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WEEK OF MARCH 20th – 26th


The week of the transition of the Sun into Aries is probably the most important week of the year. This move of the Sun defines the beginning of the new astrological year, and the horoscope of the moment when the move happens determines the flavor of the year: the positions of the planets at that moment tell astrologers what we should expect in the upcoming year. The chart of the so-called Aries ingress for Washington DC, our capital that determines the direction of the country, shows a lot of confusion, a focus on our internal affairs, heated discussions and interactions, sudden changes in financial matters, difficulties for the money market, reduction of government sector, and new boundaries that the people will experience, for better or worse. But this week we are still far away from many changes that may happen this year and from the new level of reality that may await us, so we can just relax and embrace this relatively poor in celestial events week.

The week starts with the overload of Fire energy: 6 bodies out of 10 that most astrologers follow are in Fire signs. This is a passionate and energetic start to the week, but most probably the wild Fire energy will

not transform into anything damaging or aggressive, because Mars, the ruler of Aries, is mild and powerless in the sign of Taurus. However, as I always warn in these cases, watch for an actual fire and any impulsive steps and words that you may make or say.


Moon in Sagittarius: Monday March 20th morning


It will be a great start of the week, with the Sagittarius Moon in the morning becoming a Capricorn Moon later in the day.

The Sagittarius Moon will make us energetic and full of big plans in the beginning of the new week. The tight connection of the Moon to Saturn, the planet of time and commitment, will make us follow through with our outrageously ambitious plans too. Monday, the beginning of the new astrological year, will start with a big bang and a lot of passion and dedication.


Moon in Capricorn: Monday March 20th afternoon – Wednesday March 22nd evening


The Capricorn Moon will make Monday a great first day of the week: we will feel serious, ambitious, persistent, and dedicated to our projects. The astrological weather suggests focusing on our work, career, and responsibilities and not on our love lives or interactions with other people. While the love lives may be on the back burner, we may accomplish a lot in every other area of our lives. It’s springtime, new astrological year, and a time for new beginnings and taking charge of our lives for the next year. Time to come out of the winter hibernation and to charge ahead with new ideas and new actions.

Monday is a busy day with a lot to do during the day and in the evening. There will be some tension and stress in the air and no relaxation or enjoying simple pleasures.

On Tuesday, heated discussions and interactions may call for decisive and practical actions: we may be called to keep our promises and to commit to our words or to get cast out. The evening may bring power struggles, and they will have a potential to escalate and to result in unexpected outcomes.

Wednesday will be dynamic and full of potential to experience sudden breakthroughs if we can find the right balance for being conservative and respectable but unconventional and free-spirited at the same time. Some of us may rebel in a search of our unique ways to express ourselves.


Moon in Aquarius: Wednesday March 22nd late evening – Friday March 24th


What starts with great intentions and amazing ideas in the evening of Wednesday may never materialize in actions and move from the starting point forward.

On Thursday, we may feel stuck or moving slowly and unable to break the spell of procrastination and inaction.

Friday is brilliant: we may come up with amazing new ideas, we will be able to communicate them and expand our influence and our creativity, and we may have the most amazing breakthroughs in everything we touch on this day. This is a day of opportunities and chances that may lead to amazing changes in our ways of thinking and dealing with our lives. However, a part of the amazing deal will be taking responsibility fro our words and actions and following through on our ideas and words.


Moon in Pisces: Saturday March 25th – Sunday March 26th


Saturday will be a lazy and relaxed day, and we will be compelled to stay in bed longer and to start our day later. As the Moon is finishing her monthly Lunar cycle, we may be thinking about the past and become more sensitive and emotional than we usually are. This is a great day for a movie or a concert, as well as any meditation or other forms of connection to the Universe.

On Sunday, we may prefer to be alone and to spend the day dreaming and relaxing away from our friends and families.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of March 20th – 26th):


Saturday March 25th 1:55 AM – 6:06 AM

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