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Week of February 27th - March 5th

Our lives will calm down and slow down after the intensity of the eclipses, and we will start seeing the meaning of the Lunar and Solar eclipses of February in our own lives. If they touched planets in your birth chart, you either already know what they bought out in your life or you will find out in the next couple of weeks. Whatever the area of our lives affected by these powerful eclipses is, the revelations should be about something in the past, closing the door and bringing clarity to something we were struggling with for the last couple of years, and about our future direction in life and the new doors that are opening for us.

Although the week is not rich in celestial events, there is one big event that we need to take in account when making our decisions about love, partnership, relationships, and purchases in the next several weeks: Venus starts her retrograde motion in the sky on Saturday March 4th. This event is less frequent than retrograde motion of Mercury, and it affects different area of our lives. Venus is the planet of relationships, love, beauty, and wealth, and all these are the areas where we need to exercise caution during her retrograde motion. This is not the time to start new relationships and partnerships or to change your doctor, lawyer, and accountant. 

Not a great time to be getting a loan, a credit card, or borrowing money. Think twice before making significant purchases: you may regret about them for many months to come. After trying once to change my hair color the day before Venus went retrograde, I adamantly advise to everyone not to try any new styles and changes to your appearances J. However, this will be a great time to reconsider our relationships and partnerships, to critically assess our appearances and wardrobes, to go deep with our attachments and likes and to find new meaning and reason in them.


Moon in Pisces: Monday February 27th

After the Solar Eclipse, the intensity of may be going down, but the string Piscean energy remains in the air. We may seek solitude, try to pierce the veil between our world and the worlds unseen, and to go very deep with our feelings and intuition. This is a very intuitive day that may shed light on our deepest wounds and lessons in life and empower us with the new knowledge of our selves and the Universe. Although the desire to act may be strong these days, Mpnday is not a day for action but rather a day for meditation on the future directions and exploits.


Moon in Aries: Tuesday February 28th – Wednesday March 1st

As soon as the Moon enters Aries, it will bring our attention to the Venus affairs: relationships, partnerships, money, and beauty. The fiery energy of Aries is impatient and impulsive, and other celestial events also stress the possibility of people acting impulsively, unpredictably, and breaking their usual norms and patterns. Don’t be one of those people now, contain your desire to make sudden changes for just one day. Venus is slowing down preparing to turn back in the Zodiac motion, and it does not support any changes and decisions in the above-mentioned areas of life no matter how much the Moon suggests them today.

On Tuesday, as soon as the Moon passes Venus in the sky and separates from the Venus affairs, we may turn our glance to other area of our lives, and we will be ready to act on our impulses and to make big breakthroughs and changes. Watch out for power struggles and don’t let them motivate you to act. Focus on the big picture of your life and on other people, who can benefit from your actions: On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be easy to grasp the larger ideas and goals before acting on our impulses. There is a lot of strong and unpredictable Fire energy in the sky; as always watch for actual fires and damages and injuries from fire and hot objects. Don’t leave candles, fireplaces, and ovens unattended and turn off electric appliances when leaving your home: if there is a fire, it will be massive.


Moon in Taurus: Thursday March 2nd – Friday March 3rd

The move of the Moon into Taurus will bring a harmonious and calm energy into our lives. Things may be slow, especially with the Venus in slow motion preparing to turn back on her retrograde path, but the delays and waiting on Thursday will not be stressful. We will readily understand our limitations and obligations, and we will embrace them rather than struggle against. Our eyes are on the future, on our plans and expectations of tomorrow. We may be a little delusional, but we will be happy with our performance and condition, and we will live in harmony between our emotions and our minds. Feeling empowered and down-to-earth, we will glide through the end of the workweek with a steady and content mood. There will not be too many interactions these days, and the overall energy will be steady and slow.


Moon in Gemini: Saturday March 4th – Sunday March 5th

The busy Gemini Moon will create a busy weekend for us, with multiple interactions, chores, interests, and experiences. Saturday will start with some tension and stress concerning the past events and their reflection on our future plans. The issue may require some investigation and judgment. Watch out for illusions, delusions, and bad judgments: our brains may not be working at their highest speed and capacities, and it may be more difficult than usual to make the right decisions.

Sunday may turn out to be a great happy day, great for interactions with the friends and relatives, for music and a good book, and for enjoying the art and the beauty. Some of our experiences may be completely unexpected and surprising, but we should have an overall busy and rewarding day.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of February 27th – March 5th):


Monday February 27th 6:07 PM – 11:51 PM;

Wednesday March 1st 9:18 PM – Thursday March 2nd 2:42 AM;

Friday March 3rd 10:20 AM – Saturday March 4th 5:05 AM.

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