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Week of May 30th – June 5th


This is the week of a New Moon that will occur late at night on Saturday May 4th. This intense but somewhat undecided New Moon will stress and encourage an uneasy and intense relationship between several major planets, and we will feel the consequences for the whole month ahead. Many of us have already noticed that the days have been hectic, busy, and often unpleasant, with tension and unresolved issues. The main questions that come up for resolution are about the structure of our lives, our choices between the reality and a dream, and about important details that may have been overlooked in search for a big picture. We will be re-structuring our lives and expanding one part of our lives while contracting and letting go of something that does not serve us anymore. This energy will be with us to stay for the duration of the month of June. We will feel pulled in several directions, unable to resolve one issue without closing on another, and some of us will be hit directly with the energy of chaos and change, depending on our birth horoscopes. Even when we decide to make a choice, we will be facing several options and outcomes and may be unable to settle on any of them.

The Moon is finishing her cycle the most of this week, and we may expect a little more peace and reflection. However, the week starts with an intense unsettling Monday. We are celebrating the Memorial Day and probably looking forward to time with our families and friends, but the day will be less than pleasant, with old wounds uncovered and poked, our words unpredictably having either too much power or too little influence, and several areas of our lives being challenged in unusually extreme ways. The week will end with a New Moon that may bring new expectations and hopes, but not peace, clarity, finality, and calm that we may desire.


Moon in Pisces: Monday May 30th


The Pisces Moon is always sensitive, but on this day, the sensitive issues will be in focus and magnified. Watch out for powerful words and information that may open the old wounds. It may be too easy to hide in our memories and past behaviors, including any substance abuse. Make everything you say very clear and don’t leave anything to interpretations: misunderstandings and confusions are too likely, and they may hurt. To avoid the escapist behaviors from the past, be optimistic about the future and request details and explanations if you are unsure how to react to hurtful words or actions.


Moon in Aries: Monday May 30th late evening - Wednesday June 01


It’s great to start a workweek with an Aries Moon: there is plenty of resolve and energy in the air, and we feel ready to charge ahead and conquer the world. This is a great time for any physical work or exercise. If the problems of choices and life structure bother you too much, just run, or swim, or at least walk it out. If you don’t, the tension and stress may manifest as anger or frustration.  By Tuesday evening, our desire to figure out the details of our big project or our future could become so unbearable that we may just blow up and do something completely unexpected. Alternatively, something unexpected that may change our outlook at our choices, limitations, and responsibilities could be done to us. In any case, don’t be frightened by any sudden developments: they may help us to reconcile the opposite forces in our lives that make our lives nightmarish at this time, even if the adjustment is uneasy and requires too much analysis and tweaking.

Watch out for power display or manipulation game on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Wednesday, use the morning productively: the afternoon and evening will not be suited for starting anything new and important. Don’t schedule any important meetings, and don’t hope to be successful with anything you start. Dedicate the day to finishing already started projects and any physical activity.


Moon in Taurus: Wednesday June 01 late night - Friday June 03


In a tense and ever-changing and busy atmosphere of the current celestial energies, the Taurus Moon may make us indulgent. On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, we may not be ready for interactions with others or for any meaningful work, but we may be craving luxuries, bodily pleasure, and a slow pace and relaxation. Anything that indulges our senses will be delightful and welcome. By the evening, we will be ready to join in a conversation with others, and this better be a conversation about practical matters. Exercise power with caution, and avoid being overpowered by others. Discussing deep psychological issues may result in positive practical outcomes. Talking about your dreams (as in aspirations for the future and as in actual last night dream) will provide a powerful release of energy.

On Friday, too much talking will delay actions. However, it may be delightful and desirable to just take it slow and be relaxed and thoughtful about anything we do. If unsure how to transition from talking to acting, look back and do what worked before, but take in account any lessons you learned from the past.

Friday evening is not for new endeavors. Don’t go on a blind date, don’t schedule a first date, don’t start anything you care about. Use the evening to finish something you started at home or at work, or just get lost in a routine and take it easy.


Moon in Gemini: Friday June 03 late night - Sunday June 05


Saturday is the last day when we can think about our plans for the month in order to synchronize our intentions and out actions with the Moon cycle to get as much help form the Moon as possible. Reflecting on what did not work the last Lunar cycle (or the last year) and setting new priorities and developing action plan will be very beneficial if you want to make the most out of this tense and unstable month. The New Gemini Moon is a perfect time to set intentions for learning new things, interacting with our siblings and close family or neighbors, or finally start that manuscript that we planned to write for so long. Gemini Moon is also about our contacts, interaction style, and reading. Examine your limitation and decide how you will overcome them. You may have more than one choice of actions, and you don’t have to pick one now, just set your intentions, and the decision will come at the right time. It’s a magical time when our thoughts and intentions take up the energy of the New Moon to develop, to materialize, and to bloom.

Think what you want to give up and minimize in your life and what you want to grow and expand.

The Moon will move to Cancer in the last 15 minutes of the day, but only those, who happen to stay up late, will notice the energy shift and may become more emotional and protective of their privacy and their family treasures.

Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of May 30th – June 5th):


Wednesday June 1st 11:42 AM – 10:46 PM;

Friday June 3rd 7:02 PM – 11:01 PM;

Sunday June 5th 12:47 PM – 11:41 PM.

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