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Week of August 1st – 7th


This is a week of New Moon. This time, the New Moon in Leo stresses our need for fun and creativity and inflames our desire to act on our right to be creative and happy and to follow our hearts. On the day of the New Moon, just a couple of hours earlier, Mars will move from Scorpio to Sagittarius and will start rapidly approaching Saturn, who is moving now in retrograde motion in this fiery sign. The New Moon and the Sun make an easy connection to Saturn and Mars. We will be very passionate about our creative projects and our choice to have fun, and we will commit to doing just that, despite any obstacles. The very beginning of the month is a great time to make our vacation plans or to start our vacation, as well as to plan our creative beginnings. However, as we move through the week and through the month, the energy of the sky will rapidly change: the planets that have been in Leo for a while will start moving into serious and hard working Libra, and we will rapidly change our moods too. Practical matters and work will replace the passionate, happy, and childish energy of Leo. The Sun will remain in Leo for a while, but he will get little support from other celestial bodies, and the narrowing gap between Saturn and Mars will indicate a lot of work and stress as well as unhappy accidents and incident by the middle of the month.


Moon in Cancer: Monday August 1st until late evening


Starting a working week with the Cancer Moon is always a challenge: our thoughts may be still at home with our families. On this day, the emotions may run high, and we may feel especially sentimental and teary. The day may also bring unexpected developments and hurt feelings and deep sharp emotional wounds. As always, remind yourself that this is a short-living influence, and this energy will dissipate as soon as the Moon enters the sign of Leo in the late evening. The moods will immediately improve, and everything that felt hurtful and emotional will be replaced with a happy and playful mood.


Moon in Leo: Monday August 1st late night – Wednesday August 3rd


As the Moon is approaching the Sun, we will feel that our feelings and our desires and choices are more in sync than they usually are. Late nigh on Monday and Tuesday will bring us childish wishes, playful attitudes, and the desire to explore our limits. There will be a lot of passion and action in the air, and it will feel like a new happy beginning of something lasting and pleasant.

On Tuesday, don’t forget to set your intentions for the new Lunar cycle: this is a chance to plan and wish for the upcoming month, but it is also a chance to reset the calendar and the energy of something that started a year ago on the last Leo New Moon. Set your intentions for the year, and focus on creative projects, the way you have fun, and the ways you interact with children.

On these days, there are six planets in Fire signs in the Zodiac. This will create a dynamic and passionate energy, also surprises and creative breakthroughs. With Mercury, the planet of ideas and thoughts, being in its favorite sign of Virgo, we will be very clear and efficient with our thinking process, and we have real opportunities to move the mountains under the current celestial weather.

Wednesday will be favorable for a romantic relationship. By the evening, the Moon is perfectly situated in the sky to start a new relationship or to make long-term plans for an existing one. The Moon is starting to gain light, and, as it grows, so will be the romance that starts on this day.


Moon in Virgo: Thursday August 4th – Saturday August 6th early afternoon​


Thursday is a great day for a hard intellectual work or decisions on practical matters. Our minds will be very sharp, and we may almost feel the electric circuits in our brains. This is time to act on our ideas and to spend a lot of energy and time on implementing them.

On Friday, the Moon will move from the playful happy Leo into the industrious ad practical Virgo, and couples may start solving some practical issues instead of indulging into romance and fun. Relationships will become more serious, and partners will be subjected to more scrutiny than before. A tension of frustration and confusion may be building around us, but, without a single planet in n Air sign at this time, we will find ourselves in lack of words and unable to verbally communicate our concerns. If feeling the frustration of this period, just remind yourself to wait for another month: when several planets move into the Libra, it will be easy to communicate with others and to understand their points of view.

On Friday and Saturday, many of us may be examining our big dreams for the future and evaluating them: are they still the same as they were in the past? Are we still committed to the dreams? Do they withstand the scrutiny and the pressure of our real lives?


Moon in Libra: Saturday August 6th afternoon – Sunday August 7th


The peaceful balancing energy of the Libra Moon will help us deal with the building pressure. Saturday and Sunday will bring the need for harmony and balance, and they can be reached if we engage into an active work, either an exercise bringing a balance to our life, like yoga or martial arts can, or an action related to our faith and truth, like a Sunday work at a church or an action related to justice and reinforcing our philosophy of life. These practices may feel very empowering and transformative.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of August 1st – 7th):


Monday August 1st 8:43 PM – 9:11 PM


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