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Week of April 4th – 10th


This is the week of the New Moon, which is occurring early in the morning on Thursday April 7th. The unique image for the Zodiac degree of this New Moon is “The "Magic Carpet" Of Oriental Imagery”. This is the promise for the upcoming month and also for anything that is starting around this New Moon in our lives. The New Moon also highlights the Zodiac degree of the recent Solar Eclipse in an uneasy unpleasant way, making the promises of the eclipse to come true. If the eclipse on Match 8th did affect you and you know what the message of this powerful eclipse was, then this week and Lunar cycle may resolve the issue, even if not exactly to our liking. The week is passionate and energetic, with a lot of cosmic energy focused in Fire signs and major events (including the New Moon) in Fire sign. We should watch out for violence, aggression, but the Fire signs also promise new beginnings and inspirations.

The week will not be productive and rational. We will have a lot of wasted time and effort, despite all the inspiration and energy that may make us restless.


Moon in Pisces: Monday April 4th – Tuesday April 5th


A dreamy sleepy Moon may distract us from the reality and important practical tasks on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Moon may open our past wounds, or we may have a chance to use our knowledge and wisdom accumulated as a result of the past wounds. Venus, the Goddess of love, attraction, and possession moves into Aries on this day, signifying unsettling energy of new beginnings and disagreements in relationships. In the evening, we may be selflessly taking care of someone who desperately needs our help and nurturing. Tuesday is better spent reflecting and analyzing our connections to the Universe than doing any practical tasks: anything started on this day will result in wasted time and energy.


Moon in Aries: Wednesday April 6th – Thursday April 7th


The energy of Aries may request beginning something new and taking on new projects. However, the last hours of the Lunar cycle should be taken into the account, and any new activity or inspiration should be delayed until Thursday morning. We should not waste our high energy in the time that does not support new beginnings. This is the time for reflection and making plans for the new Lunar cycle, the energy of contemplation. The plans may be bold and fresh, but hold off until tomorrow.

The energy of the New Moon on Thursday is refreshing and unfamiliar. The unique image for the degree of the Zodiac where New Moon occurs is “The "Magic Carpet" Of Oriental Imagery”, describing something unfamiliar, rich in pattern, and magical. Hold on to this image when thinking about the upcoming month and year and fill the carpet with your own images to have a magical ride.

Everything important should be done early in the morning, as the rest of this day promises delays and frustration when it comes to action.


Moon in Taurus: Friday April 8th  – Saturday April 9th


On Friday, and projects, for which we need to use our hands, will be delightful and successful. Creative energy combined with the work if hands, especially if this is something you love and are dedicated to, will be supported by the Moon on this day: craft, pottery, as well as gardening. If you live in a warmer area, this is a perfect day for gardening: New Moon in Taurus is just a perfect combination for working on the flowerbeds and preparing the ground for vegetables. Transformative forces will be amplified, and we would be able to bring very positive change and transformation into our practical challenges if we have a resolve and dedication.

On Saturday, the pressure of responsibilities could be too much to handle, but we will have to make adjustments to reconcile the pleasant activities with the things that we just must do. The reluctance to focus on what has to be done will be combined with the frustration, delays, and a waste of energy the whole day. We may crave solitude and isolation to fulfill our own needs.


Moon in Gemini: Sunday April 10th


It could be a great day for communication with friends and relatives, but quarrel and reminders about responsibilities may create a dissonance in communications. Even loving communications may be tense and a bit aggressive. As the day proceeds, we may experience confusion and lack of understanding, especially when it comes to practical affairs or plans for the future. The day will be really intense, and the Gemini Moon may make us to nonchalant or too childish and not serious enough to handle this day properly.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of April 3rd – 10th):


Monday April 4th until 1:45 AM;

Tuesday April 5th 6:33 AM – Wednesday April 6th 2:45 AM;

Thursday April 7th 10:56 AM – Friday April 8th 2:10 AM;

Saturday April 9th 5:49 AM – Sunday April 10th 1:58 AM.

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