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Week of January 25th – 31st


The Sun has moved from the ambitious and strict sign of Capricorn into more relaxed sign of Aquarius, giving us more focus on other people, on humanitarian goals, and on giving and spreading knowledge and information rather then trying to use them in our own interests for practical gains. With the waning Moon and relatively quiet astrological situation in the sky, the week may be less busy than the one before, with more introspective and reflective mood.  

Mercury is still retrograde in the beginning of the workweek, but will turn direct on Monday in the afternoon. This is a very powerful time to speak up, to release your words into the world, and to think and set the intellectual and learning goals. As Mercury turns direct in Capricorn, the sign of strict organization and rules, it will help us to come up with very specific messages that will have a long-term impact.

After turning direct, Mercury will make a couple of very uneasy connections with other planets. His connection to Pluto may poison our thoughts and torture our minds, or it can make our words and ideas very powerful if we choose to use this celestial energy in a positive way. As Mercury connects to Uranus right after departing from a connection to Pluto, the uneasiness of the thoughts may become even deeper, and our words may become too fast and too sharp. Our words and thoughts are the most important functions to watch and correct this week. Knowing that this is a transient situation that will pass in just a couple of days may help overcoming the desire to succumb to these difficult astrological influences.

Moon in Leo: Monday January 25th until late evening


It’s the beginning of a new workweek, and we may have to or want to start it right and charge ahead with the projects and activities. Not so fast. Monday will be a very slow and unproductive day. In fact, we will do more if we start the workweek on Tuesday. If you don’t have a day off and have to work, focus on finishing the projects that you started the last week or earlier and don’t initiate anything new. This way, you will not regret about the wasted time. If you do have a day off or don’t work outside your home, it’s a perfect day to spend with little children or to play any games and sports that do not require a team effort. A date could be fun and passionate, given you are not meeting anyone new.


Moon in Virgo: Monday January 25th late evening – Thursday January 28th early morning


Tuesday would make a great start for the workweek after the slow and unproductive Monday. The Moon in Virgo makes us alert, efficient, fast to move and fast to think, and extremely productive. This time, the Moon says “no” to oversleeping, daydreaming, complaining, referring to the obstacles from the past, and other nonsense. The Moon is all about looking into the future with optimism and making it happen through your own efforts. If you planned an important meeting or just casually run into an old acquaintance, your work today may impact you life for years to come, so get out, stick to your schedules, and make it happen. As the day progresses, it will be easier and easier to formulate our thoughts and to carry out very productive and specific conversations that may help us to progress in our life direction or define our life direction. This energy continues to support our activities through both Tuesday and Wednesday, but make sure you finish everything you planned before the Wednesday evening. Reserve the evening to finalize and finish your projects and exchanges if you still feel energized and restless and cannot relax.


Moon in Libra: Thursday January 28th late morning – Saturday January 30th evening


Start your day later: paradoxically, you will achieve more if you do. Our minds and our feeling will be in agreement on Thursday, and our focus will be on others and our relationships with them. We may be trying to understand whether to believe another person, whether we may be confused and mistaken about a relationship, whether we should confront the person and take our power back. On Friday, we may suddenly just do that: explore our limits or speak up trying to get a straight answer. We may learn something we never expected, and we may also have difficult conversations or uneasy thoughts. No matter how hard we try to hold back and cheer up, we may just blow up and say it all as is, even if we later regret. The atmosphere will heat up and become very heavy by Friday evening, but the situation will not be excessively emotional, we will keep the perfect logic and detachment and the ability to formulate our thoughts and words exactly as we want them to sound. Later on Friday and on Saturday, we will gain a lighter outlook at a problem. If we did not do any damage before Friday evening, the situation is unlikely to be resolved on Saturday, but, after sleeping on it, we may feel more relaxed and detached from it.


Moon in Scorpio: Saturday January 30th late evening – Sunday January 31st


The sign of Scorpio is super energized these days, and the Scorpio Moon will make us active and full of energy. We will feel very powerful, will have a sharp mind and the ability to speak clearly, and will be able to combine practical approach with supercharged energy and still remain true to our dreams and aspirations. This Sunday will be very interesting and positive. With renewed energy, we may dig deep, use our past experience in a new and productive way, and to see practical results that will please us and align with our vision.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of January 25th – January 31st):


Monday January 25th until 10:45 PM;

Wednesday January 27th 7:10 PM - Thursday January 28th 9:59 AM;

Friday January 29th 8:34 PM – Saturday January 30th 10:50 PM.

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