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Week of March 21st – March 27h 


The first week of spring is dynamic and full of astrological events. As the week starts, we will feel that the foggy energy of the last couple of weeks is rapidly dissipating, and the new energy, high and asserting life and action, moves in. Sun just moved from the gentle and sensitive Pisces into energetic and action-oriented Aries, signifying higher energy and clarity in making choices and acting on them for all of us. Mercury, the planet of mind and ideas, follows the Sun into Aries on Monday. Adding drama and even more energy, the Moon is rapidly gaining more light, culminating on Wednesday as the Full Moon in Libra and a Lunar eclipse. The events of this week surely promise a wake up call for all of us: it’s time to shake off the grudge of the wintertime and to spear into spring with new plans and actions.


Moon in Virgo: Monday March 21st – Tuesday March 22nd


The Virgo Moon is what we all want for the beginning of the week, especially when we are energized by the yesterday’s move of the Sun into dynamic Aries. Virgo Moon will help us organize our life and our work for the week to come and to plan and clean everything that needs some planning and cleaning. This is a great time to make resolutions and plans for the upcoming Solar year and to focus on anything that needs to be perfected and improved.

On Monday, our mind may be still hazy and unclear, but it will change very sharply as Mercury moves from dreamy Pisces into energetic Aries on Monday evening. The Virgo Moon will keep us focused on practical sides of our lives despite our inner resistance and our desire to remain enchanted and satisfied with status quo. It’s time to move on into the future, and the Moon will remind us to count our losses and to make new plans.


Moon in Libra: Wednesday March 23rd – Friday March 25th early afternoon


The Full Moon will occur early in the morning in the sign of Libra, and it will be accompanied by a partial Lunar eclipse. Just a couple of hours later, Mercury will be crossing the “heart” of the Sun, or passing between the Earth and the Sun. This will stress anything related to mercury’s affairs: intellectual abilities, learning, giving speeches, obtaining and relating information, driving, doing computer work, etc. All these activities will be favored and will be supported by the Mercury being illuminated by the Sun. The Full Libra Moon positioned on the other side of the Earth, opposite from the Sun and Mercury, will call for a balance and harmony between the feelings and the mind. We may feel this theme for several weeks to come, because the eclipse always stresses and extends the influence of the Full Moon, especially for those, whose birth horoscope is activated by it. Many of us may find out a conflict and lack of agreements between our emotions and our rational thinking and may also discover the ways to reconcile them or to compromise and learn to live with the conflict. Our choices and decisions may be very brave and bold under the Aries Sun and Mercury conjoined in the sky.

Thursday may bring unexpected events clashing with our moods and responsibilities but demanding our attention. Neither Thursday nor Friday morning will bring us any relief from the intensity of the Full Moon. Our heads may be still spinning, and the energy may be just too strong to disregard: we may not be able to get to the place of peace and calm on these days, and slowing down our minds will not be an option.

No matter how much energy you have or how many unsettling thoughts cross your mind, try to stay away from important activities and decisions on Thursday evening and Friday morning.


Moon in Scorpio: Friday March 25th afternoon – Sunday March 27th


As the Moon moves in Scorpio on Friday afternoon, we may finally get the well deserved and so much appreciated solitude and may be able to slow down after an intense, busy, and active week. The Moon is not making connections to other planets, and we may feel the same way and prefer to just sit in our corner alone and sulk.

Saturday morning will be great for sleeping in and relaxing. Scorpio Moon can be intense, but this time it will be rather pleasant and enjoyable, with deep appreciation for love and beauty, and it will be easy to relate to other people. If you plan anything important for the weekend, do it on Saturday no matter how lazy or sleepy and relaxed you feel: Sunday will not be productive and will be best spent doing nothing or finishing something that was started earlier. Although enjoyable, this weekend will lack in accomplishments.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of March 21st – March 27th):


Tuesday March 22nd 12:54 AM – Wednesday March 23rd 2:23 AM;

Thursday March 24th 5:55 PM – Friday March 25th 3:08 PM;

Sunday March 27th 4:25 AM – end of day.

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