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Week of August 31st  – September 6th


The two main astrological events of this week are the meeting of Venus and Mars in the sky on August 31st and the return of Venus to her direct motion in the sky. Venus was in her retrograde motion for several weeks, making us to reconsider our relationships and finances, scaring our customers and clients away and making people to hold on to their money, messing up with our appearances, and getting us involved in relationships that would not last. We have one more week to wait before we can return to our normal relationship and business patterns and get back to shopping that is satisfying: Venus is still retrograde until September 6th.

The emphasis on Venus and Mars brings romantic relationships into focus. In the absence of other significant celestial events, other areas of our life may be relaxed and slow.  If and when the relationship decisions arise, delay the resolution and decisions until September 7th: you will regret or reconsider anything you approve under retrograde Venus. Mars, the planet of action, may urge us to act when it concerns the relationships or money, but the actions should be delayed until September 7th as well.

After the intense Full Super Moon in Pisces, we may welcome the relief of the waning Moon and enjoy the last summer days before the air cools down.


Moon in Aries: Monday August 31st – Tuesday September 1st


Relationships will come to focus on this day when Venus and Mars meet in the sky. The issues may be unexpected and unusual, and we may feel impulsive and explosive. However, try to not make any decisions that you would not be able to change later, because you will want to change your conclusions and words later. The issues should not be too serious, no matter how strongly we react. For most people, the only danger is acting too impulsively and being too romantic but later reconsidering their actions and feelings. If you are on the receiving end of these actions and words inspired by the celestial events, take every word and every gesture with a grain of salt and don’t expect the situation to become permanent.

Tuesday is a high-energy day when we will have difficulty to delay acting in order to consider all the details of the situation. We may be impatient, but we should and probably will be forced to make an effort to examine situations in a logical and detailed manner. Try to wrap up anything important in the first half of the day – anything started in the afternoon may remain unfinished and wasted.


Moon in Taurus: Wednesday September 2nd – Friday September 4th early morning


Moon in Taurus urges us to be practical and patient. It does not favor any quick decisions and actions. It wants us to slowly enjoy the pleasures of this life and to create lasting security ad stability in our lives. These are the days when we are most likely to allow ourselves luxuries and pampering, enjoy the food and the luxurious bubble bath, as well as splurge on expensive clothes.

On these days, it is beneficial to take care of our plants, but planting new seeds s not recommended under the waning Moon.

In our attempt to create lasting security and comfort in our lives, we may have to get down to numbers on this day and to magnify every detail before we make choices. On Thursday evening and Friday early morning, we may face a choice between feeling positive and indulging the luxuries that we crave or expecting the worst and being responsible and conservative with our bank accounts.


Moon in Gemini: Friday September 4th morning – Sunday September 6th early afternoon


Gemini Moon makes us sociable and craving interactions and information. It seems like a perfect fit for the weekend activities: gatherings, meetings, and any social events will be pleasant and desired. Focus on pleasing others and creating peace and balance rather than enforcing your own agenda. Friday night is a great time to meet with the friends or relatives of your own age: conversations will flow easily, and everyone will be entertained and filled with the new information. If staying at home, you probably will spend the evening chatting on the phone or studying: both interacting with others and learning will be meaningful and successful.  

Saturday is a good day to reopen any relationship issues that have been discussed before but still are not to your full satisfaction. This is a good day to think and talk about them, to discuss and clarify anything that is unclear. However, after talking about the relationships, sleep on the decision and don’t announce it until Sunday – you may still change your mind when you wake up tomorrow. Any decisions made on Sunday morning will be extremely powerful and positive.


Moon in Cancer: Sunday September 6th afternoon – end of the day.


Have you been struggling with your relationship in the past month? Did you have a bad makeover? Do you hate your new haircut or hair color? Have you been struggling for weeks trying to buy the right outfit?

Rejoice! Venus, who interfered with your happiness, is finally turning from her retrograde motion to a direct motion in the sky, and everything that felt hazy in our relationships and our appearances and money issues will become clear again.

On Sunday afternoon, cleaning and organizing our house may be bliss. Cooking is another great activity for this afternoon. This afternoon will be the best spent at home, alone or with our families. We may be sleepy and decide to turn in early or to watch a movie in bed.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of August 31st  – September 6th)


Tuesday September 1st 12:37 PM – Wednesday September 2nd 5:01 AM

Saturday September 5th 7:03 PM – Sunday September 6th 1:39 PM



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