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WEEK OF APRIL 3rd  – 9th


After a couple of relatively calm weeks, we have entered the times of dynamic celestial changes again. In addition to Venus that is still moving backwards in her retrograde motion, this week Saturn, the planet of time, responsibility, and commitments, turns retrograde, followed by Mercury going retrograde as well by the end of the week. Venus and Saturn connect to create actions in the signs ruled by Jupiter that is now in the sign of relationship Libra. As Venus and Saturn connect, we will have the time to reconsider our relationships and the opportunity to expand and improve them. This will be the time to make commitments – don’t be surprised to hear about engagements, people moving in together, and couples taking their partnerships to new levels. Reconnecting with partners from the past and reconsidering where we stand in our past decisions will be another expression of this energy, but some of us will reconsider our current status and decide to choose the freedom and to go separate ways… Even if a decision is made this week, wait to announce it until the next week: April the 15th will be a very powerful day for anything related to relationships. Commitments made on this day will receive a very special blessing from the skies: this will be a magical relationship day that we encounter only once in our lifetime.


Moon in Cancer: Monday April 3rd – Tuesday April 4th early evening


Monday promises to be a very intense and difficult day. We may be struggling with our heightened emotions, attempting or experiencing power games, and struggling to express ourselves or to make difficult decisions. We may feel that there is no resolution to our problems and that we are just wasting the energy and going in circles trying to solve the situations that cannot be resolved. At some points, we would even try to escape from the reality and dive deep into our dreams and virtual world… No matter how difficult it is to act today, only a practical and steady action can save the day and bring an opportunity to get out of the hamster wheel and to reach a steady ground.

The intensity continues into Tuesday, and the situation becomes volatile and unpredictable. We also may lose the chance to act that we had the previous day. Turn to your partners for deep emotional understanding and some emotional relief: a personal relationship may save your day.


Moon in Leo: Tuesday April 4th late evening – Thursday April 6th


Although tension and some stress are unavoidable these days, the Leo Moon will stabilize out mood and bring easier experiences into our lives. On Tuesday, we will connect with other easily and without a struggle, and outside information and our own thoughts will keep us grounded. Considering practical matters is the best way to remain calm and collected on Tuesday in the evening and in the morning on Wednesday. On Wednesday in the afternoon, the situations will heat up, and we may act erratically. The fact that the giant Saturn is standing still in the sky preparing for his retrograde motion is not helping; the mood is explosive and too passionate, but there is not enough outlet for the fiery energy in the sky and in our affairs. We may try to channel the energy into creative projects, where we may encounter some important breakthroughs and innovations. Wednesday evening will not solve all our problems, but it may push us into action.

Thursday is a very creative day, with the high energy flowing easily and helping us to solidify our creative projects and bring them to life. Acting and working on creative tasks will bring success and satisfaction. If we don’t waste the day and do our work, we will go to bed in the evening inspired and satisfied with the progress.


Moon in Virgo: Friday April 7th – Sunday March April 9th early morning


Our workweek will end with a very productive day when we will be able to address the specific practical issues of the material world and to organize out thoughts and plans. With a couple of difficult planetary arrangements in the sky, the nervous and perfectionist energy of Virgo will not bring peace to our mind, but it may improve many aspect of our reality. This is not a time to dream and to indulge in fantasies: we have specific practical issues in hand, and the energy of the Virgo should be used to solve them.

Saturday will be another very productive day with an easy-flowing energy that may help us in solving everyday problems and to improve our world. We will feel very energetic and very powerful. 


Moon in Libra: Sunday March April 9th


The Libra Moon helps us to have a fresh look at our partnerships, to see them clearly, and to take an appropriate action on Sunday. Mercury turn retrograde on Sunday in the evening: it is time to check our bank accounts, mail our bills in advance and make sure the payment went through. This retrograde Mercury will be mostly about delays and mix-ups related to our money and possessions and, of course, about the areas of our lives under influence of Taurus in our personal horoscopes.

In the evening, we may want to be alone and avoid interactions.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of April 3rd – 9th):


Sunday April 9th 4:21 AM – 8:34 AM

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