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What is the astrological reading?



What can you expect from a meeting with an astrologer who gives you the analysis of your horoscope? Astrologers call such meeting “a reading”, sometimes “a consultation”, especially if the astrologer is qualified to provide psychological or other kinds of consulting. The meetings may be held in person, on the phone, or online using the Skype or another meeting platform. These days, you don’t have to live in the same locality with the astrologer of your choice, so you can choose one based on your needs and expectations, not on the geography.

Although some astrologers use astrology as divination and employ their psychic abilities in addition to their astrological knowledge, every astrologer will need to know your birth data in advance to have time to analyze your chart. He or she will need the location, the year, the day, and the time of your birth. Most people know the date and the location of their birth, but not everyone has information about the time. Even if the time is recorded on your birth certificate or by your relatives, the time is often not exact. Sometimes, one- or five-minutes error does not make much difference in a chart, but in other cases, one minute makes a big difference. The more precise is your birth time, the better reading you will get.


What to do if you don’t know your birth time and there is nobody to ask or nobody who remembers for sure? You have two options. Your astrologer can still work with your date and location and will give you a reading, but this reading is not going to be as full and as accurate as it would be if the time of birth was known. Another option is to rectify the time of the birth, which means that the astrologer will use several important events from your past, will analyze your horoscopes for the moments when these events occurred, and will make a conclusion about the correct time of your birth after considering many horoscope options. Such rectification will end up in the exact time of birth, to the second. Not all the astrologers provide this service – this is a tedious work that requires a lot of effort and sometimes takes hours and hours of calculations and analyses. However, many astrologers will be happy to rectify your time of birth. This will be done for an additional fee and usually depends on the actual number of hours the astrologer spends doing the rectification. If you decide to use the service of the birth time rectification, any information about your time of birth will be helpful and will reduce the amount of work, the time needed for the analyses, and the price of the service. Your may know whether you were born during the night time or right before you sister came back from school, whether your father was able to finish his breakfast before he heard the news, or whether your grandmother received the happy news just when she was sitting down to eat her dinner. Anything helps.


What happens after the astrologer has analyzed your chart? What to expect during the reading? There are many types of readings, and you should know exactly what reading you need. Independently of the type of a reading you are getting, you should always remember that the more you communicate to your astrologer, the more useful information you will get back. Astrology operates at the level of energies, not specific events. To understand how certain energies that are programmed by the planetary motion operate in your life and what events they evoke, the astrologer will need to ask about past events that happened during similar celestial cycles, and he may be able to understand how the energies are operating in your life now or will be operating in the future. Astrologers are not mediums or psychics (although some of them do have and do use these abilities). They do not “see” or “receive” pictures and images. Astrologers understand the cyclic nature of the Universe and know the energies produced by interaction of the planets in our lives. They can suggest several outcomes of a specific energy that they see in your horoscope, but translating these suggestions into specific life events is the team work for a client and an astrologer.


The most common kind of reading includes the analysis of your natal horoscope (the chart of the sky at the moment of your birth in the location of your birth) and of the recent and upcoming couple of years. The analysis of the birth chart results in a great understanding of your personality, your strength and inhibitions, difficulties you have to overcome throughout your life, repeating scenarios you may experience, the type of a partner you may need to be happy, the best career choice, and a lot of other information that is relevant to your life at any time. A good astrologer will not only point out your strengths and weaknesses, but he will also suggest the best ways to use your strengths and to deal with your weaknesses: this information is also clearly written in your natal chart for those who have the tools to read it.

The natal chart reading is a great service for those who are choosing a vocation, deal with the repeating difficult scenarios, or just trying to understand themselves better.


The analysis of the immediate past and future is great for people who are in a difficult situation or need to make important decisions about their lives. For this reading, the astrologer will analyze the positions of the planets and luminaries at the present as they relate to the positions of the planets in your birth chart. Based on this analysis, he will identify the areas of life that will be under pressure or positively highlighted in the next couple of years. If you plan to make changes and are unsure whether this is a right time and whether the consequences will be positive, the astrologer will be able to answer these questions for you. The standard reading lasts 60 – 90 minutes and costs $100 - $150, with some astrologers offering discounts and special events.


The individuals, who are interested in the soul purpose rather than being interested in the everyday life, should seek a consultation with an evolutionary astrologer. The evolutionary astrologers use the same approach and the same tools, but their interpretations deal with the past lives of the souls, the soul destination, the soul purpose, and other spiritual questions you may need to answer.

The types of readings described below are more specialized and used when you have a specific goal for a reading, e.g., to examine your compatibility with another person, to find the best time for an important event, or to answer just one question without going into much expense. Not all astrologers offer these services.


The relationship analysis involves the work with two natal charts of people who may be in the intimate relationship or married, friends, a boss and an employee, a parent and a child, or in any other type of a relationship between two people. At least one of them needs to know the exact birth time. The astrologer will determine the compatibility, the communication style, and any problems that may arise between the two individuals. He will suggest the ways to deal with differences, the reasons for misunderstanding or inefficient communication, and possible outcomes of misunderstanding.


Astrocartography will tell you what to expect when moving to a new place and will help choosing a place appropriate for your life plans.

Electional astrology deals with planning for the specific events in the future, choosing the best time for an event. It can be your wedding, or a party, or a birth of a child (if it is not a natural delivery), a vacation, a launch of a new business, and important meeting or phone conversation, a date for a surgery, and so on. There is less emphasis on your birth chart in this reading, but a good astrologer will still analyze the compatibility of the chart of the elected moment with your natal chart. The most important thing for you to know is that there is no perfect time for any of the events you plan. At any point in time, there will be negative considerations, but your astrologer will help you to find the time when the negative influences can be minimized. Astrologers themselves rarely make any important moves without selecting the timing. If the astrologer determined the best time for you to act, ask him how much time you have to work with: life often does not unfold as planned, so you will need to be sure that you will have more than one minute to complete the task.


The horary astrology answers specific questions. You can ask any question with the answer “yes” or “no” or inquire about the lost objects. It is important to know that the question has to be pertinent to your life, and the answer has to have a personal impact on you. For example, you cannot ask whether your neighbor has an affair with the mailman. However, if you suspect that he may be delivering your mail into her mailbox as a result of this affair, then the question becomes personal and you may get an answer. Astrologers have ethical rules that will not allow them to intrude into the lives of people other than the client himself. Usually, they will not read a compatibility chart unless one of the involved is the client himself, and they will not accept a horary question that is not directly pertinent to the client’s life.

Finally, serious medical issues should be discussed with an astrologer specializing in medical astrology. He or she will use the same approaches as described above (a full consultation or a horary question), but the medical astrologers have a very specific knowledge of the medicine field and planets signification as they relate to the body and diseases.


An astrological reading is fun and revealing, unless you deal with serious issues. If you do, you need to choose the right person to ask.


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