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Week of February 29th – March 6th 


The week is colored with the Neptunian influence: in the beginning of the week, the Pisces Sun forms a close connection to Neptune, the planet of dreams, love, and illusions, but also the planet of deception. By the end of the week, when Sun continues his way on the Zodiac and departs from Neptune, Mercury, the planet of our mind, thinking, and communications, enters Pisces and comes into a contact with Neptune. Thus, we would slowly move from the illusions of the heart to illusions of the mind. This may be a highly creative and enjoyable experience of illusions, connection to the Universe and the meaning of life, or it lead to tragic consequences if we follow the route of deception and false impressions of the heart and of the mind. In any case, this is not a great time to make any important decisions or pretend that we can think clearly. It would be the best this week to focus on meditation or any art that transcends the human senses, like cinematography, photography, or music.


Moon in Scorpio: Monday February 29th until evening


Monday is a good day to go deep investigating the issue in hand and to analyze the findings: the mind will be clear, and the energy will be high and intense but not focused on the outer world. If there is any intellectual work that needs a lot of introspection and investigation, get to it today!


Moon in Sagittarius: Monday February 29th evening - Wednesday March 2nd


The mood and focus will change from introspective and intellectual to more optimistic, extraverted, and adventurous as soon the Moon moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius. We may not be able to focus on details and analyses anymore; our thoughts and interests may shift to exploration of the world, whether by traveling or by watching the international news.

On Tuesday, it will be still difficult to focus on details and perform any precise and attention-demanding work. Go with the flow, dream big, make unrealistic plans, explore your opportunities to learn about the world, and test your limits. You may find that the limits are strict and don’t allow you to live your imagined life, but you may also make very important discoveries about your ideals in life and your dreams. As the Moon makes a close contact with Saturn, the guardian of order and time, it may become a struggle to get back to our responsibilities and to abandon our daydreaming, but the mood will remain optimistic and outgoing.

Wednesday will start and proceed as a beautiful harmonious day, full of clarity calm, and intellectual detachment. Browsing Internet for the objects of art and scientific information will prove delightful and will feed our thirst for new impressions and ideas.


Moon in Capricorn: Thursday March 3rd - Saturday March 5th morning


The cold and refined Capricorn Moon makes us serious and business-like. On Thursday, we will be especially dedicated and fully committed to our daily responsibilities and to anything we are trying to grow at the moment. The evening will be great for watching a movie or going to a concert: these activities will be very enjoyable and may cheer us up.

On Friday, a power struggle is in store for many of us, and it will be anything but gentle or subtle. It will be our choice to avoid any power display, and I suggest that we should avoid it at any cost: if we get involved in a situation, we may be crushed or may crush the other participants in the struggle. Every bit of painful hurtful information will be unearthed and used in this situation, and we don’t want to be the subjects or the objects of this mind game.

The fight mood continues through the whole day on Friday and into Saturday morning. If you don’t want confrontations and complications, try not to exercise your power and to stay away from those who do.


Moon in Aquarius: Saturday March 5th afternoon - Sunday March 6th


Even thought Aquarius is a social sign and the Moon in Aquarius often means good times with friends, on Saturday we may be inclined to keep our interactions to social media rather than meeting anyone in person. We may be reluctant to going out and talk to real friends in real life situations. The Moon is not making any strong connections to any planets on this day, and we also may prefer to stay away from any connections but our Internet friends.

On Sunday, we may feel like we have had enough of alone time and now want to interact with real flesh and blood people. Our thoughts will turn to women in our lives: mothers, sisters, girl friends, and female colleagues. Women’s issues may be hot in the Internet and in social media as well. Unexpected encounters with women and even our obligations to women in our life will be enjoyable and meaningful on this day.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of February 29th – March 6th):


Wednesday March 2nd 9:54 PM – Thursday March 3rd 5:01 AM;

Saturday March 5th 11:05 AM – 11:22 AM.

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