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Week of March 6th – 12th


We are move away from the intensity and business of February, and this week will be the last one in March with the intense energies building up to the Full Moon on Sunday. The Sun is in Pisces, providing some drama and food for imaginative minds, but the Moon will be in practical and productive Virgo on the Full Moon, and it will keep the usual intensity and drama of the Full Moon down. Although we still have a lot of planetary presence and energy in Pisces, Mars will be moving to Taurus this week, and this will add to the earthy energy of the Full Moon. This is not the time to go overboard with feelings or dreams: practical and earthy Mars and Full Moon will make us care about practical and earthy things in our lives and act on our practical plans. The rest of the Month after this week will be much less intense and more stable than many recent weeks.


Moon in Gemini: Monday March 6th early in the morning

Those, who can force themselves to get up earlier this morning despite the sleepy mood and the desire to catch another minute in bed, may have a chance to finish something they promised before, to fulfill their obligations, and to attend to their duty. The early morning is not good for starting anything new. Don’t try to push it, wake up later: the later start will bring better results.


Moon in Cancer: Monday March 6th morning – Wednesday March 8th morning

The Cancer Moon will bring our attention to our obligations and commitments and the way our actions affect our life and shape our future. The focus will be on the feelings and emotional security, and the energy may be too intense to handle without becoming too emotional. In the evening, there may be too much tension in a relationship, and we may be rethinking and reconsidering our commitments. Remember: this is not a time to act. Venus is retrograde for several weeks to come, and we should use this time for thinking about our relationships, but not trying to break them or make them. Any decision made now will be reconsidered later.

Tuesday will continue the drama with the commitment, but the situation will become more about controlling our emotions or transforming them. It is easier today to find harmony between our feelings and our choices and desires, even if compromise involves some denial and illusions. The afternoon and evening will bring a feeling of instability and inability to decide between personal freedom and control. The desire to act and to seek change may be very strong, but it will be difficult to make a right decision and finalize our choices.

Wednesday morning is unproductive; don’t start anything new until the afternoon. Don’t schedule any important meetings or medical intervention in the morning.


Moon in Leo: Wednesday March 8th afternoon – Friday March 10th afternoon

Sparks may be flying on Wednesday afternoon: there is a lot of Fire energy in the sky. We may be eager to act and to make a change, with passion. Watch out for an actual fire as well. In the evening on Wednesday and in the morning on Thursday, the playful Leo Moon will make an easy connection to the love goddess Venus in passionate and hot Aries, and we may be knocked off our feet with desire and passion. However, tread lightly: Venus is retrograde, and our love affairs and partners’ reactions are unpredictable. Don’t get burned.

On Thursday in the afternoon and in the evening, the fiery Moon may make us unpredictable and force us to break out of our normal behavior and reactions. However, confrontations will be narrowly avoided. Passion and relationships will be on our mind for the rest of the day, and by the morning of Friday we may be ready to commit or to explore our limits. We may be full of passion and fire, but our actions will be slow and careful.


Moon in Virgo: Friday March 10th evening – Sunday March 12th end of day

The weekend will be perfect for chores, organizing, improving, and cleaning. Friday night and Saturday morning are not the hours for sleeping or resting: we will be full of desire to act and to be productive. The practical and anxious energy of the Virgo Moon will keep us busy and preoccupied with improving our lives and our health. Friday night and Saturday will be great for exercise, especially physical activities focused on skeletomuscular system. On Saturday night, we will be full of energy and power and not in a mood to slow down or to submit to dreams or fantasies. The energy of the weekend is very practical and solid.

As we approach the Full Moon on Sunday, the energy may build up, but the earthy Virgo Moon will keep it from becoming too emotional or dramatic. By this time, many of us will uncover the promises of the February eclipses, but we will be well prepared to deal with any practical consequences of our new knowledge on this weekend and to tackle any hurtful information with practicality and coldness of the Earth signs.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST/EDT, WEEK OF MARCH 6TH – 12th):


Monday March 6th 3:21 AM – 7:54 AM;

Wednesday March 8th 9:59 AM – 11:45 AM;

Sunday March 12th 10:36 PM – end of day.

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