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Week of July 25th – 31st 


The Moon is rapidly waning, and, by the end of the week, will be in the Balsamic phase, preparing for the new Lunar cycle starting early next week. Our thoughts will be shifting to plans and anticipations of the Leo Lunar cycle traditionally associated with the vacation time and fun summer activities.

This week may offer the break we have been longing for, both in the world and in our personal lives: three planets are in a happy and fun sign of Leo: the Sun, representing our choices and our egos, Venus, the planet of relationships and love, and Mercury, the swift God of information and thinking. The week starts with the Moon making easy and fiery connections to all three planets in Leo.

However, the energy of the Universe will be changing by the next week, as Mercury moves from Leo into serious and hard-working Virgo and Mars enters Sagittarius in his chase of Saturn. When Mars and Saturn start approaching each other, the atmosphere may start heating up, and most of the month of August may turn out to be not as peaceful and carefree as we are imagining it now…


Moon in Aries: Monday July 25th – Tuesday July 26th morning


Starting the week with Aries brings a good pace and an active attitude to anything we plan to accomplish in the next several workdays. On Monday, we are on fire as the Moon makes an easy connection to several planets in two other Fire signs, Leo and Sagittarius. This is a hot day, whether literally (the heat wave being moving over the U.S.) or figuratively. As always on a day like this one, be careful with the fire, especially in the heat of the summer. As the day develops, we may become more and more daring and taking risks, and the outcomes of our interactions with others may prove unexpected, whether for a good or bad. Everything will be moving and developing very fast, and. At the end, we may be left with the question: “What just has happened?”.

Tuesday morning is all about women: we may be solving a problem involving women’s rights at work, or we may be just listening to the news about the first democratic candidate for a woman-president. Whatever this is in each of our lives, the attention is on women’s issues, and the action is happening in this department.


Moon in Taurus: Tuesday July 26th afternoon – Thursday July 28th early afternoon


As the Moon enters Taurus on Tuesday afternoon, we may start feeling that our choices or our performance are not to our satisfaction, or that hard to step forward and make ourselves to be seen and heard. We may be able to rely on Taurus’ persistence and patience and to move slowly and wisely.

On Wednesday, the big vision will require a lot of work and attention to details, as well as persistence and patience. The deep insight and the power to move the mountains will come to those, who have a dream and are ready to work to achieve it. On Wednesday and Thursday, it may be finally time to act on our vision, even thought the advances may not be immediately seen and felt.

The tension develops on Thursday: do we act or do we wait? Do we push or do we let it flow freely? By this time, we should know what is involved into going through with our plans, and we will be able to make a very practical and educated decision after examining all the related information.


Moon in Gemini: Thursday July 28th late afternoon – Saturday July 30th afternoon


Under a social and talkative Gemini Moon, we may be feeling interactive and ready to mingle. However, this may be more difficult this time, and the tension will be building. Conversations may become too serious, and the messages may become too confusing. There may be too many details left undisclosed, or someone may prove to be passive aggressive when we try to approach them. The situations may become clearer by the end of the workweek, and, after the long effort to communicate our truth or to understand others’ position, we may start feeling that we are breaking through and finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. However, watch out for sudden turns and unexpected recoils and withdrawals.

Saturday will be a very unproductive day, but it will be quite pleasant if spent chatting with neighbors or relatives or reading a book.


Moon in Cancer: Saturday July 30th evening – Sunday July 31st


Saturday evening will be best spent with the family. This is a great night to go to the movies with your spouse or significant other (if you are in a committed relationship) or to have a family movie night at home with other family members.

Sunday will be a great family day as well, a day to watch old family videos or vacation pictures, to have a gathering of your extended family at your home, or to attend a family reunion. Old secrets may be revealed, and old mysteries may be solved. If you are caught into a power game, just think about the future: analyzing the consequences of your actions on your family life may give you an easy solution of the situation, you will know what to think and what to do about it.

If unsure how to spend the evening, opt for a movie or a music concert.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, the week of July 25th – 31st):


Saturday July 30th 7:46 AM – 5:08 PM.

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