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Week of January 18th – 24th


A busy week awaits us; skies are preparing for many changes this week. Both luminaries will be busy: the Sun is changing his sign from serious and ambitious Capricorn to detached and light-minded Aquarius on January 20th, the Moon is preparing to oppose the Sun at the Full Moon on January 23rd in the sign of Leo, stressing a conflict between our need to shine and the choice to submit to others’ interests.

Mercury is still retrograde and playing with your electronic devices and other equipment if you have planets or horoscope points affected by its travel through Capricorn. Even worse, he will make a tight connection to Pluto, the manipulator and torturer, and this may make Mercury mischief feel more dramatic and impactful. Venus is moving from light-hearted adventurous Sagittarius to serious and restrictive Capricorn impeding our relationships and interactions with others. This busy week will be anything but fun and easy.


Moon in Taurus: Monday January 18th


Do you feel that you were misunderstood in a recent conversation about the future, that you were overpowered or employed too much power, or that you failed to express correctly what was on your mind? Today is a good day to try it again and to pick up where you left it the last time. We will have patience and persistence to explain ourselves better, to revisit the words that have been misunderstood, and to take back our power over the words and choices. Use the day to reclaim what you lost in that unlucky conversation: you will have creativity to say it right, power to make it heard, and attention to details and practicality that will help to make it working again.


Moon in Gemini: Tuesday January 19th – Thursday January 21st early morning


A busy information-packed day may force us to make important and serious decisions early. It’s no time to daydream or forget the reality in favor of illusions. It’s a day to think on your feet, to collect information quickly and from multiple sources, and make an effort to act with vengeance on any recent decision. Acting and moving forward may be not that easy, it may require a string effort and determination, which would be difficult to keep, because we will be distracted by millions of information pieces and thousands of responsibilities and tasks arising from nowhere every minute.

The energy will persist into Friday, but now it will mess up with our relationships and our contacts with other people. We need to make an effort to focus if we want our interactions with others to remain pleasant and enriching. Consider the other person and examine how they fit with your future plans and past experiences. Go with your heart, not your brain today: your brain is not giving you the right information under the retrograde Mercury and lack of connection to the Moon.

On Thursday, don’t hurry to start your day: the later you start it, the more productive and satisfying it will become.


Moon in Cancer: Thursday January 21st morning – Saturday January 23rd early afternoon


Slow down on Thursday morning and stay in bed longer or spend more time browsing the morning news. It’s paradoxical, but the earlier you start your day, the less you will accomplish.

Cancer Moon may make us overly emotional, especially when it comes to our families. We may be idealizing our family members on this day, and we may want to take a good care of them, as well as of the whole population of the Earth. As the day progresses, we may become overwhelmed with feeling, and we may get restless and ready to act on our emotions. Don’t overdo it, you may regret about the emotional moment of weakness in a couple of days.

On Friday, keep your lips sealed: speaking emotionally may result in tragic consequences and unexpected burst outs. Instead, focus on your long-term goals and purpose, this may help you surviving a difficult day.

On Saturday morning, our feelings are still not helping us, there is a very strongly felt disconnect between our overwhelming emotions and our ability to express them in an emotionally responsible way. It may be the best to focus on analyzing what we feel and how we express our feelings and to wait to speak up until the next week, when the Moon moves past the Full Moon point into less emotional signs.


Moon in Leo: Saturday January 23rd afternoon – Sunday January 24th


After the almost Full Moon moves into Leo, we should be able to control our feelings better, and we should start liking ourselves better. We will want to be in full light and in the center stage. The Full Moon night may be very passionate and playful.




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of January 18th – January 24th):


Tuesday January 19th 1:49 AM – 4:12 AM;

Thursday January 21st 3:00 AM – 8:27 AM;

Sunday January 24th 9:51 PM – end of day.


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