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Sun and Moon in a horoscope



Luminaries have a special role in the life of our planet and in our lives, and they have a special meaning in a horoscope. Our lives would not be possible without the Sun: it gives the energy and the light that all living things need to survive and to thrive. It is the center of our solar system and the “glue” that holds it all together with the gravity force. Similarly, in a horoscope, the Sun is the core of everything that allows to other planets to express and to have influence, and it is the “glue” that holds the horoscope together and determines the main theme of the horoscope. The Sun represents our ego, our personality, our integrity, our willpower, the core meaning of everything we are and we do in life. It signifies and determines our identity, and the manner in which we create and express ourselves is defined by the sign of our Sun in the horoscope. The Sun in a horoscope shows in which area of life we can shine and star, and how we can affirm our selves and how and where we can rule in the world and in our own little Universe. In addition of all the seriousness of the above listed, the Sun also gives clues to the identity of our inner child and our ability to romance, entertain and play. In other words, the Sun in a horoscope (both the position on the horoscope wheel and the Zodiac sign) indicate what is our core being, our genetic makeup. The position of the Sun in the horoscope and its connections to other planets also indicate our vitality and our physical wellbeing.


It is not accidental that the most known and popular horoscopes are the Sun horoscopes. That is how important the Sun is: it determines the core personality, while other planets add individual character and personality traits, but abide by the Sun. The way we see and express our selves is determined by the Sun sign and the position on the horoscope wheel. For example, if your Sun is in Taurus, no matter how far your other planets call you and may take you temporarily, you will always return to your core identity of a stable and practical one. If your Sun is in Saggitarius, you will remain a soul of a traveler and an adventurer, no matter what your current life situation is. Whatever we do and try, whatever conflicts and challenges to our core beings we experience due to the influence of other planets, the Sun always shines through, and we just cannot defy its gravity force. Everything starts with our Sun and returns back to our Sun.


Our second luminary, the Moon, is subtler and more elusive. However, it is almost as noticeable and important in the horoscope as the Sun is: although we all know that the Moon is tiny compared to the Sun, it is worth reminding that the Moon in our sky looks as large as the Sun (think Solar eclipse, when the Sun may be completely covered by the Moon from our point of view). More often, we focus on the influence of the Sun on Earth and on the life on our planet. However, the Moon has a lot to do with our lives, although less overtly: it stabilizes our planet’s orbit and produces a gravity pull controlling the waters on Earth. It also creates a second rhythm of cycles, complementary to the Sun cycle. We should never forget that the Moon does not produce any light by itself, it is not a source of a light energy, but it always reflects the light of the Sun. The lunar phases are determined by the interaction between the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon, and they always reflect the relationships between these three celestial bodies. So, in a horoscope, the Moon is an indicator of relationships between our selves (Sun) and our needs (Moon), our ego and personality (Sun), and the environment (Earth). It shows how we handle the events, people and challenges emotionally, where and how we feel emotionally secure, and what makes us happy and fulfilled (or how we reflect what is coming our way, similar to how the Moon reflects the Sun’s light). The sign and the position of the Moon on the horoscope wheel indicate in what areas of life and in what manner we seek the security and emotional satisfaction, to whom we relate, and who and what makes us feel secure and happy.


The Moon is given a high priority in many types of astrological readings. For example, it is extremely important in relationship and compatibility reading: despite all the wrong ideas about the qualities of a partner you are looking for, the Moon will show the traits of a partner you will be happy with. If you have your Moon in Aquarius, you will not be satisfied with a wealthy or over-protective and intensely connected partner: you will need an Aquarian type partner, who is detached and gives you some space, who is intellectual and connects to you on the mind level, and who holds humanitarian ideas high. This would be a kind of a partner that could keep you happy and fulfilled, independently of his/hers financial situation or a lack of constant attention to your needs. The compatibility of the Moons in the relationship horoscope (the relationship between two Moons) is given the highest priority over many other signs: if in a couple’s horoscope the Moons don’t interact with each other or with the other important planets (e.g., Sun, Venus), there is little that can be done to make the relationship work as expected.


Another example of an astrological reading that designates a special significance to the Moon is a horary reading – the horoscope that is intended to answer one important question pertaining to your life (e.g., “Will I find my missing dog?”, “Will the surgery be successful?”, etc.). Moon is the primary astrological body that gets scrutinized in this type of reading, along with the two other planets signifying the client and the topic of a question.


Electional astrology that helps choosing dates and times of important events (marriage, surgery, business start, etc.) pays a special attention to the condition of the Moon, and the Moon becomes the primary indicator for or against the specific date and the specific time.


Vedic (Indian) astrology always considers the Moon and has a precisely defined system of analysis of the Moon condition for any type of reading, whether it is a reading of a birth chart or a reading to elect a date for an event.


The Moon is the fastest celestial body when it comes to going through the signs of the Zodiac, due to its closeness to Earth. Thus, it is often the only celestial body that changes its position in a horoscope from one day or hour to another day or hour and affects our daily moods and changes in the activities that we prefer this particular day or another. Furthermore, knowing the Zodiac sign and the position of the Moon on the horoscope wheel, astrologers can predict what will feel satisfying and will make people happy today or tomorrow and what will be the focus of the day. The Moon changes a Zodiac sign approximately every 2.5 days, unlike every other planet that stays in the sign at least about a month, and some of them for years. This is why in horoscopes of twins and any people born around the same time in the same location the Moon may occupy different signs of the Zodiac and may make a huge difference in the way two people perceive and reflect the reality.


The Moon and the Sun are the first celestial bodies any astrologer notices and analyses in every horoscope, and they critically determine the interpretations of a horoscope.


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