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Week of June 6th – 12th


With the New Moon out of the Sun shadow and rapidly growing in size, this is the week of new beginnings and new stories. The close connection between the Sun and Venus also stresses the beginning of a new cycle that lasts 8 years. This can be the cycle in a relationship, with Venus being a planet of relationships and love, or it can be a new cycle in another area of our lives that is ruled by Venus in our birth horoscopes. The uneasy connection between Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Sun, and Venus in the sky suggests the time of pressure to make a choice, to start acting, and the confusion and uncertainty about the correct path as well. As soon as Mercury moves to his favorite sign Gemini at the very end of the week on Sunday night, things will start happening very quickly, we will be faced with our choices (and there may be several or at least two options), and we may be forced to make changes and decisions that are long overdue. Many of these decisions will be about measuring our dreams on the reality scale and letting go of something that disappointed or disillusioned us, or something that seemed to be a dream come true but turned out to be fake. This should be a dynamic week, also an important one that may shape our future for months and years to come.


Moon in Cancer: Monday June 6th – Tuesday June 7th


Starting the workweek with a Cancer Moon is always a challenge. We may be still engrossed in our family affairs and may resent leaving home to attend to our business. Monday may be emotional and full of memories, and we may have difficulty moving forward towards the future. The need to make choices and changes in our lives is very urgent, and we may choose to go with what we like the best, not with what we are expected or forced to choose. Our choices now are long-term and important, and they are related to something that may determine our life direction for some time. In the evening, don’t fall for power games, you have an opportunity to analyze and to use your intuition to maintain your influence. On Tuesday morning, you will have new ideas and deep insights on how to proceed without losing your power. By Tuesday afternoon, we will be ready to act, and our actions and ideas will result in very tangible and well thought out results. On Tuesday night relax with a book or a good conversation and don’t plan anything important – it will not work out or will work out in unexpected ways.


Moon in Leo: Wednesday June 8th – Friday June 10th early morning


The Leo Moon is often a playful and creative time, but on Wednesday the pressure of impending changes and decisions is just too strong, and we may feel tense and stressed out trying to keep up with our commitments, options, and clashes between the dreams and reality. We may feel that an adjustment is needed to consolidate and structure our dreams and to understand what is an illusion and what is the real. As the reality and obligations become clearer, we will start seeing an opportunity to make a choice and come to the right decisions. Thursday night will bring some action and a surprise into our lives and also a chance to bring a fresh air into our relationship.

On Friday morning, have a late start of you want to be productive and successful. Even if the desire to talk and act is very strong, try to wait until later morning to go ahead, until we become more able to analyze and make educated decisions rather than acting on an impulse.


Moon in Virgo: Friday June 10th early morning – Sunday June 12th early evening


It’s a balancing act on Friday and a busy end of the workweek and a busy weekend ahead. We will be forced to forget about our inspirations and dreams and to come back into our reality and start working hard and fast on tasks in hands. However, we may feel that we are missing the stability in our lives, and we may desperately try to find the stability and support. Conversations and phone calls may provide the feeling of support and stability, and also reaching to our siblings may bring so much needed help and support.

Sunday may be more action-oriented, and we may find a balance between our thoughts and actions if we give into our intuition and analyzes of practical issues.


Moon in Libra: Sunday June 12th late evening


The late evening is peaceful, with clear thoughts and harmonious feelings. We are not concerned about the struggles and changes around us, and we see the roots of our troubles. We also feel that we are on the verge of changes, and the things will start changing very fast very soon.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, the week of June 6th – 12th):


Tuesday June 7th 8:17 PM – Wednesday June 8th 2:47 AM

Friday June 10th 3:13 AM – 9:45 AM

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