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Week of December 7th – 13th


The weeks of the New Moon are always special: we have a chance to think about our plans for the future, make resolutions, and meditate to make them come true. However, this New Moon that will occur in Sagittarius on December 11th at 5:30 AM EST will be even more special and in a way unique: it will give us a glimpse of a distant future. Either on a collective level or on a personal level, each of us may experience the insight into the next century and reflect on what seeds we are planting now for our descendants to harvest four or five generations later. It is impossible to predict how each of us will experience this thought: we may be reminded about the climate change or pollution of the atmosphere, or we may reflect and see the values that we uphold in our close family and that we want our great-grandchildren to inherit and pass on. Watch how this theme of the future and of your own contribution into the future will play out in your own life and thoughts.

In the middle of the week, Mercury, the planet representing our thoughts, ideas, and communications, will enter the serious, business-oriented, and practical sign of Capricorn, and it will be joined by the Moon in the end of the week. Our interactions with others and our intellectual pursuits may become more practical and somber, and this tendency will stay around until mid-February.

We all have busy schedules during the holiday season. It seems like everything demands our immediate attention: our work, our family, our friends, and our relatives. This year, we have about a week to finish everything in preparation for the celebrations and the New Year: the second part of the month will not be very productive, and it will be difficult to get anything done. If you can, try to finish all the important tasks during this week that promises to be very hectic, and then take a lot of time off for the holidays.



Moon in Scorpio: Monday December 7th – Wednesday December 9th afternoon


The beginning of the week will be intense but not unpleasant. We may wake up trying to hold on to our dreams. Pay attention to the dreams on Monday: they may tell you a lot about your relationship or give you directions regarding the issues and possessions you are holding on to. If a change is needed, you may be reminded in your dream.

It may be too easy to get into a power struggle and even a fight on Tuesday. Remember that everyone, including yourself, may feel revengeful and may choose to act fast but not in an open manner. On this day, we all should gain some wisdom from difficult situations that may change or confirm our beliefs and points of view. There will be some passionate and fiery exchanges of words and opinions during these three days, but the energy should not become too difficult or too upsetting.

We should all be careful about the real fires this week: too much planetary energy is concentrating in the fiery sign of Sagittarius.

Wednesday will be one of those days when we should not start anything new and important: if we do, everything will be too slow, not going in the right direction, or will never get finished. Focus on the projects that have been already started and need completion. As the Moon moves to Sagittarius on Wednesday evening, we should get a boost of energy and optimism.


Moon in Sagittarius: Wednesday December 9th evening – Friday December 11th


On Wednesday night and on Thursday morning, we may feel restrained and unable to act on our dreams and desire to be free, to go out in the world, and to expand our horizons. We may be contemplating exploration of our limits, but the duty and responsibilities will prevail. This may be frustrating, but the mood will change on Thursday in the afternoon, and we will feel more optimistic about finding the ways to be adventurous and pursuing our targets without sacrificing the responsibilities.

On Thursday and Friday, we will have the need to go into details with everything we do; we will not be satisfied with the big picture. However, attending to details will not distract us from seeing the outcomes and the goals; this will be great days to work on large important projects. We will have an ability to imagine the big picture, to pay attention to all details, and to act in a calculated and measured manner. However, if starting a new project, start on Thursday or on Friday morning: anything new initiated later in the day on Friday may easily fail.

Friday evening will be better spent planning for the next month as the Moon finishes the last hours of her cycle and prepares to enter the new one.


Capricorn: Saturday December 12th – Sunday December 13th.


Saturday morning may quickly become busy. We will be in a serious productive mood, planning and trying to accomplish a lot. While the productive time may start with just conversations or solitary thoughts, it will rapidly progress into the time of action. We will feel like we are moving around on nuclear energy and solving problems with power and resolve. Try to spot the power struggles and to stay away, and don’t be passive aggressive while doing this.

Sunday will be fast, unpredictable, and energetic. Many great decisions can be made, and many practical tasks can be accomplished. We will be resolved and business-like. However, the atmosphere may be heating up, and sudden outbursts and intense confrontations may be in store for many of us.

We may think we could not be even more efficient and productive than we have been in the last 24-30 hours, but we may surprise ourselves on Sunday evening. Anything is possible if you decide to put your effort and energy into it. However, the evening will be the time to finish the projects, not to start new ones, so plan carefully.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of December 7th – 13th):


Wednesday December 9th 1:38 AM – 5:25 PM;

Friday December 11th 11:05 AM – Saturday December 12th until 1:46 AM;

Sunday December 13th 6:07 PM – end of day.

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