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Week of July 11th – 17th 


This week, the energy will start changing. Venus and Mercury will move from sensitive and emotional Cancer into happy and playful Leo. By the mid-week, we will start feeling happier and lighter, less moody, and more eager to party and have some fun. The transition will be completed the next week, when the Sun changes the signs too and starts its month in the sign of Leo. Most of us have a lot of anxiety, fear, and grief over the recent events that happened shortly one after another, and we all are trying to find answers and solutions to our questions about the future. The process is not over yet as Mars has not completed his retrograde cycle and has not returned to the point where it started its retrograde motion in April. We may hear more unpleasant news, or we may need more time to cope with the information that we have in hand.

The Moon is rapidly growing in size and this week will go through the signs that seek deeper and better understanding of events and of our own problems and challenges.


Moon in Libra: Monday July 11th – Tuesday July 12th afternoon


As we start the week, we find ourselves seeking balance and harmony in our lives under the Libra Moon. After the tragic events of the last days, everyone is seeking peace and resolution.

However, Libra also the sign of enemies and wars, and, when the scale is out of balance, confrontations and open fights are possible too. Monday may be one of those days when we may fall for power struggle and be in a bad moon, and we may be expressing our moodiness and fear of losing our power as an open confrontation.

On Monday evening and on Tuesday morning, very rapid and unexpected changes are possible. If you are not looking to change your current situation or relationship, stay away from confrontations and any relationship talks this week.


Moon in Scorpio: Tuesday July 12th evening – Thursday July 14th


The Moon is Scorpio is deep, passionate, and emotional. It connects in a difficult way with playful Leo Venus and moody and emotional Mercury responsible for our mind and ideas. Any playful and romantic situation may easily become unpleasant and emotional on Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday, analyze your dreams: they may be showing you something that you are unable to see awake. This is a great day for meditations or any activity requiring intuition and sixth sense. If we go deep and listen to something that we cannot hear with our ears, we may get directions for the future form the Universe.

On Thursday, our pride may be wounded, and we may have to suffer silently and may be unable to show our frustration even when we have the hurt feelings running deep. We may also inadvertently hurt another person’s feeling, and the hurt party may not reveal their true emotions. Watch out for these situations if you don’t want to experience revenge. By the Thursday evening, our thoughts should start becoming lighter and a little happier when the Moon connects to Venus and Mercury in Leo. The Moon is about to move to the fiery Sagittarius, and the happy and optimistic energy will flow easily between the Sagittarius Moon and these two planets in Leo, promising happy thoughts, feelings, and interactions.


Moon in Sagittarius: Friday July 15th – Sunday July 17th early afternoon


The end of the week and the weekend are happy and optimistic, full of passionate energy and joy. The focus should be on happy thoughts and pleasant and playful interactions with others. Even our responsibilities and obligations should feel easy, happy, and moving along with ease. However, this is also a good time for a serious consideration of our life plans and directions: are they still aligned with our current beliefs and obligations? This is the question that we may be asking ourselves on Friday and Saturday.

Sunday morning is fast, fiery, an unpredictable. We will be thinking on our feet and changing and adjusting our choices as we go, whether we like the changes or not. The day is not good for starting anything new or for initiating any new activities and projects. However, it will be very difficult not to: this is not a day for relaxation and leisure time; it will be very difficult to remain inactive and uninvolved.


Moon in Capricorn: Sunday July 17th late afternoon – end of day


As soon as the Moon moves to Capricorn, we will feel the need to be alone and to get into a serious working mood. Even though this is still the weekend that started so passionate and optimistic, our hearts and minds may be already at work and with the business challenges, and we will not be in a mood to play and to party or to relax.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of July 11th – 18th):


Sunday July 17th 4:56 AM – 3:32 PM.

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