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Week of February 1st – 7th


We are starting the first week of February with the last quarter Moon in Scorpio, followed by the balsamic Moon in the second half of the week, leading to a new Moon in Aquarius on the first day of the nest week, early in the morning on February 8th. Rapidly declining Moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius calls for deeply examining our beliefs, our responsibilities, and our place among other people of the world. This is a time for reflection, summarizing the events and achievements of the last three-four weeks, and making plans for the month and the year to come. The Aquarius new Moon will reset our clock in the areas of our life dealing with our friends and groups we belong to, as well as our ability to share with the world and to support humanitarian causes. It’s a great time to re-evaluate our friends circle, our membership in different organizations and groups, our social media presence, and our connections with the big world outside.


Moon in Scorpio: Monday February 1st – Tuesday February 2nd morning


As we start the new week, the Moon is already deep into the sign of Scorpio, and we may have already had unexpected drama, intense conversations, and emotional outbursts over the weekend. It may be a time to retrieve and to spend some time alone, try to see a big picture, to recover from emotional wounds, and transform our understanding of a situation and make plans for the future. Some of these plans will have a long-term influence on our life. It’s the time to count your wounds, thoroughly examine them, and then to heal and move on. If unclear what direction to move in, strive for a situation where a big picture is supplemented with clear details and accounts for every singe detail rather than jumping into circumstances where you would be confused, reminded about the old wounds, and relying on your dreams and illusions.

On Monday night, don’t plan any important activities or meetings, and plan to sleep in and to start your day later on Tuesday to achieve more.


Moon in Sagittarius: Tuesday February 2nd late morning – Thursday February 4th evening


The happy Sagittarius Moon will distract us from any problems and sad thoughts. On Tuesday, we will feel happy and free, ready for any adventures the life has in store for us. On Wednesday, we will suddenly start feeling uneasy about our cheerful mood and desire to be free. We will be reminded about responsibilities and limits to our freedom, but we will only have the desire to break free on our mind, and we may try to actually break free, in a rebellious and unexpected attempt. Keep in mind that you are not the only one who feels this way and that this cosmic influence is fleeting. By Wednesday evening, this too will pass, and there will be much less electricity in the air.

Thursday will be one of those days when we will have energy and desire to go into the world and to change it, to start new projects and adventures, and to embrace our plans. However, don’t plan, don’t start anything, don’t do anything important, don’t schedule business or personal meeting of significance. If possible, try to focus on finishing educational pursuits that have been started earlier.


Moon in Capricorn: Thursday February 4th late evening – Saturday February 6th 


As the Moon enters serious and ambitious Capricorn, we will find ourselves looking for solitude. We will be in a good state of mind, just a little too serious and appreciating and protecting our time more than usual. We may want to take some time alone to re-examine our dreams and highest goals.

We may feel more social on Friday; analyzing our relationships with others and finding the ways to transform them will be our priority on this day. A close contact of Venus with Pluto suggests that many of us may see a significant connection departing from our life. This probably will not be a dramatic exit, we may just feel that a relationship has run its course and it’s time to transform it or say goodbye.

No matter how much you want to charge ahead and reorganize your whole home or business on Saturday, don’t start anything! You will not achieve the effect you are striving for. This cosmic weather continues into Sunday morning. This is not a great weekend for projects and renovations of any parts of our lives. If need to start anything important, start it on Sunday in the afternoon.


Moon in Aquarius: Sunday February 7th


As the Moon moves closer to its new cycle that will start on Monday, we may become more and more reflective and making plans for the upcoming weeks. This mood is very appropriate for Sunday afternoon and evening; use it to develop functional plans for the next week, month, and year, and meditate on your plans to get help from the New Moon.

Sunday afternoon is a great time to spend with friends, real or virtual, to attend meetings of a group you belong to, or to just surf the Internet.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of February 1st – February 7th)


Monday February 1st 7:35 PM – Tuesday February 2nd 10:49 AM;

Thursday February 4th 5:03 AM – 7:43 PM;

Saturday February 6th 10:53 AM – Sunday February 7th 12:58 AM.


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