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This week will bring important astrological developments. On Wednesday, mercury will turn retrograde for the next three weeks. During the retrograde motion of Mercury, we may experience delays, interruptions in communications, miscommunications, misunderstandings, and failed electronics. Whether we will feel these effects or not will largely depend on our birth horoscope, on the contacts that retrograde Mercury will make with the points and planets in our birth horoscope, and on the part of the birth horoscope affected by the retrograde emotion of the planet. Being in the Earth sign of Virgo, this retrograde period may affect real material things (electronics and other devices), but also may affect our scheduling, calculations, and the routine order of things. If anything especially important is going on in your life, you may want to know whether the retrograde Mercury will influence the development, and this would be a good question for an astrologer to answer.

The drama only begins with the retrograde Mercury. The next day, when Mercury is still standing still preparing to turn back in his motion through the Zodiac, we have the New Moon and a Solar eclipse in the sign of Virgo that is ruled by Mercury. The eclipse will not be visible in US or Europe, but it does not mean that we are protected from its influence. Some of us may have started feeling the effects of this eclipse already, and some of us will not feel the effects for a couple of months, but it will be in effect for about a half of a year. Again, what area of life will be affected depends on the specifics of the birth horoscope.

This particular eclipse will bring our attention to reality, will make us see things as they are, and will prompt us to think and restructure our actions to deal with the reality. Although it may make some of us bitter by exposing the real course of things that we used to see through the rose glasses, it should be positive for more of us and should bring us the well-needed retrospection and the means to deal with the reality. For many, it will be a long overdue wakeup call.


Moon in Leo: Monday August 29th – Wednesday August 31st morning


These may be very playful and hot romantic days. The Leo Moon will make us happy, creative, and passionate. The Moon influence will combine with the influence of a strong Venus, the goddess of love, moving on Monday from Virgo into Libra, where she feels at home and very powerful. Mars is acting strongly and unpredictably, and all three together may create hot, passionate, and explosive situations.

This time will be great for creative projects, and we may not only structure our creative activities, but also charge ahead with something that we did not even expect to bring to life.

Use Monday and Tuesday to backup your computers and other devices in preparation for Mercury retrograde starting on Wednesday. Double check your appointments and meeting times and write them down in multiple places: the notes may be gone. Look back and define the area of your life and activities that need special consideration and understanding and start analyzing them.


Moon in Virgo: Wednesday August 31st afternoon – Friday September 2nd early evening


Start the day later on Wednesday: the morning will be unproductive and frustrating. As soon as the Moon enters Virgo, there will be a big shift of our attention from indulging in dreams and illusions to seeing, considering, and analyzing our reality and deciding how we want and can shape it to our liking. We will have to decide during the next couple of weeks (and for some of us couple of months) what we are dealing with, what is important and what is not. There will be confusion and uncertainty, but also a string pull to define new rules and to act on them.

On Wednesday, we may seek solitude, instinctively feeling the need to look back and re-analyze our priorities and action plan.

Even though the upcoming changes are difficult, we will feel that we are starting something very important and healing.


Moon in Libra: Friday September 2nd late evening – Sunday September 4th


The Moon makes a string connection to Venus as soon as it enters Libra in the evening of Friday September 2nd. This is a happy and harmonious time focused on relationships and everything pleasant and nice. We may feel very content and balanced.

Nothing will stop us from acting on our intentions on Saturday when it comes to our passions, including the love passions. It’s a very dynamic evening, when we will feel optimistic and bold.

Sunday may be more challenging, with opposing influences. Our balance could be shattered by unexpected developments, and we will try to navigate between disrupting influences and our desire to find harmony and peace. Reserve the evening for rest and relaxation, don’t plan anything important – it will not happen or will not bring you a satisfaction.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of August 29th – September 4th):


Monday August 29th 2:23 AM – 4:11 AM

Wednesday August 31st 12:19 AM – 11:22 AM

Sunday September 4th 8:30 PM – end of day

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