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Week of August 15th – 21st


The Full Moon will occur on Thursday August 18th early in the morning in the sign of Aquarius. The Full Moon may illuminate something that has been hidden, especially about our connections to other people and groups. During the times of the Full Moon, we are especially clear about our directions and progress. Think of something you started around the New Moon in the beginning of the month and evaluate the progress. The Full Moon in Aquarius did not happen for a year, so it is a good time to look back and remember where we were standing on the issues that bother us now. Do we still have the same opinion? Do we still plan to pursue the same path? If not, this is a great time to re-evaluate our goals and actions related to the topic of interest: now it is clearly seen, and there is still time to make corrections to our actions. If you are beginning something new and want to be noticed and to get a proper exposure, you still have a couple of days before the Moon starts waning. The near-Full Moon allows people to see you clearly and notice your value. When it happens in the social Air signs, it helps spread the word and to attract people with similar interests and goals.

Another focus of the week is on Saturn and Mars. Saturn just turned direct, and we should be clearer about the reality and time now. Mars is “out-of-bounds”, which means unusually high or unusually low in the sky (this time it is lower than usually). An out-of-bounds planet acts unpredictably and stringer than usually, which means that our anger or our reactions may be “out-of-bounds”, because Mars is the planet signifying wars, anger, and action. Furthermore, Saturn and Mars are getting closer and closer in the sky, with the closest approach being on 24th. They will start separating after 24th, but we may feel the tension and extra loads of work as we approach the date. Combined with the Full Moon, this time may be a bit too intense and difficult to handle in a calm and peaceful manner. We may also see the expressions of this intense energy in nature or in the world affairs.


Moon in Capricorn: Monday August 15th


Beginning a week with Capricorn Moon could be a blessing, because we may feel very work-oriented, determined, and ready to charge ahead. A clear vision under the Full Moon and extra resolve and motivation under the conjunction of Mars and Saturn may aid in pursuing our career goals and everyday work tasks.

Monday will be a good day to deal with numbers, spreadsheets, calculations, mechanics, any precision work, and tasks requiring a lot of attention to details. If any assignments of this kind are in store for you, change ahead in the morning, you will be successful. 

The second part of the day and the evening may bring sudden breakthroughs or sudden breakup and breakdowns. There may be too much anxiety and unpredictability in the air. Stay well grounded and keep your attention on practical tasks.


Moon in Aquarius: Tuesday August 16th – Thursday August 18th morning


It has been difficult to communicate our feelings, to write, or to interact with others verbally in an absence of planets in the Air signs for too long… The Aquarius Moon will give us a chance for a couple of days of unrestricted communication. Speak out, write it down, chat it away! The moment the Moon moves to Pisces, we will not have any planets in the Air signs anymore, and the communications will become obstructed again…

On Tuesday, we may be very ready to speak up and be friendly and outgoing. However, we may find ourselves somewhat isolated and lonely in the morning. The afternoon will bring the relief, interactions, conversations, and action. By the evening, we will be on the roll and probably talking to someone who is very different in age or is an authority figure.

On Wednesday, we may feel that our relationships need some repair and adjustment, and we will have an opportunity to talk about it with another interested party, whether this is our love partner, close friend, or a business partner. This day also gives us a chance to look at ourselves in a detached and objective way and to evaluate our choices, feelings, and the way we come across to others.

Don’t make big plans for Thursday morning, and don’t plan any important meetings or beginnings before the lunchtime.


Moon in Pisces: Thursday August 18th afternoon – Saturday August 20th early afternoon


We may feel lazy and dreamy or plain sleepy on Thursday in the afternoon. We may know that our responsibilities and duties require actions and hard work, but we may be just unable to wake up from daydreaming. It could be a good idea to call it early night or to spend the evening at the movie.

Memories and people from the past may disturb our peace on Friday. We may be remembering the past loves and making plans for the future of our current attachments. The whole day, the relationships and partners will be on our minds, and we will be making inventory of our like sand dislikes and measuring our current partners against the past ones and against our dream ones.

On Saturday, we may be dealing with details, but we will be seeing the big picture behind the little details. It may be a choice between our feelings and the judgment of the others, and we may be too sensitive not to care about others’ opinions and about the society’s standards.

Don’t plan much for the day, and don’t try to start a new project: you will not be able to finish the started job, or you will be dissatisfied with the results. You will have to wait until the late afternoon to be productive and successful with anything new and important.


Moon in Aries: Saturday August 20th late afternoon – Sunday August 21st


The focus of the Saturday late afternoon may be on ourselves. We may feel a lot of energy, but we may be unwilling to spend it on anyone or anything else. Our interests will take priority over others’ interests and wishes. Workout or any physical work and exercise will feel very fulfilling. Workout will be a great way to express the aggression before it is too late: by the evening, the tension and the restlessness may build up, but there will be no peaceful way to let them out.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of August 15th – 21st):


Monday August 15th 10:44 PM – Tuesday August 16th 7:52 AM

Thursday August 18th 5:26 AM – 12:34 PM

Saturday August 20th 8:20 AM – 3:18 PM

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