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This week promises to be productive and busy. As Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn on its direct way through the Zodiac after three weeks of the retrograde motion, the Moon is full on the same day, and the Full Moon is occurring in Cancer, opposite of the Sun in Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn is the sign of no-nonsense, business-like mood, hard work, and rewards. As the two major astrological events of the week are happening in this sign or in the opposite sign, we should expect the energy of Capricorn to dominate the next week. The degree where the Full Moon occurs stresses the events of the last year related to the effects of Mars in our lives, and this may bring back uncomfortable memories of the last year. However, it also creates an opportunity to understand and sort out the outcomes of these sometime unpleasant events and gives us the motivation to move on from any negative experiences of the last year. This month, the Full Moon brings a strong energy of change and action and an unusual amount of power and of will to break out of our routines and to break free. However, despite an element of unpredictability, the experience of this week should be overall constructive and rewarding. Even if unexpected and unplanned happens this week, there will be several days to turn the changes into positive and constructive and to solidify the process of moving on and going forward with the new plans.


Moon in Gemini: Monday January 9th – Tuesday January 10th late afternoon


In the morning, the Gemini Moon may make us nostalgic and may prompt us to remember something very beautiful from the past: a beautiful old tune or a perfect experience from the past that made us dream. However, the busy Gemini Moon will not dwell for long on memories and will move on to the present day and the future plans. The Moon is moving very fast through the Zodiac sign on this day, and we will experience a faster pace in our lives as well. We may feel a chance to capitalize on a very desirable opportunity, and we may do something that is out of our comfort zone to solidify this chance into a practical outcome. The process will require a strong commitment from us and from others; don’t be afraid to make your decision and to inform others about it: things may magically and unexpectedly fall in place just as you fantasized them to.

On Tuesday, the desire to speak out is strong, but bite your tongue: you may say too much, or it may come out too wrong. The day promises to be quite pleasant, and we may remain optimistic and upbeat until the early evening when the Moon will enter the emotional and nostalgic Cancer.


Moon in Cancer: Tuesday January 10th evening – Thursday January 12th early evening


Moon in Cancer may be emotional and overwhelming, especially as it approaches the opposition with the Sun – the Full Moon. It will be too easy to become nostalgic and to dream about the past. Don’t say a word on the Tuesday evening: not only you will not be at your best under the Moon in a silent sign of Cancer, but, if you do squeeze words out of your mouths, they will not be the ones you planned to say. The night dreams should be especially pleasant and magical.

The morning of Wednesday may be too sleepy and too beautiful to keep up with business demands or to feel energized. However, situations may require picking up a faster pace, to reclaim our power, and to start acting. Reminding ourselves about our goals, ambitions, and choices may help with motivation when the emotional and introspective Cancer Moon will try to keep us from being out in the world and doing what we always planned to do.

The Full Moon in Cancer will occur early in the morning on Thursday, and it may make the night before and the day after excessively emotional and overwhelming. However, the Full Moon also stresses the Capricorn Sun, and Mercury enters Capricorn on Thursday in the morning as well. The focus is on achievements, hard efforts, a consistent and persistent movement forward and up, and productivity, even if the emotions are strong and it is hard to focus on the material world. In this emotional struggle it may be a good news that Thursday is one of those days where starting any new projects or doing anything important is not advised. This is a day to finish already started projects and to make plans for the future.


Moon in Leo: Thursday January 12th early evening – Saturday January 14th late evening


The Moon enters Leo in the evening, and our mood may instantly change from the moody emotional state to playful passionate feeling and a desire to be kings of our universes. Too bad we most likely will find ourselves in isolation, actors without audience, and the isolation and solitude may continue into Friday morning and afternoon. In the evening, unexpected experiences may occur, but most likely will leave us to be spectators rather than actors in a situation. The desire and the passion to commit to the unexpected and unplanned situation and to use it to improve our lives will solidify the next day, on Saturday. This will be dynamic day that may unexpectedly bring a great progress in the lives of those, who have courage to commit. The Leo Moon usually brings a playful happy time, but this time it will get a bit more serious and more practical that usual. If spending time with little children, work on something that requires concentration, focus, and some effort, then reward generously.


Moon in Virgo: Saturday January 14th late night– Sunday January 15th end of day


Leaving the silly dreams of the past behind, we will be diligently working on improving our future. Sunday is a great day for making plans, discussing practical matters, and writing the lists of things to do. Good organization and planning will feel empowering and transforming.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of January 9TH - 15TH):


Thursday January 12th 6:33 AM – 7:07 PM

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