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We are approaching an intense week rich in celestial events and changes above and below.

Mercury, the planet of information, words, and communication is moving into Aquarius, the sign where it feels at home and can exercise its functions at the full speed and full capacity. Our projects related to communications, processing of information, learning, writing, speaking, and trading will speed up and feel easier to deal with.

Jupiter turns retrograde in the middle of the week, and we all may start looking for the source of joy and optimism inside ourselves rather than expecting others to keep us entertained and happy.

Venus has started preparing for her retrograde motion that will not start until beginning of March, but she has been slowing down in her path through the Zodiac, and we may start feeling glitches in the ways we related to others. It is not advised to make big changes to your appearance or to invest into a large purchase during the retrograde motion of Venus, but caution should be exercised already as the planet of beauty, wealth, and relationships moves slower and slower in the sky.

However, the biggest event of the week is of course the Full Moon on February 10th and the Lunar eclipse, one of the two this year. Although eclipses are often dreaded and make us anxious, this one is very positive and will bring luck and joy into the lives of people, whose birth horoscopes are affected by it. The events brought about by eclipses may manifest within several months after an eclipse, but most often happen within a couple of weeks. If you know your birth chart, look for the house containing 22:28 Leo and 22:28 Aquarius to identify the area of life that may be affected. Any chart angles or planets close to these degrees of Zodiac will indicate that you are susceptible to the effects of this very positive eclipse and may get a lucky break in one or two areas of your life!


Moon in Gemini: Monday February 6th


Starting the week with the Moon in Gemini promises a busy and hectic time on Monday. There will be unexpected surprises, breakdowns or breakthroughs, but the mood will be happy and optimistic independently of the external events, and our feeling will be in agreement with our actions, opportunities, and choices. This is a beautiful day for interactions with associates or friends, for important meetings and communications, and for conversations about the responsibilities and limits. Overall, a very dynamic, energetic, productive, and happy day.

The evening may reveal that we have more responsibilities and duties than we expected, but being optimistic and generous with time and effort will help us handle the challenges.


Moon in Cancer: Tuesday February 7th – Wednesday February 8th


The Cancer Moon may bring some drama and tension into our relationships. We could be too emotional and sensitive and may want to crawl into our shell to protect our feelings and not to get too hurt. There may be a confusion about the past events and uncertainty about the future that may make this day an emotionally difficult time. Watch out for power games and power display in the evening of Tuesday: with the current emotional drama, staying away from power struggle may be difficult but at the same time very beneficial.

Wednesday morning may increase the strain of power struggle, and, with a difficult relationship between the Moon and Mars, the weather may be too stormy and too confrontational. We may decide to make choices that promote war, not peace. If we make an effort to not start a war, the afternoon may bring sudden happy breakthroughs and a happier outlook at our relationships and people we love. Although it may difficult to resolve difficult situations right away, we will see a glimpse of hope, and start seeing a way to reinstall peace and harmony.


Moon in Leo: Thursday February 9th – Saturday February 11th early morning


On Thursday, the passionate Leo Moon connects with the Mars and Venus in another energetic Fire sign of Aries, and the sparkles will be visible. With the eloquent and intelligent Mercury in Aquarius, this is a great time for a conversation about a relationship: it could be passionate and fiery, but detached, non-judgmental, and objective at the same time. We would be also aware of the other person’s opinions and will clearly hear their words.

Unexpected obstacles may arise on Friday, and we may be reluctant to deal with the sudden complications. However, the fiery energy of the day should move things along even without our effort. Anything unexpected could be dealt with if we use our optimist and good humor. A Lunar Eclipse, one of the two this year, will happen in the evening and could be observed if the sky is clear. Despite a bad reputation of the eclipses, this one will not feel heavy and most probably will create new unexpected and positive opportunities in our lives, especially for those, whose birth horoscope is directly affected by this eclipse.

Early morning on Saturday (for those who rise early) will be about making solid plans and starting to create real changes for the future.


Moon in Virgo: Saturday February 11th morning – Sunday February 12th end of day


The Virgo Moon may be a blessing for those, who plan to work on the chores or job assignments over the weekend, but a curse for those, who planned to relax: it is difficult to be lazy and playful under the productive and anxious Virgo Moon. Reassessing plans for the future and making adjustments to fulfill our responsibilities of may be high on our agenda on Saturday morning and afternoon. Planning is what Virgo does the best, and we will have help from a studious Virgo Moon if we decide to dedicate this day to planning and researching the options.

On Sunday, it is time to work on resolving any misunderstandings and being very practical and analytical about the reality. Seeing and acknowledging the truth will be empowering and transforming and will help us to start fulfilling our obligations and dealing with the past mistakes and disappointments




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of February 6th – 12th):


Wednesday February 8th 4:59 PM – Thursday February 9th 4:40 AM;

Saturday February 11th 12:52 AM – 8:51 AM.

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