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WEEK OF MAY 8th – 14th


The week of the Full Moon starts with two days that we can use to speed up our existing projects and probably start a couple more. Once the Moon reaches the peak of the cycle on Wednesday May 10th, we will need to focus on examining the results of our efforts and deciding on strategies to wind down what has been during this Lunar cycle started and assessing the potential outcomes. The Full Moon in Wednesday may be intense and secretly emotional: Scorpio is not the easiest sign for the Moon. This Full Moon goes deep and touches painful and hidden places in our memories and our souls, the things that we outgrew but that are so difficult to let go of… The energy of Scorpio is the energy of transformation and resurrection. Expect the Full Moon to illuminate for you something in your life that needs to be discarded, left behind, or completely transformed and rebuilt.

The Sabian symbol (a unique image) for the degree of the Full Moon is “Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders”. It suggests to us to look deep inside and to act based on our very deep inner needs with integrity, not compromising or matching the expectations that others impose on us.


Moon in Libra: Monday May 8th all day


On Monday, the Moon stresses the connection between Mercury and Uranus that makes us truly brilliant and innovative this week. Our thoughts may be in the future, and it looks more exciting and surreal than any sci-fi movie or book ever described. This is the time for brainstorming and approaching the problems that are difficult to solve with new rigor and energy. The time is truly electric, and out brains may be working vey fast and in very unusual ways that we did not experience before. Monday is the day to give those brilliant ideas a structure, to set them in stone, so that we can reap the practical benefits right away or later.

Monday evening is the time to finish something that has been started before but not to plan any important meetings or beginnings.


Moon in Scorpio: Tuesday May 9th – Thursday May 11th early afternoon


On Tuesday, the Scorpio Moon will not support the interactions with others. We may prefer to stay alone, to dive deep into our dreams, and may be even get lost in our imaginary world.

Wednesday is the most intense day of the week, with the Full Moon in the evening. Those, who celebrate Full Moons with meditation, may dive very deep and have a truly spiritual experience behind the veil on this very special day. Everything new and important has to be finished during the day time, because the evening and night will not support the new beginnings: this will be the time to reflect on the Full Moon and to reach deeper understanding of he areas of our lives that need to be abandoned or transformed.

Take it easy on Thursday in the morning, and don’t start anything important: it will not develop as you expect it to. Anything important and new should be delayed until the afternoon.


Moon in Sagittarius: Thursday May 11th afternoon – Saturday May 13th


The Sagittarius Moon is inspiring and fiery, because it makes an easy connection with the Venus in Aries. We will be ready to overlook the others’ imperfections and combative moods. Sparks will fly, but very few can actually damage us or dampen our optimistic outlook on life on this day. The day and the evening are good for an adventure or exploration of a new territory, especially in a relationship.

On Friday, we will have a desire to be pro-active, but the problem may be deciding on what action to take: there will be several comparable options. If unsure, turn to meditation or to your intuition: the most impractical and unreasonable way to decide will lead us to a correct decision, even if we are unable to justify it logically.

Our optimistic mood and outlook on life may run into limitations and obstacles on Saturday, and we may be faced with the exploration of our limits and limiting our explorations… Unconventional ideas will help us overcome the obstacles. There is a lot of fire and passion in the sky; we will feel very inspired and energized. Also watch for fires in your environment, both metaphorical and real.


Moon in Capricorn: Sunday May 14th all day


Capricorn Moon may not be our first choice for a weekend, but, if we use it wisely, it may help us build things and find our inner strength to structure our days or our lives. We may feel that on this serious day there is no place for pleasure and fun or for things of beauty and art. However, everything has its place if we approach life with the desire to organize and improve it and to find timeless meaning of the things and interactions. Sunday will be about growing the things and relationships that survive the time challenge: grow it if it is for a long hold, and don’t waste your energy if this is a fleeting impulse.


Avoid starting anything new if the outcome is important or to schedule medical procedures during following days and hours (EDT, week of May 8th – 14th):


Monday May 8th 6:58 PM – Tuesday May 9th 1:00 AM

Wednesday May 10 5:42 PM – Thursday May 11 12:59 PM

Saturday May 13th 10:14 PM – Sunday May 14th 1:37 AM

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