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Week of May 16th – 22nd


Lately, many of us have been feeling that positive changes started happening, but they have been oh so slow… This week’s celestial events set everything in motion, end the slow progression of events, and initiate fast changes in several areas of our lives. The change in pace will start on May 20th as soon as the Sun moves from the slow, practical, and careful sign of Taurus into the careless, quick, and changeable sign of Gemini. This huge change in our moods and circumstances will be followed immediately by the Full Moon on May 21st in the freedom-loving and ever-wandering sign of Sagittarius. The Full Moon will make us seek change and expansion, we will clearly see where the things are going and will be able to make quick and long overdue decisions with lightness and clarity that we might have lacked for some time. A Sabian symbol (a unique phrase for each degree of the Zodiac) for the second degree of Sagittarius, where the Full Moon will occur, is “White-capped Waves Display The Power Of Wind Over Sea”, and this is just another indication of things changing fast, and the atmosphere of our lives becoming lighter and more changeable after this week. On May 22nd, Mercury will be turning to its direct motion in the sky, and we will be leaving the period of delays and miscommunications that we lately might have experienced. Hold on tight! Circumstances will be changing quickly and sometimes unpredictably!


Moon in Virgo: Monday May 16th morning and early afternoon


Virgo Moon in Monday in the beginning of a week may be very beneficial to our productivity, provided we spend the fist half of the day finishing old projects or planning for the future without starting anything new. We may feel uneasiness and restlessness, but, if we want to succeed, we need to wait until afternoon to start anything important that is expected to have an outcome. The Moon is growing in size and light, and we start noticing that something we perceived as stagnant and stalled is actually developing to our satisfaction, although the process is slow. Think what can be changed and fixed now if you are not completely satisfied with the direction an area of your life in going to: in several days, after the Full Moon, it may be too late to make any adjustments, because the our lives will speed up and we will have trouble keeping up with the developments. These days, and especially the times when the Moon is in an Earth sign of Virgo, are very practical, and the outcomes of our words and actions are material. Be careful what you wish for, or what you say, or what you like: you may get it.


Moon in Libra: Monday May 16th afternoon – Wednesday May 18th


As soon as the Moon enters the sign of Libra, it will make an easy contact with Mars, and this may cause frustration and restlessness, because Mars is still in his retrograde motion and is not as forceful and active as he normally is. The contact of the Libra Moon with retrograde Mars suggests revisiting our relationships and acting on them again even if in the past we were not successful in whatever we were trying to achieve. Libra is a sign of action, but also a sign of compromise and balance. With the help of Mars, the Libra Moon may help us to act on past wounds and resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction. However, if a relationship is new, or an issue that you plan to address has not been discussed before, I advise not to approach it under the retrograde Mars, the God of war, discord, anger, and frustration. In addition, on this day, we will not be in a mood of taking care of someone else, at least not in a mood of doing it in a reasonable and peaceful manner.

On Tuesday, our dreams may require adjustment, and we may be awakened by a reality call. Compromise may be required to solve a situation.

Wednesday may be an emotionally difficult day, with many conflict situations and adjustments to make. Our dreams and plans may come into focus, as well as our choices and our attachments. We may feel like everything in our life suddenly and unexpectedly needs corrections and adjustments, just when we need peace and balance the most. The most difficult will be the realization that adjustments do not help, and nothing works as expected. Staying with our commitments may require compromises and changes, but this will be the only thing that will keep us sane and optimistic about the future.


Scorpio: Thursday May 19th – Saturday May 21st early afternoon


The Moon is approaching the phase of Full Moon. Although the Full Moon will not happen in the sign of Scorpio, the Night Goddess of Light will remain in Scorpio until just under two hours before the Full Moon, and we may feel the drama and the intensity of this Scorpio-Almost-Full-Moon. Emotions may run deep, and we may forget about the reality and about making the right choices that would be aligned with our purpose in life. Even a thorough thinking and systematic approaches may be flawed by emotions. However, keeping this in mind, don’t disregard your intuition: it will be sharp, whether you are intentionally focusing on mental approaches or just follow your guts.

The apparent conflict between our thoughts and feelings, our knowledge and our intuition will continue on Friday. This is the day to resolve the conflict and to get tangible results, but we will need to dive deep and to allow our hidden feelings and intuition to decide the outcomes. On Friday, the Sun moves to Gemini, and, as the intensity of the almost full Moon increases, the world around us will get into motion, and the speed will be increasing every day, with Moon moving to Sagittarius, with Mercury turning direct on Sunday, then Venus moving to Gemini too in a couple of days.


Sagittarius: Saturday May 21st late afternoon – Sunday May 22nd


The Full Moon will occur on Saturday in the afternoon in the sign of Sagittarius, the sign of wanderer and travelers. It signifies change and speedy resolutions, even if not always desired ones: the Moon is too close to two most difficult planets in the sky, Mars and Saturn. Such closeness, especially on the Full Moon, may indicate frustration, reality checks, and unpleasant revelations, shattered dreams and ideals.

On Sunday, our words, both written and said, will have extra strength as Mercury turns to its direct movement in the skies under the Full Moon. If you have an important message to deliver and you have been waiting for a good moment to say it, this is a perfect day to make it clear and powerful, just wait for the afternoon.



Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of May 16th – 22nd):


Monday May 16th 5:20 AM – 1:32 PM;

Wednesday May 18th 11:22 AM – Thursday May 19th 2:29 AM.

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