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Although the month will be less hectic than the previous months, and there will be a sense of increasing stability and grounding, May will be rich in intense astrological energies, especially around the dates of the Full Moon and the New Moon. However, this week offers a break from the intensity of celestial influences, as well as a lower pace than we had in the past weeks or will have in the upcoming weeks.

Mercury will turn direct on Wednesday May 3rd, ending the times of confusion and unexpected delays. After several days of picking up the speed, Mercury will be back to its normal function by the next week, and we may feel relief watching our mercury-related affairs proceeding with the normal speed. This week, Mercury works together with Uranus, the planet of revolutionary breakthroughs and unexpected events breaking the normal pace and expectations. It is a time when brilliant ideas may come to our minds, and combined with the strong and positive influence of Saturn, the energies of Mercury and Uranus may be solidified into practical outcomes and persistent efforts.


Moon in Cancer: Monday May 1st all day – Tuesday May 2nd 12:15 AM


The Cancer Moon is still channeling the energy of Aries, leaving her connection with Mercury and Uranus in Aries and forming a new connection with Venus in Aries. This creates a pioneering and active mood, the desire to be pro-active and make important moves. Use this energy of new beginnings and action – it will fade away as the month progresses.


Moon in Leo: Tuesday May 2nd 12:15 AM – Thursday May 4th 5:51 AM


On Tuesday, we are happy and playful and are not afraid to act and to be childlike when we do. We can use this energy to be creative, or to be romantic, or to spend time with the little children in our lives – all these activities will be delightful and fulfilling. The evening is more intense as we experience a conflict between our feelings and our core values and have to make a choice that is consistent with our obligations.

Wednesday is grand: we think big, and we have great unorthodox ideas that bring joy to our hearts. As the day progresses, we will find the ways to reconcile our emotions, our obligations, and our electric and brilliant ideas, and we will feel content and happy. The afternoon and evening are fiery and exciting, and we can be playful and happy like children.


Moon in Virgo: Thursday May 4th 5:51 AM – Saturday May 6th 2:22 PM


The punctual and systematic Moon in Virgo will demand our attention to our responsibilities and chores. There will be no time to daydream or sleep in – we will be focused on working for the future success with a realistic outlook at our lives.

Friday is practical and grounded. Where is our hidden power to turn the world into a better place for ourselves and others? How do we deal with the reality of others’ egos and power struggles? These are the questions that may come to our attention, and it will be easy to tackle them on this day and to act on our decisions.

There is a conflict between our heart desires and the reality on Saturday, and we have to make an adjustment and come to a peace with our duty and the real situations of our lives. It is a good idea to complete our chores and any work that needs to be done over the weekend before the Moon moves on into the sign of Libra in the afternoon.


Moon in Libra: Saturday May 6th 2:22 PM – Sunday May 7th all day


The Libra Moon will make us look for a harmony between our desires and others’ wishes. Even if we don’t like what we hear, we understand the other’s point of view, and we are ready to adjust and to restore or keep the peace or to make the situation fair for everyone. The sense of duty is very strong too, even if we struggle with complying. Our efforts are rewarded on Sunday, when we celebrate the relationships and open direct communication and find power and transformation in the communion of two souls. Sunday is also a great time for a party, a formal dinner, or just a get-together with friends: everyone will be interactive, happy, and the laugh will fill the room. If nothing has been planned, reach out, act and contact, explore your options, and you may end up having a great time and conversation with a friend or a member of your family or with a complete stranger.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of 1st – 7th):



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