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Week of June 27th – July 3rd


The planet of action, Mars, is turning back to its direct motion this week after being in retrograde motion since mid-April. When a planet goes retrograde, we see from the Earth that it is moving backward through the Zodiac, and this means that the planet stays longer in one or two Zodiac signs and in one or two houses of our horoscopes, stressing one area of our life and giving us a chance to work on this area longer and to think about it deeper. A planet stays three times longer in one sector of the Zodiac, because it goes forward through this area, then backward, then forward again. The retrograde motion is our opportunity to go back to anything that bothers us and to try to correct and reconsider our decisions. When the planet turns back to tits direct motion through he Zodiac, it is usually our time to act and to make final changes to the area of life under consideration.

If you are not sure what part of your horoscope is under Mars scrutiny now, ask your astrologer or think about any area of your life that has been under re-consideration, waiting, analysis for the last three months. If you were unable to make decisions or act, you probably will regain your energy and power in this area of life at the start of July. Any delays, confusions, uncertainty will lift up, and you will be able to move forward with all the force and resolve that the very strong Scorpio Mars brings into your horoscope. This may not be an easy ride: Mars will meet with the most difficult planet Saturn in August, and they will travel through the sky together for about a month, bringing difficulties and delays. However, as soon as Mars turns direct by the end of June, we all will gain the clarity and understanding of what has to be done with one (or two) area of our lives that has been under pressure and scrutiny lately.


Moon in Aries: Monday June 27th – Tuesday June 28th


Aries Moon may make us irritable and frustrated this month. The influence of Mars, the ruler of Aries, is too strong, and a difficult connection to the Sun, representing our choices and creativity and to Venus, the planet of relationships and money, may bring difficult to handle moments into our day. We may feel like we are unable to control all the energy and the need to act that we feel right now. However, there will be serious reasons not to make any moves, and we will need to accept the delays. On Monday, relationships may be unpredictable, and we may surprise ourselves with the ways we act when interacting with others.

On Tuesday, watch out for power struggles in the morning, and expect the unexpected if you are married or in a committed relationship. Act carefully, because we all may become especially impulsive and unpredictable as the day unfolds. We may also feel that we do need to make some adjustment to our actions and behaviors, but wait for the evening when we will be able to think clearly and efficiently and to communicate unambiguously.


Moon in Taurus: Wednesday June 29th – Friday July 1st early morning

On Wednesday, it may be difficult to keep our beauty routines or our meal schedule. Taurus Moon is all about feeling comfortable, so just do what feels good: skip something that you are doing religiously or on the contrary, sacrifice everything else to stay with your routine. It’s indulgence time. On this day, we will know what our choices are, and we will have an opportunity to follow our desires. We may be inclined to be very practical about our physical needs and to take our resolve to claim our powers and our security to a next level. However, caution is highly advised, as we have a chance to not clearly see situations, so a very deliberate choice needs to be made between the old patterns and the future that we desire.

Thursday is a very sweet day, when our love and our relationships will run deep and happy and we will be just unable to see any negativity in the world or in our partners. There are so many easy and pleasant contacts between the planets in the sky that we should plan dates and other important meetings for this day. Just make sure you start everything important before 8 PM EDT, and prepare to enjoy the day and the lazy evening.


Moon in Gemini: Friday July 1st morning – Sunday July 3rd early morning


The air may be charged, and the interactions with a spouse or someone we are committed to may be difficult and unpleasant on Friday morning. We may be annoyed by the obligations and responsibilities and unable to act and think wisely. We will feel that we need to choose between our dreams and the reality, duty and love and that we are shaping our future by making these choices. It may help talking about the way we feel, so find a friendly ear. On Saturday, being fateful to your rituals and routines may help too. However, both Friday and Saturday promise to be intense and uneasy days, with a chance of blowup and unexpected developments in the evening on Saturday.

Sunday is better started late. Use the morning to sleep in and relax.


Moon in Cancer: Sunday July 3rd late morning – end of day


After a couple of intense and difficult days, Sunday will feel calm and pleasant. Our feelings and thoughts will be in sync, and there will be not clashing between our dreams, our feelings, and the reality and our choices. We may be not inclined to act or to be very physical on this day. It is best spent with the family or just at home. Reading on your couch or expressing yourself by decorating your home will feel delightful and full of meaning. Even of feeling sentimental and teary, we will be happy and content.

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of June 27th – July 3rd):


Thursday June 30th 8:18 PM – Friday July 1st 7:44 AM;

Saturday July 2nd 11:42 PM – Sunday July 3rd 9:19 AM.

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