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Week of March 14th – March 20th 


The upcoming week is probably the most important week of the year for anyone who follows Western astrology or otherwise connects to the Solar cycle. This is the week of the Vernal Equinox, the moment when the spring begins and when a new astrological year starts. Sun will move to the sign of Aries on March 19th at 11:31 PM, and this is a great moment for celebration and also for setting intentions for the new Solar year.

Unlike some other forms of astrology, including the Indian (or Vedic) astrology, our Western astrology does not set the borders between the Zodiac signs based on constellations and stars. Western Zodiac always begins with the position of the Sun on the Equinox day (this position is 0 degrees Aries) and divides the rest of the sky into 12 equal 30-degree segments that correspond to other Zodiac signs.

At the time of the Sun entering Aries, the planets in the sky will be in mostly friendly relationships with each other, indicating the beginning od a smooth and enjoyable astrological year. This will be an emotional and passionate year, not without practical attitudes, but our actions and decisions may be based entirely on feelings and inspirations, without intellectual input and approaches.

With the exception of the Equinox, this promises to be a somewhat slow and astrologically uneventful week.


Moon in Gemini: Monday March 14th – Wednesday March 15th early evening


Monday starts as a difficult day full of contradictions and choices, and the situation develops into even more intense case by the evening. The potential conflict situations will be related to our words and our beliefs. There will be a choice between speaking up or keep our truth to ourselves, going with our intuition or analyzing the situation, expressing empathy for others or taking care of the practical needs of the future. IN addition to these dilemmas, we will be quite busy with the Gemini Moon throwing multiple tasks at us!

The situation will continue into Tuesday morning and afternoon, but on Tuesday it will be easier to make our choices and to express our opinions openly and more directly. Whatever happens on these days, we will not lose our sense of humor and friendly disposition. By the evening, the tensions will subside.


Moon in Cancer: Wednesday March 15th late evening – Thursday March 17th


Wednesday evening could be emotional but pleasant. We may feel a lot of love for everyone and everything and may be in the mood to overlook any problems and see only positive sides of people and events. This would be great might for a date, but we may not be inclined to live our homes on this night.

It may be difficult to leave home on Wednesday morning, but wherever we go or stay, we still will be in a good but sensitive mood, and our emotions will get the best out of us. The evening may bring power struggles and outbursts; keep to yourself to avoid any unpleasant and unexpected problems.

On Thursday, it may be easy to slip into remembering the past, but be aware that the memories may be blurred and distorted. Don’t rely on your memories and experiences to plan for the future, use a practical and analytical approach instead. The power struggles and unexpected disruptions may continue, but don’t get involved and let the situations run their course, this will be over by the evening without your participation. In the evening, it will be easy to act on your beliefs and to enforce your choices and opinions without making an extra effort.


Moon in Leo: Friday March 18th – Sunday March 20th morning


The playful romantic Leo Moon arrives just in time for the weekend. As always, this is a great time to spend with your romantic partner or with children, both yours and other people’s. Both the Friday night and the Saturday morning and early afternoon are great for any physical activities or for initiating new projects: we will be alert, creative, and full of energy. The Saturday evening and the first half of Sunday will not be that great for initiating anything new. If possible, just finish what you already started and enjoy your day and the spring weather. Don’t plan much: you are not going to be productive or achieving what you plan.


Moon in Virgo: Sunday March 20th afternoon – end of day


The Virgo Moon will remind us of any chores and responsibilities that we abandoned for fun and creative expression. While we were playing and enjoying, much work has accumulated for us, and it has to be done today, no matter how tired or lazy we feel. That’s just it: leave your fantasies, get back to the Earth, and just do what you have to. There will be no excuse or time to complain about it.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of March 14th – March 20th):


Saturday March 19th 4:42 PM – Sunday March 20th 1:39 PM.

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