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MARCH 27th – APRIL 2nd


The week starts with the New Moon in the fiery sign of Aries. There is a lot of fire in the sky, with several planets in Aries and other Fire signs, and this signifies a very explosive energy. There is a lot of passion and inspiration, as well as anger and frustration, but they are not leading to actions.

This is a first New Moon of the new astrological year, in the first sign of the Zodiac. It’s time for new plans and new beginnings, but it may be difficult to act on our new plans, and this may be somewhat frustrating. Another uneasy configuration between “the big guys” Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto also add tension and stress to our life, and the Full Moon in two weeks will stress and illuminate the problems and the need to act.

The week and the Lunar month will be anything but peaceful or easy.

Moon in Pisces: Monday February 27th mid-morning


Moon in Aries: Monday March 27th late morning – Wednesday March 29th morning


Astrologically, the sky is on fire – there are multiple planets in the Fire signs, and other planets are under the influence of the fiery ones. Watch out for actual fire around you, and also notice the passion and inspiration you experience this week. However, any action may prove difficult at this time, and we have to be patient and persistent if we want to translate the inner fire into the affairs of the outer world. Many of us may experience a strong desire to break free and to act on our selfish desires and plans. There may be breakouts and explosions, both literal and metaphoric.


Moon in Taurus: Wednesday March 29th afternoon – Friday March 31st noon


The fiery impulsive energy of Aries is slowly changed to the stable and patient energy of Taurus as the Moon and later on Friday Mercury move into the sign of Taurus. Wednesday afternoon is harmonious and easy, with the emphasis on practical affairs and tasks. A luxurious bubble bath is a perfect way to end the day and relax while the fiery energy of Aries still lingers in the air.

On Thursday, a music or meditation may be helpful if you still experience a tension and frustration, but the day promises to be pleasant even if interactions with others are not on our priority list on this day. Take charge in a practical matter that may arise, and use the power if needed.

On Friday, any decisions about the future should be treated in a very practical manner – this is a chance to resolve a difficult matter and to use your wisdom and patience to heal an old wound.



Moon in Gemini: Friday March 31st afternoon – Sunday April 2nd early afternoon


The Gemini Moon poses many questions and makes us consider multiple solutions and outcomes. The right solution does not include large investments but involves reconsidering our connections and financial situations.

Although the Gemini Moon makes us talkative and interactive, the evening of Friday is not an easy time to relax with friends or, in fact, any people. There is too much tension and uneasiness in the air, and interactions may not be as pleasant as we would expect them to be. The best way to spend the night is with a newspaper or a book.

Saturday morning is fantastic: we will be full of optimism, energy, and happy about our choices and options. The minds will be busy; this is not a time for relaxation or rest.

Sunday will remind about our responsibilities and promises to others that we have made in the past. It may be painful to have to have to fulfill them now, but the situation will demand an appropriate action.


Moon in Cancer: Sunday April 2nd late afternoon – end of day


The Cancer Moon will make us emotional and domestic, and on this day we will thoroughly enjoy our families and people, who provide a security net. There will be opportunities to express our feelings without words and to experience our commitments as an important part of ourselves. Many of us will feel fortunate, lucky, and emotionally secure, whether we owe this to our family, our close intimate friends, or to our bank account.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of March 27th – APRIL 2nd):


Wednesday March 29th 8:06 AM – 11:47 AM

Thursday March 30th 7:12 PM – Friday March 31st 12:40 PM

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