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Moon in Gemini: Monday August 10th early morning


Depending on how early your day starts, you may or may not experience the Moon in Gemini influence on Monday morning. If you do wake up early, the early morning may be full of distractions, conversations, and the sense of needing to adjust your commitments and responsibilities. The morning is better spent gathering news: reading a paper, browsing news on your cell phone, or chatting with a mailman. The influence should be gone by the time we reach our office or settle into our daily routine at home.


Moon in Cancer: Monday August 10th morning – Wednesday August 12th afternoon


This day creates a great opportunity to successfully discuss any organizational issues. If you work and need to make decisions or write up documents addressing productivity, punctuality, numbers, cleanliness, or any service issues, this will be a perfect day to do so. Be careful when discussing any uncomfortable issues in person or by email – the Cancer Moon will make us all super sensitive and easily wounded. However, it will also make us tuned to others’ emotions and will give us an extra help in understanding what may hurt others and in avoiding hurting them.

The evening will be uneventful for most of us. It would be a perfect time to go through the old photos or to watch an old classic movie.

On Tuesday, a year-long period of Jupiter cycle starts with the move of the planet of expansion, philosophy, faith, and truth into the sign of Virgo. Expect a change from the fun light energy to the energy of hard work and focus on productivity. This may not affect all areas of your life, but you will definitely feel the changes in at least one area of your life within a couple of days. We all will feel the new energy arrival affecting our social weather and the way we value and appreciate service, numbers, productivity, and hard effort.

On Wednesday, try to avoid being passive-aggressive or bottling your emotions. We may feel combative if anyone touches our old wounds, but, if we do, there will be a quick opportunity to move on with the peaceful and fair resolution.


Moon in Leo: Wednesday August 12th evening – Friday August 14th


Wednesday evening is energized and full of action. We want to be and feel our best, we want others to notice our best, and we will act to make this happen.

The balsamic Moon (several days before the New Moon) is the best time to reflect and to make plans for the future. The New Moon on Friday morning occurs in Leo and starts the one-year-long cycle related to our creativity, our children, and pleasures. This is the time to make plans for the next year that will affect these areas of life. Plan any creative projects you anticipate to accomplish in the next 11-12 month, any changes and activity for your kids, meditate on your goals to bring new children into your life, and plan your steps to make your life more enjoyable and fun.

Friday is the beginning of a new Lunar Cycle, and this will be delightful day and evening that is best spent partying or attending a performance, or just spent playing with little children. Although the mood may become more serious late at night, most of us will be fast asleep by the time when the Moon could remind us about responsibilities and had work. Go to sleep before the midnight is you would like to avoid any serious reminders.


Moon in Virgo: Saturday August 15th – Sunday August 16th


A productive weekend… A Facebook page “Academics Say” uses this phrase as a Friday night joke: “Have a productive weekend!”. It is true that many of us (including your humble servant) regularly work on weekends and make them productive. However, this particular weekend promises to be super-productive. So, whether your goal is to do some professional work or to clean and organize your home, write a long list of things to accomplish, because we will be able to accomplish a ton! If you are a writer, dedicate some time to your blog or book – you may be able to accomplish a month load of work. However, any effort at home, at work, or in the garden will be rewarded and will feel natural.

We may not be feeling rested or satisfied after the weekend (our strive for perfection will be amplified), but will definitely achieve more than we normally do or plan to do over the weekend.

Week of August 10th – August 16th


The week starts with the balsamic Moon in Cancer. Moon in Cancer brings extra-sensitivity and sentimentality by itself, and, combined with the depression and reflection that the balsamic Moon can bring, it may make us super sensitive, vulnerable, protective, and defensive. It will be important to readjust our focus during these couple of days and to use the balsamic Cancer Moon to reflect on the past (especially when it comes to our family and roots) and to decide how we can use our past experiences and history lessons to create a new reality and to enjoy it in the future. The New Moon will occur in the morning of Friday August 14th in Leo and will signify a new year-long period of creativity, procreation, fun, romance, and pleasure. If you have any goals related to these areas of life, either personal or professional, it is time to do your planning and meditations.  

There will be another important astrological event this week: Jupiter, the planet of truth, faith, philosophy, and expansion will move from the sign of Leo into the sign of Virgo. Jupiter is one of several planets that move slowly and define the social weather for longer periods of time, indicating the areas where the growth and better appreciation and understanding will happen. For each of us, this move will indicate different changes, depending on the individual birth horoscope. However, at least one area of our lives will transition from being fun and entertaining to being more serious, requiring more time and effort, and becoming more productive. This influence of Jupiter on our personal and collective reality will continue for the next 13 months. It may be a good idea for everyone to find out what areas of life will be affected – ask your astrologer!

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