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Week of February 15th – 21st


The Moon is growing in size and light during this week, shining brightly in the night sky and becoming almost full by the end of this week. The New Moon will occur in the very beginning of the next week, on Monday February 22nd in the afternoon. As we approach the Full Moon, we may have a couple of emotional moments when the almost-full Moon is in sensitive Cancer in the middle of the week.

The Sun is moving to Pisces this week, early in the morning on February 19th, announcing the approaching end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring season. We may feel more vitality after the Sun moves into Pisces: the Sun, representing our creativity, vitality, and our ability to make choices, feels the most suppressed when it is in Aquarius.

Another celestial event that we may feel this week is the move of Venus into Aquarius. This move may open up our connections with other people and groups of people, it may also bring our attention to the events and information that others like and share, especially online and in social media.

Pay attentions to the area of life where you will start seeing most action and effort on Thursday and on: this may be the area of life that will be in focus for many months to come, until the end of the summer.

Moon in Taurus: Monday February 15th early morning


Monday may be the tug-of-war day: to act or not to act, to move ahead with changes or to try to keep things as they are without change. To make the decision, try to collect more information. You will find the information online or from a friend.


Moon in Gemini: Monday February 15th late morning – Wednesday February 17th early afternoon


On Monday, spend some time collecting information. You may browse the Internet, the social media, or just talk to your friends. After spending the morning and early afternoon gathering knowledge and processing it, you will be perfectly ready to make up your mind about the issue in hands and to convey your opinion to others in a professional manner and with authority.

On Tuesday, if you are confused about the situation and don’t know whether to take it seriously or to just laugh it off, be diligent and analyze the facts; facts will help you to get clarity and to make responsible choices without overdoing it. In the evening, think how exploring your limits and using the knowledge and your brain may help you to let go of past hurts and to move forward into a better future.

Don’t plan any important lunchtime meetings on Wednesday and avoid any major decisions or medical procedures in the middle of the day.


Moon in Cancer: Wednesday February 17th late afternoon – Friday February 19th evening


Cancer Moon may make us too sensitive and emotional, or it could urge us to be overly protective of people we love. The sentiment will be appreciated and returned. Most probably this mood will affect our relationship with a significant other.

Acting on our feelings on Thursday will bring out the past and will create a great opportunity to heal the past wounds and to rejoice and move on. Making decisions and acting will be easy and rewarding. This celestial influence will continue on Friday, which promises to be an emotional but satisfying and dynamic day.


Moon in Leo: Friday February 19th late evening – Sunday February 21st.


As the Moon enters Leo, we may start feeling playful, open, and interactive. Love, relationships, and conversations with friends and lovers may be on our minds. We may feel generous and warm, but the interactions may be rather friendly than sexual. We will love the whole world and will want to shout it out.

All this will be still true on Saturday. We will not feel any conflict between performing our chores and duties and being individualistic and looking for fun on this day. The day will be energetic and fiery; we will feel a lot of spontaneity and persistence at the same time both on Saturday and Sunday.

As always, Leo Moon is a perfect time to spend with little children in your life or just to act and feel like a child! This is a creative and playful time full of fire and love.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of February 15th – 21st):


Wednesday February 17th 11:36 AM – 2:23 PM.


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