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Week of July 18th – 24th 


Although the violence in the world and the tension in our own lives may continue through the rest of the summer, this week we have two positive astrological events. First, the Sun moves to Leo early in the morning on Friday July 22nd, and this change will bring more fun, rest, and creativity into our lives. This is the time of vacation, the time for family and children, the time for active rest in the Sun and outdoors. With two other planets closest to the Sun, Mercury and Venus, also in Leo, we are bound to have a lot of fun and pleasant time at least in one area of our lives (the specific area of life will be different for everyone, depending on your birth horoscope). Another positive event that will happen in the evening of Tuesday July 19th is the Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn. The Full Moon is always the time when we see the world more clearly than we do during the other phases of the Lunar cycle. This time, we will be very practical and determined to act on our clarity and understanding of our direction and goals. We may be able to make progress and to have some pleasant time this week despite all the negativity and problems of the world and of our own environment if we embrace the clarity of vision and intention and commit to enjoy the fun and the creative aspects of life.

Moon in Capricorn: Monday July 18th – Tuesday July 19th


The week starts in the working mode. We will feel ambitious and ready to conquer the world. There will be no doubts in our minds about our life directions, and our dreams will be clear and aligned with our practical goals and actions. Monday may not be the best day for a personal relationship or even for business contacts: we may fall a victim of power display, or we may try to exercise the power ourselves.

Under the Full Moon, we will clearly see where we stand with our plans and goals, especially the ones related to our career or family. Our thoughts will be lucid, and our decisions will be quick. As the day proceeds, we may hear about the women’s issues either in the media or at our work place, or we may even get involved in a conflict or decisions related to women’s affairs.

On Tuesday in the evening, try to relax, do not work late or start a new project at home: this evening will be unproductive, and your efforts will be in vain.


Moon in Aquarius: Tuesday July 19th late evening – Thursday July 21st  


On Wednesday, we may be reminded about our commitments and responsibilities. Although it could be our duties in any area of life, they will be most probably related to the groups we associate ourselves with or to our friends. Fulfilling the promises should feel natural and may open new opportunities. The evening may be a great time for a relationship conversation: under the Full Moon, we will clearly see our role and responsibilities in a romantic or business relationship; we also will be able to hear the other party’s point of view and relate to it. The detached and unemotional Aquarius Moon and a friendly and happy and flirty Venus in Leo will guard us from any confrontations and misunderstandings.

The same energy continues to affect us on Thursday, but the clarity of the situation may slowly disappear under the waning Moon. We may start paying more attention to details, and we may start making a big deal out of small problems. So, if you are in need of that conversation, choose to speak out A the night before.

As we start nit-picking and blowing the small imperfections out of proportions, we may start feeling anxious and ready to act unpredictably and explosively. There may be tension, uneasiness, and frustration in the air by the evening. Try to finish everything early and go to bed: the evening may not produce any positive results. An action movie in the evening may be the best way to direct the energy of the moment.


Moon in Pisces: Friday July 22nd – Sunday July 24th early morning


Friday starts as a pleasant day with a new playful energy of the Leo Sun. On this morning, we all may be involved in women’s problems: this may be a report (or reports) in the media, posts on social media, or something that is going on in our own private lives.  The women’s issues are strongly highlighted on this morning as the Pisces Moon makes multiple and easy contacts with all Asteroid Goddesses. The issues of women’s rights and care may be in focus, and the society’s or our own obligations to women may be discussed. We may feel tired and sleepy earlier than usually.

Do we cling to our painful memories and wounds or do we move on to the future, even if in little strides? Do we continue our duties and rituals that we outgrew, or do we move forward to explore new horizons? The pull of the past and the responsibilities may be too strong, and the dreamy and calm Pisces Moon may not have energy to break out, even if the action is considered. However, as the day proceeds, an easy contact with supercharged Mars may give us a push in a new direction. This is the last connection the Moon makes while in the sign of Pisces, and then she moves in to Aries, the fiery sign ruled by Mars, so the quick chance in our plans and the exploration of new patterns is a real possibility for anyone who is contemplating the change.


Moon in Aries: Sunday July 24th morning – end of day


Our Sunday may start as a very active, very charged day. It may be wise to plan a lot of physical activity outdoors in the Sun. The day will be action-packed and hot, no matter whether you work out or decide to chill in your hammock, so direct the energy into something productive and positive. The Aries Moon can be confrontational and sometimes may bring us fights and altercations. However, on this day, the Moon most probably will not be disagreeable: she will stay in contact with the reserved Scorpio Mars and the happy playful Leo Sun. Just don’t expect a quiet and action-free day.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, the week of July 18th – 24th):


Tuesday July 19th 6:56 PM – 11:10 PM;

Thursday July 21st 9:55 PM– Friday July 22nd 4:35 AM.

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