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Week of May 2nd – 8th


The Moon is in the last phase of the Lunar cycle until May 6th afternoon, when the new cycle begins with the New Moon in the sign of Taurus. The last days of the waning Moon are always the days of reflection, counting the gains and the wounds of the last monthly Lunar cycle, the cycle of the yearly return of the New Moon into the sign of Taurus; and planning for the future rounds of the Lunar cycle.

In addition to the Balsamic Moon phase, we have five retrograde planets in the sky (Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto), also prompting us to be more retrospective and introspective, to have our drama and change inside rather than in the outer world. The New Moon in Taurus stresses the focus on anything sweet and pleasant, especially for our practical minds and our earthly bodies. There are three more celestial bodies in Taurus on the day of the New Moon: Sun, Venus, and Mercury, all stressing and amplifying the energy of Taurus, the energy of stability, security, possessions, practicality, and hard work. It’s a time to make our resolutions regarding our finances, treating ourselves the best way we can, indulging in bodily pleasures and pampering ourselves, and healing our bodies with the best food we can have. Taurus likes stability, and it may feel for a while that our affairs are not moving or developing, but we will soon notice that they are, in a very easy and pleasant way that does not require much effort from us: this is the help of Venus, the brightest and kindest planet of all, who is excited to be in her own sign of Taurus and is eager to help other planets that travel through her sign.

An arrangement of three planets, Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto, in the Earth signs may help us manifesting our thoughts and words, especially the ones we are saying to ourselves in a privacy of our own mind.


Moon in Pisces: Monday May 2nd – Tuesday May 3rd early afternoon


Monday starts as a relaxed and dreamy day; we may have trouble waking up and getting to our busy lives. Thoughts of the past may prevent us from moving forward to new big achievements, but remember that this will pass in a day, and we will be able to continue our lives with passion and fire as soon as the Moon leaves Pisces. Pay attention to your dreams, thoughts, and words, as the energy of the sky may help us to manifest our thoughts and dreams on this day.

Dedicate the Tuesday morning to finishing already started projects, and don’t start anything new or important until the afternoon, when the Moon moves on to Aries.


Moon in Aries: Tuesday May 3rd afternoon – Thursday May 5th early afternoon


The energy will change as soon as the Moon enters Aries in the early afternoon: we will feel more active and ready to act, but we may experience difficulties and delays with our activities. It may be better to get to making plans for the future, especially for the later summer times and the fall. Shifting our energy and effort from immediate tasks to distant plans may help us to utilize the high energy of Aries Moon in a constructive way instead of being angry and frustrated about the delays and obstacles that we may feel when it comes to the today projects.

On Tuesday, we may be actively helping someone in need of attention, someone, who is in a difficult situation. If we are in a hard situation, we may get help from others on this day.

On Wednesday, we may have a feeling that an adjustment needs to be made ion order to continue on our chosen life path. We may also suddenly come up with a very unusual and unexpected decisions and plan of action. Watch for being too eccentric, and give any plan of actions a couple of days before you start.

Thursday morning is another half-day to take it easy, plan more than do, and focus on finishing rather than starting anything new.


Moon in Taurus: Thursday May 5th afternoon – Saturday May 7th morning


The Taurus Moon will feel very comfortable and happy, because it will find herself in the close proximity to Venus, both happy and relaxed in the sign ruled by Venus. Unfortunately, we will not be able to see them cuddled close to each other: they will be high in the sky during the day and hidden behind the sunbeams. However, we will definitely feel the ease and comfort of this celestial arrangement, and our earthly affairs will go smooth and pleasant. This is still the waning Balsamic Moon, so it’s not a time for action and new beginnings. Spend time enjoying your life, your able body, your food, the sunlight, and the flowers of the spring. Taurus Moon next to Venus in Taurus is all about enjoying the earthly pleasures and pampering our selves to the best of our abilities and situations.

The New Moon on Friday will restart the clock of the Lunar cycle and give us another chance to address our securities and possessions, our financial affairs, and the way we take care of our bodies. This is also another chance to fix our love lives and, because the New Moon happens next to Mercury and Venus in Taurus in the sky, to manifest our sweet and loving thoughts. The arrangement of Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto in the Earth signs that will be touched by this new Moon sends us a message to go deep inside our souls and to find the ways we need to change, to say it to ourselves and to others, and see it manifesting in the real life in the sweetest and largest way possible.

Saturday will start slowly. Doing nothing and enjoying our lives is the best thing to do the first half of this lazy slow day. Gardening or balancing a checkbook would be the second best if you are not used to lazy Saturdays.


Moon in Gemini: Saturday May 7th afternoon – Sunday May 8th


Saturday afternoon may become very busy and call our attention to our siblings, neighbors, or anyone else we usually interact with.  There may be discussions and phone calls that may make us uneasy and even frustrated or angry, and we may find ourselves in situations when we have to keep our frustration and anger inside without outlet. As the day progresses, we may find a way to see a big picture behind the small problems, and analyzing the situation before speaking or acting may help to find the right direction.

Sunday is another difficult and tense day, when our expectations may not be reflected in the reality, and our words will not fall onto a fertile ground. We may feel that everything requires an effort and we are working with the opposing forces and unmatched energies around us. Speak up and talk it out: even if this will not help to fix a difficult situation, it will make you feel better.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EST, week of May 2nd – 8th):


Tuesday May 3rd 1:07 AM – 1:04 PM;

Thursday May 5th 12:17 AM – 1:10 PM;

Friday May 6th 10:10 PM – Saturday May 7th 12:34 PM.

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