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Week of February 8th – 14th


The week starts with the New Moon on Monday in the morning and the Chinese New Year. This is an alternative start of the year of you failed to take off in January. A Sabian symbol (a unique image associated with each degree of the Zodiac) for the Aquarius position of the New Moon is: “A Large White Dove Bearing A Message”. This is a message of peace, of innocence, of beauty, and the week promises to be harmonious and peaceful. There may be some anger or frustration on Monday and Tuesday, but the rest of the week is full of harmonious and easy celestial connections and fateful life-defining encounters and lessons. These days, pay attention to people you meet, knowledge you acquire, and the areas of your life that seem to be growing and expanding: these experiences and people may be life-changing and may stay with you for many years to come. Other than that, try to keep it together on Monday and Tuesday and enjoy the easy ride the rest of the week, including a slow and relaxing weekend full of sensual experiences and great food.


Moon in Aquarius: Monday February 8th


The New Moon in Aquarius will start a new Lunar cycle and signifies new beginnings and new plans for a month and a year to come (the next New Moon in Aquarius will happen in a year, at the end of January 2017). The symbolism of this New Moon suggests a great start for any effort to create peace, to deliver a message of peace and harmony, to reach the world with a humanitarian message. The theme of a message that may be defining the years to come is also stressed by the connections of Mercury to other planets in the sky. Watch for a message or deliver a message of your own, this is the day when you will be heard.

For two days, there will be a desire to act and to push, especially when it comes to choices and our creative ideas. As much as we want to go ahead with our creative projects or with our message to the world, we need to wait another day to start acting on it. Monday Moon is not ready to support our new beginnings. The rest of the week will be lazier and more relaxed.


Moon in Pisces: Tuesday February 9th – Wednesday February 10th


On Tuesday, we may feel an impulse to protect someone or we may see someone trying to protect us. We (or they) most probably don’t know what is really going on and are confused or deceived. In the afternoon, we may feel too dreamy and unable to focus or too sleepy. On this day, limits can be tested and personal spaces invaded.

The next day, Wednesday, will bring our focus to our past mistakes and lessons and to the question how to use the knowledge from the past experiences in order to plan and improve our future. Watch out for people from the past: they may become very important and influential part of your life. If you are in the western part of US, take it easy in the evening and don’t plan any important meetings or dates. If you are in the eastern states, then you will go to sleep before the energy of stagnation sets in for several hours.


Moon in Aries: Thursday February 11th – Friday February 12th


The dynamic and energetic Aries Moon will make us active and alert. Thursday is a good day to push through with anything that still needs to be done before the end of the work week, but you may be better off doing it all alone: it will be difficult to connect to others. Aries Moon often brings restlessness and confrontations, but this time it promises quite a harmonious and satisfying day or two. The energy is not hectic or supercharged, but just dynamic and active.

Friday may become surprising and unpredictable. If you can keep calm, you will possess a great power, if you submit to the heat of the moment, you may be easily overpowered. However, most of urgent and sudden situations will be resolved through using a creative approach and detachment when making decisions and choices.


Moon in Taurus: Saturday February 13th – Sunday February 14th


The most satisfying time passing on Saturday will be something that pampers our body, something that gives physical pleasure and relaxation. We may want to be alone and not talk to anyone while we are getting massages or relaxing in a bubble bath. The second best would be trying new foods or indulging in eating something we especially like but are avoiding for health or beauty reasons. The day will be slow, and the evening will be sleepy and dreamy. The most outing that we may be able to take would be watching a movie or listening to a music, and most probably we will prefer doing this in the comfort of our own home and our own couch rather than in a crowded concert hall or movie theater.

Sunday will continue the trend: we will resist any action and any activity.  Just let it go and make plans to address any issues sometime later: if we push ourselves too much and force the actions on ourselves, we will only regret about it. However, this will be a very pleasant and satisfying day.

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