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Week of March 7th – March 13th 


The Eclipse season is upon us! Every year, we observe two sets of eclipses that currently happen in spring and fall. Most often each set includes one solar and one lunar eclipse, and this is what will happen in March: on March 8th, there will be a total Solar eclipse followed by a partial Lunar eclipse on March 23rd. Solar eclipses always happen during the New Moon, while Lunar Eclipses always fall on the Full Moon. Eclipses occur when the New Moon or the Full Moon is located exactly in (total eclipse) or close to (partial) the plane of the Earth orbit, which happens twice a year.

The upcoming Solar eclipse on March 8th will not be seen in US, it will be visible across an area of Pacific Ocean, beginning in Indonesia, and ending in the northern Pacific Ocean.

The areas where the eclipse is visible are considered to be the most vulnerable by astrologers, with events occurring within weeks and sometimes months before and after the eclipse. The epicenter of the recent earthquake that occurred close to the shores of Indonesia was located right in the zone of the eclipse visibility…

However, if a person has planets in her/his natal horoscope that will be contacted by the Sun or the Moon during the eclipse, she/he will feel the influence of the eclipse independently of her/his location. Others, whose natal horoscope does not have any affinity with the eclipse, may not notice it.

An eclipse brings a revelation, uncovering of something that remained unseen and buried. Solar eclipses prompt events, while Lunar eclipses affect us at the emotional level. The Solar eclipse next week will be about releasing, letting go off the past, abandoning the dreams or illusions, and moving forward with a clear mind and attention to the present.

The next couple of weeks may bring a dreamy mood, escapism, but also highest creativity and connection to others. It may be easy to succumb to our illusions or to others’ deception, and it will be difficult to focus on tasks in hand and to clear the mind. These days may also bring many chaotic uncontrolled changes. To harness the foggy and deceptive energy and to be able to perform any intellectual tasks, we may need to meditate more or to listen to the music more often.


Moon in Aquarius: Monday March 7th morning


We may want to perform intellectual jobs, but it will be hard to focus or to think straight. This mood will continue for several days, so delaying the tasks will not help us, but meditating may help, at least temporarily.


Moon in Pisces: Monday March 7th afternoon - Wednesday March 9th early afternoon


Monday afternoon will be super sleepy. It will be difficult to stay awake, or at least it will be difficult not to daydream.

On Tuesday, it will be difficult to wake up and get going. It’s a New Moon day, and we may want to set our intentions for the next month, the next year, and for 19 years to come. This New Moon is extremely powerful, with the Total Solar Eclipse supporting our intentions and giving them vitality and strength. The thoughts of letting go of past wounds and moving forward; of creative pursuits, especially related to the music, cinematograph, and photography; of charitable plans; of our dreams and illusions will be very powerful and supported by the New Moon. To be fully attainable, the meditations and intentions should be accompanied by description of practical details of our plans (and even calculations if possible).

The late evening on Tuesday and the morning and early afternoon on Wednesday will not be productive. Don’t start anything new, and avoid any major decisions. Focus on finishing small tasks at work and at home instead and wait for the Moon to move to Aries and bring an extra energy boost.


Moon in Aries: Wednesday March 9th late afternoon - Friday March 11th early afternoon


The Aries Moon connected to Mars in another fire sign Sagittarius in an easy supportive contact will result in a fiery, very energetic day on Wednesday. Use this day to perform any physical work or workout, to start new projects that need energy and focus, or to end anything that has been annoying and preventing you from moving on. Hurry, because tomorrow will not be as enthusiastic, brave, and carefree as this Wednesday.

As the Moon continues her path in Aries, it will move away from an easy energetic contact with Mars and will from new contacts, with restrictive and frustrating Saturn and chaotic explosive Uranus… The situations may become less enjoyable, unpredictable, and constrictive… The Aries Moon will make us confrontational, and we should be careful not to act on this mood if we don’t want the situations to blow up and to become unmanageable. Whatever happens during this day, we should feel calmer and more able to relate to others in the evening.

On Friday, we will be more reasonable and colder, and it should not be problematic to communicate with others and to reach an agreement, even if it did not seem possible yesterday.


Moon in Taurus: Friday March 11th late afternoon - Sunday March 13th afternoon


Friday night is great for a romantic date, especially if you plan to eat out and to make out afterwards. Sensual Taurus Moon will make any pleasures of the body delightful: food will taste like you never ate before, and kisses will feel like you never kissed before, and you will be able to relate to each other in a friendly way at the same time! Massage, hot bubble bath, perfume, luxurious bed sheets will give a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

This mood will continue through the weekend. We will also be very sensitive to others’ needs and very relaxed and dreamy. It’s a perfect weekend to get carried away into a place of dreams and sensual pleasures. Plan a couple weekend get away!


Moon in Gemini: Sunday March 13th evening


On this evening, we may be inclined do more talking than acting. There will be very little stability in our moods, and the circumstances may be changing quickly and unpredictable as well. Sunday evening may be a quiet time to prepare for the new week, but it will be difficult on this particular Sunday to focus and to get any peace: there will be an atmosphere of anxiety, instability, and rapid change in the air.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of March 7th – March 13th):


Tuesday March 8th 8:54 PM – Wednesday March 9th 2:39 PM.

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