may not fall into a fertile soil, and we may come across as too direct and too stubborn in our opinions.

On Wednesday and Thursday, watch out for power struggles and psychological problems in a relationship: our interactions with others may be explosive and unpredictable on this day. Reminding to our selves about our commitments and responsibilities may help with handling volatile situations. Keep in mind that after everything is said and done, we will be left with our choices by the Friday evening.


Moon in Scorpio: Friday April 22nd late evening – Sunday April 24th early morning


The intensity of this Scorpio Full Moon may be difficult to bear. It may be felt in very personal and profound ways, and it may take us deep into the dark corners of our soul and mind. It may be magnified by the fact that we will not feel like sharing our thoughts and inner drama with others, and we may try to keep appearances and not to reveal all the work and overwhelming feeling we have inside. The desire to distract our selves from the reality and to daydream or to get lost in our fantasies and addictions may be too strong, but consider your choices and be very practical and down-to-earth before doing anything you will later regret.

On Saturday, we may be still dazed after the drama of the Full Moon, but we will have an opportunity to see the bright and the practical side of the life. Look deep inside and ask yourself whether you want to be happy in real life or in your dream life! By Sunday morning, we will have a clear view of our choices, and we may be ready to express them too, in a powerful and transformative speech.


Moon in Sagittarius: Sunday April 24


Sagittarius Moon on Sunday calls for outdoors adventures. If the weather permits, outdoors activities will be the most rewarding and enjoyable. It’s a great day for religious activities too, as well as for anything expanding our knowledge of the world. No matter what is your choice, this proses to be an active day with the desire for freedom and new impressions. There will be a lot of passion and fire in anything we do, and do watch for actual fires, whether you are lighting a candle or a bonfire: the risk of accidents and injuries is high these





Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of April 18th – 24th):


Monday April 18th 8:29 AM – Tuesday April 19th 7:23 AM.

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