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Week of December 14th – 20th


The week is unusually poor in astrological events. The Moon is growing to become a rare Full Moon on the Christmas day. However, right now she is still gaining her light and size. The week promises to be a quieter one, without major drama or challenges. The year is winding down, so are the preparations for the celebration: most plans have been made, most presents have been bought and made, and all we have to do is to wait and to spend these last days of the year having good times at the parties and contemplating the next year of our life.


Moon in Capricorn: Monday December 14th until 7:58 AM


Early morning on Monday is not a productive time. The serious Capricorn Moon may turn our thoughts to business and career issues, but this is not the time to initiate anything new or even make plans. The active day will actually start a little later in the morning, when the Moon moves to Aquarius, but then the energy and moods will change too.


Moon in Aquarius: Monday December 14th 7:58 AM – Wednesday December 16th 12:44 PM


The social Aquarius Moon will make us want to connect to others and to interact, but this may not be easy on this day. We will feel more inclined than we are usually to explore our limits of freedom, but we will be reminded 

about the responsibilities and a load of chores and tasks that require our full attention. By the evening, we may get a chance to interact with someone who seems like a pleasant contact at the first glance but may turn out to be too much drama and complication that we don’t need now.There will be more action on Tuesday, especially if you are attending a formal event, an exhibition, or a music concert. There may be some tension in the air, but it will into develop into anything significant.Wednesday morning is not a productive time; we may be just daydreaming and unable to do any work.


Moon in Pisces: Wednesday December 16th 12:44 – Friday December 18th 4:26 PM


The dreamy mood sets in as the Moon enters the sign of Pisces. Daydreaming by the day, sleepy by the evening – this will be the mood of the day. We may be just out of energy, no matter how much we planned to do this day. You can resist the mood and try to follow your plans collecting all the willpower you have, or you can just relax and curl on the couch with an old movie.Thursday will be a pleasant day, although it may turn out to be somewhat emotional. It will be also busy and dedicated to small chores and tasks requiring attention and common sense.We may feel too sensitive on Friday. Every little details and every reckless word will hurt us and will be blown out of proportions. We will be sent back to our past and either relive our failures and hurts or find the strength in the past that will help us to deal with our sensitivity. Remember that this advice is for everyone, so the people around you may feel the same way. Be careful and take caution when dealing with others, remember the may feel overly sensitive as well. Friday late morning and afternoon are not the times to show initiative or to start anything new – nothing may go right if you do. If need to act and make decisions, wait until early evening when the Moon moves to Aries.


Moon in Aries: Friday December 18th 4:26 PM – Sunday December 20th 7:12 PM


After the Moon moves to Aries, we will be on fire. Friday night is energetic, passionate, full of action and overcoming the obstacles. If physical activity is on your mind, you will find it easy and enjoyable to work out; however, any task and plan will be approached with a lot of energy and force. The only thing that can stop you know is the lack of attention to details: don’t overestimate yourself, and don’t overlook the critical information when dealing with others. Also, do watch for real fires: don’t leave candles unattended.Saturday may become unpredictable and chaotic very early, and we may be unable to keep our calm and preserve logical and efficient thinking. As the day progresses, we need to watch out for confrontation and passive aggressive behavior. Situations may inflame very quickly. Also, watch for real fires again, be super-careful.On Sunday, the passionate and forceful energy of the Aries Moon will be amplified by an easy connection to the Sun in another Fire sign Sagittarius. These two together are just unstoppable. We will feel a fiery energy in the air, and the levels of physical and creative activity will be high trough the roof. Do use it to finish any outstanding tasks in preparation for the holidays: you will not have that much energy and passion in the remaining days. However, start everything you plan not later than early afternoon, before the Moon moves to Taurus in the evening.


Moon in Taurus: Sunday December 20th 7:12 PM – end of the day


Moon in Taurus will give us a pleasant and so much needed break after a very active weekend. As always, this is a perfect time to attend to your plants, to take a long bubble bath with essential oils, or to head out to a delicious dinner wearing your most luxurious outfit. Any of those activities will be delightful and will bring a perfect end to a perfect weekend.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of December 14th – 20th):


Monday December 14th until 7:58 AM;

Wednesday December 16th 2:16 AM – 12:44 PM;

Friday December 18th 10:14 AM – 4:26 PM;

Sunday December 20th 5:01 PM – 7:12 PM.

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