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Week of January 11th – 17th


The New Moon in Capricorn gave us a serious and ambitious start for this Lunar month and for the whole year until the next Capricorn New Moon at the very end of 2016. This is the time to pick up speed with any business affairs, any long-term ambitious plans, to become more responsible and more collected, to structure our lives and careers. There may be still delays and upsetting pushbacks until Mercury comes out of his retrograde motion, but these should not affect everyone equally, and they are temporary anyway. This is a time to regroup, re-plan, re-plant, and to prepare to charge ahead. We already feel a lot of energy and drive. As the week starts with a growing Moon in the day sky, we should not feel too much tension in our affairs and moods, with the exceptions of some mix-ups and delays caused by the retrograde Mercury. Our focus for the weeks to come is on our life goals, analyzing and fixing our destinies, and seeking truth in everything we are doing or plan to do.


Moon in Aquarius: Monday January 11th – Tuesday January 12th early evening


Aquarius Moon normally makes us sensitive to collective issues and intolerant to any unfairness and lies. This time, we will feel the responsibility to seek truth and to relate to others even stronger. We may feel very involved with foreign affairs, and it will be easy to relate to people from different cultures. We may feel the desire to help, to protect, and to grow awareness of the world about injustice and those who need our assistance.

Monday night and Tuesday are not very productive times – don’t plan to do much, and don’t start anything new. Focus on wrapping up projects and relaxing while browsing the Internet.


Moon in Pisces: Tuesday January 12th evening – Thursday January 14th evening


It may be especially difficult to wake up on Wednesday, or we may continue daydreaming through the first part of the day. In the evening, we may start thinking about past, revisiting the past wounds, and evaluating how the past experiences make us wiser about our actions and directions in the future. We may tend to idealize the past, but as we keep re-thinking and re-analyzing, we should give more weight to our future goals. These influences will continue into Thursday. Meditation and reflection are good activities to engage on this day, because acting or even making plans and decisions will not produce much fruit on Thursday. As the Moon finishes her monthly walk through the Zodiac in the evening, deciding what we want to leave in the past and what we want to take into the future is important.


Moon in Aries: Thursday January 14th late evening – Saturday January 16th


Growing Aries Moon will support any physical activity for the next couple of days. We will be energized to explore our physical limits and to try new things despite to any perceived limitations. Interactions with others will be inspiring and energizing, and the only regret these days will be that there is not enough time to go around and do everything we feel we could.

Friday may be hectic and unpredictable, somewhat frustrating, and it will detract us from our goals and plans.

On Saturday, finish any important tasks before the evening sets in, and reserve the evening for something that is not expected to produce outcomes. Enjoy a workout or any physical way to express your personality and creativity. Don’t engage into any serious conversations: there will be no understanding, the messages will be misconstrued, and the conversations may end in conflict or create bigger problems.


Moon in Taurus: Sunday January 17th


The Sunday will be lazy and slow. The Taurus Moon may keep us happy and satisfied, but it will also resist any activity and any action on this day. This will be a perfect day to sleep in late, to indulge in late morning breakfast, luxurious bath, and slow motion. Movie on top of that lazy morning and afternoon would be another very satisfying activity. If a conversation left you unhappy yesterday, you can try to smooth things up today: everyone should be in a good mood and just unable to get angry or defensive.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of January 11th – January 17th)


Monday January 11th 8:09 PM – Tuesday January 12th 6:53 PM;

Thursday January 14th 11:31 AM – 9:48 PM;

Saturday January 16th 6:26 PM – Sunday January 17th 12:48 AM.

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