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Week of August 17th – August 23rd


This week starts with the Virgo Moon and ends with the move of the Sun into the sign of Virgo on August 23rd early in the morning. The energy of the sign Virgo has been already emphasized since the move of a large planet Jupiter into the sign on August 11th and Mercury being there too for about a week. Last week, I had two strange incidents, in which situations were scrutinized to the point of completely losing the big picture, and minor details were blown out of proportions and made appear more significant than they should be. Did anything like that happen to you lately? This is the energy of Virgo – analyzing and over analyzing, scrutinizing and over scrutinizing, considering every small detail and every insignificant number… This is the situation we will experience for about a year, while Jupiter will be traveling in the sign of Virgo, and this energy is amplified now by the Moon and Mercury in Virgo and by the Sun moving into the sign as well. This week, the Moon is waxing, growing in size and light, and so does our our productivity in the beginning of the week, our attention to partners and relationships in the middle of the week, and our 

devotion to everything we are passionate about and our desire to seek the truth by the end of this week.


Moon in Virgo: Monday August 17th morning-late afternoon


We may feel inclined to work harder and to do more today, but we would need to finish our “to do” list by the early afternoon. Anything started in the afternoon may not result in any tangible outcomes. Our focus may be on how to organize our lives better and to reach the state of peace and harmony or how to create perfect relationships with significant others, and the Moon is out there to help us with this goal today.


Moon in Libra: Monday August 17th evening – Wednesday August 19th


The focus of the day is on aligning our lives and our relationships with our life purpose and on creating a balanced harmonious lifestyle for ourselves. Today is the perfect day to make a plan of action and even start actively moving in the direction of our life purpose. However, we will move on only if we look deep inside into our psychological problems and obstacles that hold us back and then rebuild and transform the foundation of our lives, throwing out anything that is not working anymore and moving forward with the light and peaceful heart.

On Tuesday, romance and partnership may be especially desired but confusing, and, as we move towards the end of the day, we may find ourselves alone with our dreams.


Moon in Scorpio: Thursday August 20th– Saturday August 22nd afternoon


Scorpio Moon brings passion and dedication to our life. We may be boiling inside eager to act on our primal desires, but the cosmic weather suggests that the best way to proceed is to pay a lot of attention to details, analyze the situation, and meditate on our goals rather than jumping into selfish actions. Pay attention to your dreams – they may suggest a better way to move on with your plans.

Friday may not be the best day to go out and seek some fun, especially if you stay up late: we will feel down and somewhat depressed, with the emotions running high and deep. It will be a good evening to quietly analyze our feelings and go to bed early to avoid any outburst that we would regret next morning.

Saturday may be just as depressing and emotional as the Friday nigh, but focusing on our deep emotions and dissatisfaction may create good ideas and plans for improving our lives by creating some peace and harmony in our environment and to find ways to stay away from any immature expression of anger and frustration. However, this moodiness will be gone with the winding down of the day.


Moon in Sagittarius: Saturday August 22nd evening – Sunday August 23rd all day.


As the Moon enters Sagittarius, we all should feel the change in the air: the intensity of the day will be replaced by the happier and lighter mood. We will feel more positive energy around us, and the focus of the evening will be on our ability to shine and to show our true colors versus creating an illusion. Which path do we choose to reach our highest potential and satisfaction? Ask the Moon – it will tell you the truth on this evening.

Sunday is not a day for sleeping in and dreaming in an armchair. This is a day for action, attraction, and a hot romance. We will feel optimistic and inspired and may act out of character to attain the desired outcomes.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of August 17th – August 23rd):


Monday August 17th 1:16 PM – 4:22 PM.


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