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WEEK OF AUGUST 22nd – 28th   


There is a major switch of energy this week as the Sun moves from playful and happy Leo into industrious, hard working, and meticulous Virgo. After this move in early afternoon on Monday, we will find several planets in Virgo. This means work, work, and more work, for the whole month ahead. With Mars and Saturn approaching each other very close in the sky, we will have even more work on top of all this work. The good thing about this situation is that we will feel very practical, very down-to-earth, and will be able to chase away any illusions and fantasies that we have been entertaining recently in our attempt to figure out what is real and what is not. This week (and a couple to come) will be great for working on any unfinished project, especially if this project requires a lot of effort and thorough attention to details. It is also a time to start a new project if you planned to, but hurry up and start before Mercury goes retrograde the next week. We may find ourselves at work most of the time or doing chores at home rather than entertaining, going out, and having fun. The waning Moon also supports efforts on finishing the projects that we began and did not finish. Although there may be not too much fun and play this week, we may be feeling grateful to be able to attend to anything that needed that effort and work for a long time.

This week is not a time for serious conversations or letters: there are still no planets in Air signs, and we may find ourselves in lack of words and unable to express ourselves clearly. Any talking, writing, and trying to communicate should be postponed until the next week when possible.


Moon in Aries: Monday August 22nd morning and afternoon


The Sun changes signs (from Leo to Virgo) in the early afternoon, and the change of energy will be palpable. Even if we were having a lot of fun and free time lately, we will stop abruptly and go back to our unfinished work or start a new effort on developing an important project. Many schools are starting the year on this day and it could not be more appropriate: after several hours of fun and play with the friends, the kids will be ready to start their studies and to be diligent and working hard.

The first half of the week has a heavy, tense, and aggressive energy to it. Watch your own mood and actions and notice all the road rage, conflicts, and outbursts around you. This will start to subside by the end of the week. Many of us may experience a reality check as a result of a brutal and quick development of events in the next couple of days.

On Monday, we may feel full of energy and ready to charge ahead, but the day will be wasted for most of us. Don’t try to start anything new. Dedicate the day to routine work or finishing the work that you have started earlier.


Moon in Taurus: Monday August 22nd evening – Wednesday August 24th early evening


Monday evening will be as harmonious as it can be during these difficult days of conjunction of the planet of war and aggression Mars and a planet of fear and depression Saturn. However, the Taurus Moon is sweet and in an easy relationship with the Virgo Sun, and both prompt us to be practical and reasonable. If the day was exhausting and long, take a long bubble bath or get a massage. Whatever you do, it probably will be all about yourself and your pleasures and desires, and this is completely justified on this evening.

Tuesday will bring more tension and more stubbornness. There must be an adjustment made: you will not relieve the tension if you remain stubborn and don’t want to change your position.

It may be easier to be nice to each other and to achieve some progress despite the tension in the air Wednesday. We may have a lot of work to do, but the mood will be calm and pleasant, and the progress will be steady and productive despite all the pressure. However, don’t plan much for the late afternoon and early evening: this time will not be productive or fulfilling.


Moon in Gemini: Wednesday August 24th late evening – Friday August 26th


If you need to have an important conversation or to express your feelings in writing, do it on Thursday and Friday. The Moon is in the Air sign of Gemini, and she is the only celestial body in the Air sign. This gives us a short window of opportunity to say what we need to say and to be heard and understood. The other side may be confrontational and determined to oppose and resist on Thursday, and there may be uncomfortable feeling about practical issues of relationships on Friday, so, again, try to wait until the next week to speak up, but, if you must, do it during these two days.

The tension of the recent days will start to subside by Friday. Friday may be a good day to make a decision to move on from our emotional wounds to practical solutions. These days, we may feel that we need to make some actions, decisions, and commitments regarding our past dreams and expectations and practical issues of our future. Unfortunately, it will be easier to hold on to the illusions of the past, and any movement forward will require an effort and time.


Moon in Cancer: Saturday August 27th – Sunday August 28th


The sentimental and sensitive Cancer Moon may take us to a trip into our past, either during the daytime or in our dream. The emotions may be overwhelming, but our choices and decisions will be very dry and practical.

Cancer Moon on a weekend is a great event, as it focuses our energy on our family and home. This Saturday, we may feel that we need to make adjustments to our responsibilities in the family in order to have our future under control.

We may be nurturing our past wounds unable to move on, but on this Sunday, it may be possible to cheer up, reach out to others, and heal our wounds by making practical and calculated steps.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of AUGUST 22nd – 28th):   


Monday August 22nd 7:47 AM – 5:19 PM

Wednesday August 24th 3:37 PM – 7:39 PM

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