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Moon in Pisces: Monday August 3rd until early evening.


The tension of the last several days may make this late Pisces Moon overly emotional. We may be feeling exhausted, sad, frustrated, and not ready to take on another busy week. The feeling of stop-and-go may be irritating. This is an emotionally difficult day that we just have to live through in anticipation of a more energetic Aries Moon arriving in the evening. Don’t plan much, especially for the late afternoon-early evening. This day will be best spent in reflection and mediation.


Moon in Aries: Monday August 3rd late evening – Wednesday August 5th evening.


The transition of the Moon into Aries will be immediately noticeable on Monday in the evening. If you spent the day in calm reflection and meditation, you may feel more energized and ready to act in the evening. However, if you spent the day feeling like a victim and bottling up your frustration and anger, you may spill the feelings you have been incubating. Try to avoid the old patterns in expressing your anger and frustration.

These days, we will be focusing on our own problems and interests – it will be difficult to connect to others and to open up. If we do connect, it may be not in a way we wanted it to happen, so staying away and on your own will make perfect sense for these couple of days. As the Moon leaves Aries on Wednesday evening, we will start feeling better and may decide to snap out of sadness and frustration.


Moon in Taurus: Wednesday August 5th late evening – Saturday August 8th early afternoon.


The Taurus Moon will feel more comfortable than the Pisces and Aries Moon of the last couple of days. However, we may still prefer to stay away from other people and focus on our own life. Under the Taurus Moon, this focus may be on our body – on pampering ourselves and making our selves feel secure physically and emotionally. We may go through a number of mixed emotions and situation on Friday: from feeling insecure and unable to express ourselves to being content and optimistic, to feeling restricted and unhappy again. Don’t change your hairstyle even if it seems like a very good idea – you may hate it and may be unable to change it back!


Moon in Gemini: Saturday August 8th – Sunday August 9th.


Moon in in social Gemini for the weekend, connecting to the energy of several positive planets in the sign of Leo, the sign of fun and parties. This is a perfect weekend to throw a party, to attend a party or a play, or to spend time with little children. Fun, creativity, easy-flowing conversation, happiness and laughs will be following us anywhere we go. What a perfect weekend to finally relax after a couple of intense weeks and to connect to other people in a fun and light way!




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of August 3rd – August 9th):


Monday August 3rd 4:35 PM – 7:23 PM;

Wednesday August 5th 7:29 PM – 9:29 PM.


Week of August 3rd – August 9th


After the intense blue Moon in Aquarius at the end of July and several days of emotional Pisces Moon, it may feel refreshing and restful to step into the days of a waning Moon in more “simplistic” Zodiac signs, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. These are the Moon signs that turn our attention to the primal individual needs to be, to have, to learn and to communicate our basic needs. While the Moon travels through these three Zodiac signs this week urging us to be more selfish and more focused on our own life, a lot of the celestial energy is focused in the sign of Leo. The excessive Leo energy has already manifested in our lives in a very unexpected way – as a death of Cecil the Lion and his brother, two events that caused a lot of reaction and discussion in the media. The Leo energy is not a subdued quiet reflective energy – it courageously brings out the drama and the show, and we may be experiencing displays of events and feelings that have been hidden or neglected, especially in the areas of love life, relationships, and our moral principles and values. The energy of Leo may also tempt us to make changes to our hairdos, but this is not the right time to make any changes to your appearances – Venus is retrograde in Leo, which will make any new hairstyles to be regretted for weeks to come.

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