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Week of January 4th – 10th


Happy New Year!

Most people make new plans and resolutions by the start of a new year. As the new number arrives, we always feel a change of energy, a change of moods and hopes. This time, if you failed to think about New Year’s resolutions or were too busy to make specific plans, you still have several days to correct the situation. The balsamic moon this week provides perfect opportunities to analyze the past, to think about the futures, and to make specific and concrete plans. The New Moon will occur in Capricorn on January 9th at 8:30 PM EST, and this will be a very good time to actually start our new year, to charge ahead with our new plans, and to make changes that we want to happen in our lives. Capricorn is a very serious sign, the sign of builders, doers, and people who take responsibility and go through with their words and intentions. Any resolutions and plans made on this New Moon and started in this Lunar cycle will be serious and will be written in stone: you will go all the way through with any plans made now. It is time to structure and realize our intentions.

Many changes has happened in the skies in the last several days, and more changes are to come this week; this is an intense and full of astrological events week. Most changes that have happened recently affected the closest planets Mercury, Mars, and Venus, and these changes were for the better: we should feel more energy, feel better about our relationships, and be more truthful and open as we start the new year. However, Mercury will begin his retrograde motion on January 5th, and Jupiter will join him as well a couple of days later, starting his long retrograde period. Furthermore, these two are currently connected in the sky, promising big mix-ups, computer and electronic failure, and reconsideration of our life goals and our thoughts about our destinies. Although this astrological influence will continue for the whole month, we will start feeling this energy as soon as in the middle of the current week.

In the beginning of the week, our attention may be drawn to our relationships or possessions, and we may be trying to overcome obstacles while unsure about what we are doing and what we should do. These may be a couple of uncomfortable days, until Venus moves on to leave the teacher of life lessons Saturn and ever-uncertain Neptune behind.

Overall, the week will be busy and all about the future; however, the past may send us multiple reminders in order to help planning for the days to come: watch for the signs and people from the past, they will help you to define your future.


Moon in Scorpio: Monday January 4th – Tuesday January 5th


The intense Scorpio Moon may keep us a bit emotional and daydreaming, but Mars has now joined the Moon in the sign of Scorpio, and this is where he feels the best. We all are getting boost of energy and are ready to charge ahead with our activities as the New Year begins. However, doing just that will not work out too well yet: we still need to do work thinking and re-thinking about our plans and intentions. Both Mercury, the planet of thoughts and intellect, and the waning Moon will make us reflect and correct our plans. We will have a chance to redo, rethink, rewind under Mercury retrograde that starts on Tuesday. If you have planets or important horoscope points in Capricorn or the first degree of Aquarius, you may be especially affected by this retrograde movement of Mercury. Retrograde Mercury is giving us an opportunity to rebuild, to restructure, to reconsider responsibilities, to reestablish our businesses or careers. It also points to reconsidering our destinies and plans for the future, to taking care of our health and routines to build a healthy future, and to taking back our power and authority.

On Monday, we may feel a lot of energy without a clear direction to apply it.  On Tuesday, the Moon may remind us about the past suffering and wisdom obtained from the past experiences. It will create opportunity to use the knowledge and wisdom from the past to develop a brighter future.


Moon in Sagittarius: Wednesday January 6th – Friday January 8th early morning


Openly communicating and revisiting the conversations from the past should help with the relationship trouble on Wednesday. We may have major breakthroughs if we are able to handle the tricky personal situations, but it may be difficult to avoid unexpected and unpredictable reactions and turns of events. The desire to break free is high, and too much may be said during the heated conversations. Misunderstanding and misinterpretations of words are possible. However, it may be impossible to avoid conversations, and words may just fly out of our mouth without any control, especially because there is little power of brain over the words with Mercury retrograde. However, retrograde Mercury also promises that nothing will be final, and we may have an opportunity to revisit and to repair whatever goes wrong on these days.

Thursday night and Friday morning will turn our thoughts to our life direction and lessons from the past. Even if still unclear, our thoughts will turn to the future plans, and we may decide to go through with something that seemed impossible before. May be this is not the time to act yet, but it is time for making specific plans: we should be ready to act and charge ahead in a couple of weeks: this will be a good and productive time to turn our future around and build new lives for ourselves.


Moon in Capricorn: Friday January 8th late morning – Sunday January 10th mid-afternoon


The workweek may be over on the calendar, but it will not end on Friday for many of us. Our thoughts will not be about weekend plans and fun; we will be thinking about reclaiming our personal power and authority, and our responsibilities will take over our lives. It will be easy to focus the energy and thoughts on business issues, on business communications and interactions. Again, the thoughts will be about the future and the ways to apply our creativities and powers to develop the future in a very practical and productive way. Our thoughts and plans will be down-to earth, practical, concerned about routine tasks and plans, serious, and devoid of any frivolous and fun touches.


Moon in Aquarius: Sunday January 10th late afternoon – end of day


The heavy energy of the weekend may become a little lighter and detached from the everyday problems. We are still unlikely to do anything more fun than Internet browsing and social media interactions. Reaching out to real people in real life for real fun may be a bit difficult on this weekend. Our attention may turn to investigating humanitarian causes on social media or engaging into virtual conversations with friends.




Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of January 4th – January 10th):



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