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Meditation for Full Moon in Gemini Nov2015 - Unknown Artist


Meditation for the Full Moon in Gemini


Following the Moon through the signs helps us to tune to the daily changes in astrological weather and to use the energy of the Universe to make appropriate choices and decisions in our everyday life. The Universe and astrology operate with general energies, and it is our choice and our will that make the energies of cosmos to manifest either in a desirable or in a destructive way. The more attuned to the cosmic weather we are, the more peaceful and harmonious life we have.

To give an example, Aries Moon makes us energetic, brave, impatient, and selfish. If we are not aware of the cosmic energies of the moment, the energy of the Aries Moon may manifest as restlessness, combative mood, fights, and lack of consideration for others. If we know where the Moon is and what we may expect, we can focus on being physically active, protective of others, asserting our needs in a civilized manner, and using the Aries energy to work on our goals instead of creating problems for ourselves and others.

Especially important moments of the Lunar cycle are the New Moon and the Full Moon, signifying the beginning and the apogee of each Lunar month.

The New Moon starts the new Lunar cycle, and the day of the New Moon is the best time to set our intentions for the upcoming month. With the growing Moon, the seeds of our intentions will grow and develop, blossom by the Full Moon and give fruits in the second part of the monthly cycle. Can we set the intentions at a different moment of the Lunar cycle and successfully achieve everything we intended without watching the Lunar phases? Of course, we can. However, just like rowing a boat against the current, this will take more energy and effort than going with the flow and using the energy of the current to propel the boat in the desired direction.

Every New Moon also sets an about-a-year-long cycle: the New Moon will not occur in the same Zodiac sign until roughly one year from now (with rare exceptions when two New Moons fall on the very beginning and the very end of the same Zodiac sign in the same calendar year). Thus, if we set intentions related to the Zodiac sign, in which the New Moon occurs this month, we will not have a chance to reset them until the next New Moon in the same Zodiac sign in a year.

Every degree of every Zodiac sign has an image associated with it, so-called Sabian symbols, astrological symbols developed by an astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and a psychic and medium Elsie Wheeler. Sabian symbols are single phrases associated with each degree of the Zodiac that provide a powerful set of images to connect with the collective unconscious and to interpret the astrological events in each Zodiacal degree with the spiritual depth and connection. The New Moon falls on the same degree of the Zodiac every 19 years. Thus, every New Moon sets a 19-years-long cycle related to a specific Zodiac degree.

The cycles are especially prominent if their beginning coincides with the Lunar (Full Moon) or Solar (New Moon) eclipses. However, even regular New or Full Moons may create a powerful beginning of a cycle if they happen to activate planets in your birth horoscope.

The Moon is invisible or barely visible during the first several days of the new cycle. The development of our intentions may be hidden and unclear as well.

The Full Moon brightly illuminates the night and reveals everything that might have been hidden before. It makes visible and clear every flaw and every mystery usually hidden in the dark. Similarly, it illuminates and reveals challenges and things that need adjustment in our lives.

Every New Moon and every Full Moon are different from the ones before or the ones to come. Even when they occur in the exact same degree of the Zodiac as it happened 19 years earlier, other planets would be in different places of the Zodiac creating a different astrological weather.


Meditation for the Full Moon in 3rd degree of Gemini on November 25th, 2015.


The full Moon is on Wednesday November 25th at 5:44 EST. The meditation is the most powerful when it is done around the exact moment of the Full Moon, but meditating a day before or a day after is still appropriate.

Gemini is a sign of communication, curiosity, youth, youthful energy, learning and trying, and traveling through the space and the time (remember the little wings on the feet of Mercury/Hermes that propelled him through this world and through the underworld?).

Sabian symbols for the degree of the Full Moon (3rd degree of Gemini) and the degree of the Sun (3rd degree of Sagittarius) both take us to the beginning of our lives, to our childhoods:

Moon: “Holly and Mistletoe reawaken old memories of Christmas”

Sun: “A Little Child Learning To Walk With The Encouragement Of His Parents”

From the two vivid images, it is clear that this Full Moon will illuminate the challenges we face today trying to connect to our beginnings, to remember and bring out our inner child, to feel and to be like a child. Thus, to have a harmonious and happy second part of this Lunar cycle, a year before the next Full Moon in Gemini, and 19 years until the Full Moon will illuminate the same Zodiac degree again, we will travel in time to our (real or imagined) childhoods.

As for any meditation, find a comfortable and quiet place, where you can sit in a relaxed pose, preferably with your palms turned up, either on your knees or on a table. Calm down your mind, and close your eyes, preparing for the journey through the time to meet yourself as a child. If you had a happy childhood, you will travel back to your own childhood. If you don’t have happy childhood memories, you will be taken to an ideal childhood that you wanted, imagined, or would like to create for your children. On this journey you will be accompanied by someone you knew in your childhood: your spirit guide will appear later when you start your journey. This can be a deceased relative (Grandmother? Grandfather?), someone who is still with us (however, they will appear looking as they did when you were little, as you saw them in your childhood), your childhood friend you have not contacted for years, your childhood pet, your imaginary friend, or a supernatural being you were connected to, even if you did not retain the memory of it. Be open and don’t force the image on yourself, your guide will come to you.

Imagine a pillar of light coming from your left palm. It is white, powerful and bright; it grows and reaches far up, all the way to the sky. Maintain the image of the light pillar. Imagine a person sitting next to you, with their eyes closed, hands on their knees, palms up. There is someone sitting next to this person, and so on, everyone together forming a large circle. Touch the right hand of the person next to you on the left and transfer the energy to their right palm. They have a light pillar coming out of their palm as well now. The energy is transferred around the circle, lighting one light pillar after another, until it comes back to you and activates your right hand. Mentally connect the energies of your two palms, closing the circle. Sit quietly for several seconds maintaining the energy flow around the circle. You are now connected to other sources of energy shared by your circle that will help you navigate through the time.

Imagine yourself at the river of Time. It can be a large quiet river, or a small quick stream, or a river of fire, even a river of air, the wind blowing and creating the air stream. No matter what the element is, the river flows in one direction, ever evolving and changing, never going back, never the same as it was in a moment before. Watch the time river flow before your eyes.

Your guide is approaching you now. You can clearly see him or her (or it) and recognize and remember from your childhood. Your guide is happy to great you and to welcome you to travel back up the current of the Time river. You may be traveling in a rowboat, may be even swim, or take an air balloon if the river that you see is a wind river. Watch the vessel you will be traveling in, examine it thoroughly, and step inside. You and your guide are beginning the journey. Watch the scenery changing, relax, and enjoy the ride.

After a short ride, you find yourself in a room. This may be a room in your parents’ home or apartment, or a room that you have not seen before. In any case, the room is cozy, inviting, and warm. Look around and notice the furniture, the decorations, the windows, toys, art supplies, and other things you used to have and like as a child. All these objects are here for you to use and enjoy. As your guide leaves the room, you walk around and thoroughly examine everything. Then you start doing something you liked to do as a child. May be you are playing tea party with your dolls, or drawing a picture, or assembling a puzzle. You find a quiet confortable place in the room to work on it. Your full attention is on your work, you look like you don’t notice anything around you, but you can still clearly hear and see everything and everyone around you.

It’s a holiday time, and there are people in the house. You may see your relatives, your parents and siblings, guests you knew in your childhood and guests you never met before. They move around, talk, laugh, and seem to be having a good time. Every time someone passes next to you or enters the room, they kindly smile to you, warmly great you, and praise you for your efforts.

You are relaxed. You feel special, you feel loved unconditionally, feel protected and taken care of, you are carefree, happy, and content. You know that you will wake up tomorrow happy and healthy, the sun will be bright, the room will be clean and warm, the day ahead will be full of new adventures. You will get your favorite breakfast and spend the whole day enjoying everything you are doing, exploring your environment, imagining adventures, and playing with your favorite toys. Your every step is guarded; if you fall, you will be picked up. You are protected from any danger that you know and that you don’t know. You are praised for everything you are doing. You are loved unconditionally, you are safe. Everything you need to be happy will be given to you without you having to ask. This is how it always has been, how it is, and how it always will be.

Feel the warmth and the happiness these feelings bring you. Feel the optimism and curiosity about the day to come. Bathe in these feelings while observing the people smile at you and admire you.

Someone very special comes close to you, smiles, and gives you a little rock. You take the rock and you examine it. You feel that the person infused this rock with their love and good wishes for you. You know that this rock will forever keep the feeling of being unconditionally loved and protected that you feel now. The rock is precious. When nobody is looking, you hide the rock in a hidden place that only you know about: there, the rock will forever protect the way you now feel, so that you can continue feeling as you do now. Nobody knows about the rock, but you will forever remember, and you can go back and hold the rock at any time.

The day is ending. The guests start leaving, and everyone looks tired and sleepy. It is time for you to go back to your life. Your guide enters the room and takes your hand. You have to leave. You exit the room, and you find yourself back on the Time river, traveling with your guide back to the present time. Observe the river flow.

You are back to the place where your journey started. Your guide smiles and takes your hand to take you back to the circle of energy you created in the beginning.

You are back in the circle, but now you know and remember the little rock you hid. The rock protects your feeling of happiness, your child-like optimism and curiosity about life, your feeling of being loved, protected, and safe, the permission to act as yourself, as your inner child, and not to hold your happiness back.

Extinguish the light pillar in your right palm, and see the light extinguishing around the circle, starting with the person next to you on the right and going counter-clockwise, until the light in your left palm is gone. Turn your palm down and release the energy to the Earth.

You are back, but you still remember the feeling that you locked in the rock and hid in the hidden place only you can find. Nobody and nothing can get to the rock. You feel forever connected to the rock and to your inner child.

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