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Week of August 8th – 14th


If you are tired of all bad news about the events in the world and of the tension, drama, and stress in your own life, don’t think of change for the easier times or relaxation yet. This unlikely to happen during the upcoming week, and the two following weeks promise to be even more intense and stressful, with the Full Moon on August 18th, Saturn changing his course from retrograde to direct on 13th, and the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the sky. More unsettling truths will be exposed, more bones will be broken, and more stress and work we will have in our everyday lives.

The upcoming week promises a reality check for all of us: Saturn turns direct on Saturday August 13th, and we may have some unpleasant realizations concerning our freedoms, our beliefs, and our responsibilities. With Mars rapidly approaching Saturn in the sky and falling out of the ecliptic band (out of bounds), we may be compelled to act on the new knowledge and realizations, and the overall mood may become “must do now before it is too late”. Be aware of these tendencies. Waiting may not be an option, but at least do not overdo it: action now may affect our whole lives for years to come.


Moon in Libra: Monday August 8th


The first half of the day may be explosive, but the Libra Moon will always push us to seek harmony and balance. We may not be satisfied with the current state of our affairs, especially when it comes to personal relationships, and our dissatisfaction may burst out. Under the Libra Moon, we may struggle to find a balance between feeling harmony and lashing out at others, but don’t obsess about what to do: it is “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation. Tomorrow will be easier on the relationships, as the Moon will make an easy contact with the Goddess of Love Venus, and everyone will be eager to work hard and smart on our relationships.


Moon in Scorpio: Tuesday August 9th – Thursday August 11th early afternoon


Physical attractions run high and hot this month. We may feel energized, determined, and kind of braver and more unpredictable than we normally are. With the Scorpio Moon, it may be even easier to give into our emotions and deep desires and to forget about our partners’ imperfections. Our relationships may not be exactly how we imagined them to turn out, but the fiery hot Mars and the Scorpio Moon may help us to overlook that.

Wednesday is full of opportunities. Look out for women around you, who may give you a helping hand and push you into the right direction to achieve your practical goals and to reach your dreams. As the day proceeds, it will be easy to have our ego hurt. Don’t give it a second thought: this is a short-lived influence that will weaken by the evening and will be gone by the next day.

Thursday will bring some tension and stress, with concerns about the future and/or the past and a hard work to balance our past dreams and our reality of today that we now see so clearly. We may feel that we need to act as soon as possible to create a future that we deserve. Well, next couple of weeks will give us unusually strong drive to achieve anything we plan to work on.


Moon in Sagittarius: Thursday August 11th afternoon – Friday August 13th


The fiery Sagittarius Moon will bring a lot of passion into our actions. Combined with close-by Mars and Saturn (BTW, look up at the sky around 9 PM to see them all together in Zenith), with the courageous Leo Sun, and with the unbridled Uranus in Aries, this is a lot of fire in the sky… With the rest of planets in practical Earth signs, we should not go overboard with our passions and determination, but we may have to act silently, because, with no planets in Air signs, it will be difficult to communicate or to express our restlessness. Watch out for problems on Thursday in the evening, tread lightly and stay away from troublemakers.

Proceed with caution on Friday morning, and try to avoid serious conversations and interactions. An explosion of large proportions is possible, and there is no outlet for our emotions or out thoughts. The main problem on Friday will be inability to express ourselves in a meaningful way.

Saturday will be another very fiery day with the Moon making an easy connection to Leo Sun and Aries Uranus. It’s time to go outside, to be playful and unpredictable, to inspire and to be inspired, to create and to have creative breakthrough, to find ourselves free and happy.

With the multiple planets in Fire signs making connection to each other, watch for actual fires and be careful in the Sun.


Moon in Capricorn: Sunday August 14th


It is very difficult to have fun or to relax under the Capricorn Moon. Sunday is not the best day for parties or even activities with our families. Our thoughts will be on business affairs, and we will seek solitude. Avoid power games in the afternoon and evening. It may look like a good time to sort out some practical relationship problems, but the inability to communicate efficiently your thoughts and your understanding of an ideal outcome may prevent you from resolving the issues. I would not advise starting any serious discussion on this day: it will not achieve the desired effect.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of AUGUST 8th – 14th):


Saturday August 13th 1:36 PM – Sunday August 14th 12:11 AM

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