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Week of December 28th – January 3rd


The last days of the year are filled with clarity and intention to charge ahead in every area of our lives. The Moon is declining in light and size, but she is still bright and large, and we can do a lot, or we can at least make solid plans for the next year. Hurry while you still have the clarity of mind and intention. Write your resolutions down. The astrological weather will change in the middle of the first week of January, and it may be more difficult to see clearly then.

As always with the waning Moon, it is a good time to put your energy at work to wrap up the projects. Although there will be some obstacles and mix ups in January, we will have a strong drive and high energy starting in the beginning of the new year, just as the work week starts after the holiday weekend.


Moon in Leo: Monday December 28th – Tuesday December 29th early afternoon


On Monday, we are on fire. If you are in a creative field, use the energy to move forward your projects: we will be creative, brimming with sudden insights, and ready to explore our limits. It is time for bold, courageous actions and thoughts, for inspiration and unexpected breakthroughs. We will become bolder and more and more unpredictable as the day goes on.

This evening, we may be too self-centered to be a good company for others, who may want more privacy and depth than we cannot offer tonight. This trend will continue on Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, we will want to move on with our new ideas, but it may be a little early to do so, and we may have difficulty formulating and explaining to others what our intentions are. On this day, it will be necessary to give our ideas and creative thoughts some structure and substance, and we will be able to address details in the next couple of days guided by the Virgo Moon.


Moon in Virgo: Tuesday December 29th late afternoon – Thursday December 31st


As soon as the Moon moves into Virgo, she will prompt us to evaluate our dreams and to focus on practical details instead of daydreaming. Organizing and structuring specific projects, formulating and expressing business ideas, and attending to practical matters will be on our mind and our schedule for the last three days of the year. We will celebrate the New 2016 in this mood of efficiency and practicality. Unfortunately, this is not a time to connect and relate to others, or to enjoy a company. Although the mood may not be gloomy, it is not a party mood either. However, if you do plan a party, it will probably be picture-perfect, with all the little details planned and attended to, and you may feel that this is how the future looks for you as well. New Year’s Eve will be satisfying, even if not overwhelmingly wild or happy, and it will bring a feeling of accomplishment, of the ending of one era and the beginning of another.


Moon in Libra: Friday January 1st – Sunday January 3rd early afternoon


We may be starting a new year with a feeling of joy, satisfaction, and happiness. Now, after all the holidays are over, we may turn our attention to our connections with other people, and the peaceful and joyful energy may touch our partnerships and friendships. We will see our relationships clearly, and we may find ourselves in peace with them. Our desire on this day and the next one is to stay away from anything sudden and disruptive, from ego and power games, and just focus on our wish to keep the peace and to make our responsibilities and commitment enjoying and fulfilling. Don’t plan much for this Saturday on Sunday morning and focus on finishing of what you have already started or just relax and enjoy your days off attending an art show, a concert, or dining with friends. These are not productive days, and you may be disappointed if you start anything important and effort-consuming.

Saturday evening and Sunday morning may feel a bit tense, with a lot of passive-aggressiveness or bottled up anger. We may feel like we are on our last nerve and can’t tolerate a situation anymore. The situation will not burst out, and we will find a solution and a course of actions as soon as Mars and then the Moon move into Scorpio, which will give us a boost of energy and determination.


Moon in Scorpio: Sunday January 3rd late afternoon – end of day


The end of the weekend may be dramatic and emotional. It may be difficult to express in words what we feel, but the emotions will have a way to be expressed through actions. Although we may be overwhelmed and lost in the ocean of our feelings and worries, we should be able to have plenty of energy, stamina, and persistence to swim and not to give up against the giant waves of moods. It may be difficult to speak out, but, if we manage to, words will help detaching from the overwhelming emotions and to bring everything at the stable and relatable plane. We may be friendlier when speaking out rather than acting out this evening.




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of December 28th – January 3rd):


Saturday January 2nd 11:23 AM – Sunday January 3rd 2:35 PM.

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