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WEEK OF MARCH 13th – 19th


After the weeks of intense ever changing cosmic energy and a busy time in our live, we are entering a period of calm. The next two weeks promise to be quiet and relaxed, with a lot of celestial energy still focused in Pisces. This week’s move of Mercury into Aries slowly starts our imminent transition from the dreamy and relaxed Pisces energy to an energetic, physical, and assertive energy of Aries by the time of the New Moon at the end of the month. With the planet of relationships Venus being still retrograde, we may be inclined to be less interactive and more concerned with our own perception of our relations. The Scorpio Moon that will dominate this week will intensify the mood by pushing us to go deeper with our thoughts and feelings and by making us less interactive and more secretive.


Moon in Libra: Monday March 13th – Wednesday March 15th morning


The Libra Moon places a lot of emphasis on our partnerships on Monday. We will be inclined to consider and reconsider our love life and to reflect on how we can bring harmony into our relationships without sacrificing our own interests. Even if we do see the way to reach a compromise without betraying our selves, we will be unable to articulate and express out thoughts. It is too early to make any decisions, and even if we do, we may be unable to act on them now.

On Tuesday, we may be in an “all or nothing” mood. It may be a good idea to stay away from any serious conversations or actions, because we may find ourselves acting unpredictably and unexpectedly and unintentionally going too far in everything we do. The consequences may be too dramatic. Special attention should be paid to any power games and power display – just don’t get involved and stay cool, collected, and balanced.

Wednesday may bring out a situation that needs a peaceful non-confrontational resolution. Relying on the past experiences and our intuitive way to act and taking in account how our actions now may affect the future, we should come to the right conclusions and a peaceful resolution.


Moon in Scorpio: Wednesday March 15th noon – Friday March 17th late evening


Wednesday afternoon may feel like if we were doing everything in a slow motion or were stuck and could not move on or out. In addition to this difficult, slow, and frustrating energy, we may start feeling tired and slow as a result of the transition to the summer time, and we may need to catch up on our sleep. An early night or a slow morning on Thursday would be very appropriate and in tune with the celestial energy. 

Thursday morning may be foggy and unfocused. We may need some down time to regroup, recharge, and transform. In the evening, our mood may become a little emotional, and we may need to watch out for jealousy, power struggles, and suspicions. Our intuitions will be at its highest, and it will be a great time to investigate anything that bothers us, whether the investigation involves delving into our psyche or doing a factual research.

On Friday, our choices may be defined by our emotions and past wounds. If you are not in a situation where such approach is appropriate, just stay away from any decisions or expression of your moods and intentions. We may feel more tired and less inclined to go out or interact with others in the evening, and it will not be a good time to start anything important or new. It may be an evening for a quiet study or time alone, processing our feelings and the last week’s experiences.


Moon in Sagittarius: Friday March 17th late evening – Sunday March 19th 


No matter how many chores you plan for the weekend, the desire to explore our horizons and relationships or to go beyond our limits will be just too string to resist. The Sagittarius Moon may just throw off all our sensible plans and overtake our whole life with adventure. The best outcome for this energy is spending some time outdoors being active and exploring the nature. If this is not a viable option, the energy can be tamed by having virtual explorations and adventures with a book or with an online tutorial. In may be difficult to calm down by the evening and to go to bed at the end of the day.

Sunday will be fiery, both metaphorically and for some of us literally. We may experience unexpected outbursts of energy and fire. Although the mood will be mostly optimistic, we may start feeling limitations and constrains of responsibilities.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of March 13th – 19th):


Monday March 13th until 1:28 AM

Friday March 17th 5:56 PM – 10:59 PM

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