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The New Moon in Taurus early in the morning on Wednesday signifies the beginning of the planting season. This is the time when spring comes into its rights, the weather stabilizes, and the plants start to grow and bloom. As always, planting is recommended within the first half of the Lunar cycle to use the helping energy of the growing Moon. If it is still too cold to plant into the ground, start sprouting the seeds indoors, unless you plan to wait until the next New Moon.

With the retrograde Mercury in Aries, the Moon in Aries for the first two days of the week, and Venus entering Aries on Friday, we will still have plenty of Aries energy in our lives. The pioneering energy of beginnings, exploration, bravery, and charging ahead will be the predominant energy of this week, despite the Taurus Sun that will make his call to settle down and to take care of practical needs and sensual pleasures. With the exception of the two days that the Moon will spend in Taurus, Wednesday and Thursday, the energy of the week may prove to be hectic and unsettling.


Moon in Aries: Monday April 24th all day – Tuesday April 25th 9:56 PM


The Moon is perfectly positioned between the connections to Venus and Jupiter, and it is in Aries, the sign of high physical energy and new beginnings. We may feel a surge of energy and may be able to finally get to those projects we kept delaying and reconsidering. Monday will be a happy and impulsive day, when we suddenly may just charge ahead and take a leap into unknown or attack an old problem with a renewed energy and determination. In the evening, watch out for power struggles and remain optimistic. It will be easy to keep a good active mood and to see another’s point of view with a very little effort.

Tuesday will be a fiery day: four major planets are Fire signs, and they are connected in an easy configuration. Ideas will fly, impulsive actions will follow, and the limits will be tested and questioned. I would have advised not to make sudden moves and not to act impulsively on fresh ideas, because everything that is dome on Tuesday will be most probably re-done and repeated and corrected later, but I know better: nobody will listen to anybody’s wise advice on this day. Decisions will be made on the spot and followed by immediate actions, just to regret about it later…


Moon in Taurus: Tuesday April 25th 9:56 PM – Thursday April 27th 9:38 PM


Late evening on Tuesday is a great time to prepare for the new Lunar cycle and make new resolutions and plans for the month of Taurus. The best themes to focus on are our bodies and the way we treat our bodies, our money and the way we spend and make our money, our skills that provide our security, and our pleasures that we put off instead of indulging our bodies and treating ourselves to some luxury and quality. The evening of Tuesday and most of Wednesday will be pleasant and relaxed days, when even responsibilities and chores will feel like fun and pleasure. Wednesday evening is another good time to contemplate the plans and to make some resolutions for the upcoming month, but it is too early to act on our plans: we want the Moon to gain some light and energy. A bubble bath and a delicious dinner are twice better on the days of the Taurus Moon tan they usually are.

On Thursday morning, it will be easy to claim our power and to be in control. We will be ready for action in the evening, and some of our moves may change our lives.


Moon in Gemini: Thursday April 27th 9:38 PM – Saturday April 29th 9:47 PM


On Thursday, we are making important decisions and moves. Thanks to the Universe, we will have options and choices. It does not matter what we commit to on this day, because the situation will change again and then may be again, and so will our choice.

When reflecting on choices and options on Friday, it is important to consider the big picture and to remain optimistic about the future and connected to others. There is very little grounding energy on this day, and our decisions will be purely intellectual and sometimes influenced by our dreams and illusions. It will be better to just limit our dilemmas to our thoughts and not to act on anything serious. The social Gemini Moon will make the conversations with friends and dates delightful in the evening of Friday.

Saturday will remind about the responsibilities and limitations we have in life, and we will see them clearly and accept them with wisdom or with suffering. Involve siblings or other people of your generation and age into solving your problems and dilemmas regarding your obligations or your limitations: talking about our constrains and discussing them may help.


Moon in Cancer: Saturday April 29th 9:47 PM – Sunday April 30th end of day


The Cancer Moon brings us back to our families, even if this is not exactly what we would prefer to do on this beautiful spring weekend. Family obligations will be high on our list of priorities on Saturday in the evening.

We may be too emotional on Sunday morning, and this may get us in trouble with our partners and loved ones: our moodiness will be at odds with our relationships, and this may lead to fights. However, the peace will be quickly restored, and our feelings will be in harmony with our choices, decisions, and opportunities for this day.  After all, we will be up for a harmonious and easy day. Power struggles may arise in the evening again, and we will need to stick to our choices and inner truth no matter what. No matter how soft, sensitive, and unprotected we feel on Sunday evening, it will be extremely important to protect our personal views and grounds.

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