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Week of December 21st – 27th


We are heading into a week full of astrological events and omens. The week will start with the move of the Sun into the sign of Capricorn signifying the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, the ancient holiday of pagans and the holiday of Yule for the contemporary wiccans. On December 25th, Christmas day celebrated around the planet, we will encounter a rare occurrence of the Full Moon: the Full Moon did not coincide with the Christmas day since 1977, and this will not repeat until 2034. As if this was not enough, the timing of the Full Moon seems to be remarkable too: it will occur at 11:11 Universal Time. As many of you know, 11:11 is considered to be an “angels number”, the sign from the above. All this appears to be very good omens to me, signs of peace, calm, and protection. On the same day, Uranus will change its apparent direction of movement relative to the Earth and will start separating from an uneasy connection to Pluto that, in the opinion of many astrologers, kept the world struggling with terrorism, sudden dramatic events, and a lot of tension. Let’s hope that all these astrological events and changes will bring peace and happiness to all of us all over the planet.


Moon in Taurus: Monday December 21st all day – Tuesday December 22nd until late evening


The Taurus Moon makes us crave luxurious things and expensive experiences. On Monday, we will have to consider our finances and probably curb our appetite for expensive purchases. There will be a lot of temptation; try to approach the issue in a business-like manner if you can: going with your senses probably will break your bank and get you into a debt.

The Sun moves to the sign of Capricorn, celebrate the Solstice! From now on, the days will grow and the nights will shrink. It may be a little too dark now, but there is a hope for better times ahead.

On Tuesday, many of us may find out that we did spend more than expected: watch for that note of funds overdrawn form your bank and double-check your credit and debit, it all will be about details and precision if you don’t want to have any surprises. On this day, we may have extra focus on the future and our attempts to get more for less and not to slip into the past mistakes.


Moon in Gemini: Tuesday December 22nd late night – Thursday December 24th all day


The busy Gemini Moon may put too much on our plate these last pre-holiday days. We may feel that there are too many tasks to balance, too many last minute contacts to make. Fortunately, the Gemini Moon will also make us super-adaptable and super-interactive and fast on our feet. If you followed my advice to finish everything important in the first half of December, you will appreciate the effort now and will be happy you did follow the advice: we will feel that we need much more time than we have these days, and the time limitations may make us very nervous. There will be no time to daydream or may be even to sleep enough. Make sure to finish everything by early afternoon on Thursday: the night may not be productive.

Many of us may be doing some mental work defining our resolutions for the next year. If you do, focus on details and precision, imagine how all the big adventures start with small steps and how everything large is composed of very small fragments and tiny parts. The secret of success in the next year is to move away from generalizations, big pictures, and visions towards small steps that will contribute to the larger but very specific goals.

If you celebrate Christmas eve with family and friends, the celebration will never be boring: the Gemini Moon will keep everyone witty, alert, talkative, and happy to interact with others.


Moon in Cancer: Friday December 25th – Saturday December 26th all day


The Full Moon will occur in the sign of Cancer early in the morning. Full Cancer Moon may make us too emotional, and it may be too intense, especially for those who are already overwhelmed with the Christmas celebration. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, it is a great day to spend with the family and to have a meal together. The Full Cancer Moon will make any meal the best food of your life and will fill your heart with love and pride for your family; everything will feel like apogee and goals accomplished when it comes to our families. Everyone will wear the rose glasses and nurture the illusions and the best impressions. This attitude is probably the best we could ever wish for the holiday time. Despite all the emotions and intensity, I believe this will be a pleasant and peaceful Full Moon. Leave early though: by the evening the intensity may increase and result in unexpected outbursts and power displays.

On Saturday, many of us will have to attend to our business responsibilities. It may be hard to leave the families and to get to the papers or business interactions: it’s Saturday after all. However, there is a chance to make the future better, don’t miss it. You can catch up on fun and family on Sunday.


Moon in Leo: Sunday December 27th all day.


It’s Sunday, and it’s a playful and happy Leo Moon. If you have children in your life, this is a perfect time to spend with them: we are in our best play mood during the Leo Moon. It’s a fiery day: romance will be passionate and hot; the moods will be unpredictable and strong-willed. Be careful, watch for actual fires: on a day like this one, it’s a possibility. The day may end on a very romantic and passionate note if you are in a relationship or planning a date. 



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of December 21st – 27th):


Saturday December 26th 10:35 PM – Sunday December 27th 5:30 AM.


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